Wednesday 11 February 2009

Ignoring the cracks

When a great structure or edifice begins to crumble, be it a towering rock face, a mighty building or a huge and imposing statue, the early warnings of imminent disaster are often small, and easy to miss or to ignore. A distant rumble, a shifting rock or a small cascade of pebbles are ominous signs of what is to come, but frequently only spotted by those who are truly prepared to look. Thus it can be for a sovereign nation state, and is how it has been with Britain.

Those who wish to undermine a society are most effective when they embark on their campaign of sabotage in small ways, so that their dark work remains undetected for as long as possible by those they seek to destroy, until the foundation upon which they stand is so weakened that it cannot withstand the final push which will send all which it once supported hurtling to oblivion.

Some have been warning us for years that there are forces within this land which are committed to destroying everything which is great about Great Britain. For a long time they were lonely voices calling to deaf ears, although more recently others, including one time New Labour voters, such as myself, have begun to see the truth in what they are have been telling us, and to appreciate the growing threat which we, as a nation, face.

However, for many the erosion of our culture has been so gradual and piecemeal that, even many of those who suspect that something is happening, do not yet realise how far it has gone and how narrow are the remaining planks on which they stand.

Commenting at the Green Arrow blog on an earlier post of mine which focused on the recent protests against the employment of foreign workers, a very aptly named blogger calling himself “Not my Granddad's Labour party” wrote:

The reason that this dispute has woken the British people is because it's a sudden change rather than a gradual, almost imperceptible attrition. If you look at the way that 'enrichment' has been implemented up to now, it has been a gradual destruction of our way of life - a death by a thousand cuts.

Each cut has been a minor annoyance, but not enough to bring people out on the streets.

- Nobody's actually rioted about the banning of 'Three Little Pigs' or crucifixes.

- People haven't been willing to die in a ditch about the gradual extension of the definition of Politically Incorrect speech.

- Nobody has taken to the barricades when the Union Jack and Flag of St George were deemed 'inappropriate'.

- Families have just had to grin and bear it when they've been pushed to the back of housing waiting-lists to make way for vibrant fast-breeders and their multiple wives.

But losing your job, and then inevitably your house, is hardly a minor annoyance. The EUrabians have made a major tactical error here. They have awoken a sleeping giant.

Not My Granddad's Labour is correct that the average Briton is less likely to fully grasp what they are loosing if it is chopped away gradually and by stealth, especially when there are so many deliberate and carefully placed distractions put in his way.

The enemy has, of course, been less cautious where they are unobserved, or, more accurately observed only by the innocent, be in little doubt that were hidden cameras secreted in many classrooms, and people were able to see the lies, disinformation, historical inaccuracies and blatant propaganda being fed to our children they would at last grasp what is being done. Of course, a corrupt media own the cameras, and they would not tell us the truth, so away from the public gaze, the next generation continue to receive an education which is little more than multicultural propaganda, hate and lies.

I wonder though whether the terrorists amongst us do believe them made a tactical error over the foreign workers dispute, or whether they believe that their work has been so successful that they no longer need to hide and that their years of work have brought our society to the point where a final push will send what remains of a once great culture tumbling into the historical void.

If they did think that, it would be hard to fault their logic, for look at where we are, and look at where we came from.

It is hard to think of another culture which has become quite as diminished as ours has and which has done so quite so rapidly. With our culture, our once rich language has been reduced to dumbed down politically correct mush. Words and phrases which tripped off the tongues of our mother's generation, and many before, have been condemned and silenced for fear that they might offend cultures which a hundred years ago struggled to master the wheel.

Members of a legitimate political party are banned from working in our police force, and now in our churches, but nobody dares to say “Hey this is what happened in East Germany in the 1960 's (or indeed Nazi Germany in the 1930's)”.

Pictures of the Boxing day crowds in Oxford street, appear in the news papers and on TV, and nobody has the courage to point out that there is not an indigenous, white, face amongst them.

Day after day we see clear evidence of the totally disproportionate levels of murder, rape, and mayhem committed against us by ethnic minorities, yet we remain silent when our lying media and politicians tell us that they, the ethnic minorities, are our victims.

The moment a single European voice, such as Geert Wilders' is raised against what is being done to us and our European brothers across our continent, he is banned from our shores (albeit that may be reversed if in dawns on David Silly-Bland that was a tactical error). Yet a days before a Muslim Peer makes a totally undemocratic threat and our legislators fawningly and instantly submit.

Earlier generations of Britons would have died fighting before they allowed this to happen, but we cringe and submit to it like beaten mutts. Yet, what is it we cringe before? A bunch of ill educated or hate filled communists, a dishonest media and a regiment of alleged human rights lawyers, who defend only the human rights of a selected few, together with a few lying, soul selling, politicians and above all the terrorism of a single word. We cringe because if we do otherwise we might be called “racists” or we might offend people from cultures, where wife beating, infanticide, honour killing, female genital mutilation, gang-rape, homophobia, murder, torture and corruption are endemic, - some indeed where ritual killing, cannibalism and slavery still occur, - and people we have granted sanctuary to and yet whom we are taught to feel indebted – and often inferior - to.

How have we, the British, come to this?

We have reached this point through the gradual, drip, drip, drip erosion of our culture and or national self esteem. In many ways Briton has come to resemble the brave soldier who would once have taken on and bettered any foe, but who now submits, childlike, to his hectoring wife, because after years of nagging, she has broken his spirit.

That analogy, albeit sexist (there are many men who nag their wives) sums up quite well how this has been achieved. By a process of first making us feel uncomfortable, then guilty, followed by telling us repeatedly that we are in the wrong, they have brought us to a point where what they say is the commonly accepted truth and what tell us has become the dogma of the state.

Is it any surprise that our enemies believe that we are vanquished, that they have won and as such no longer have to take their time and stealthily kill us by a thousand cuts?. That they have become bolder and more blatant and have moved to the next phase. You need not take my word for it, look around you and you will see it happening.

It is not over, but my God we have left it late to fight back, and there will be damage which can not be repaired. However, much can still be saved, if we decide to save it. In the dark days of World War II it looked as if all was lost, but it was not. A few hundred years before that the enemy appeared set to breach the walls of Vienna, but they were forced back. We have come back from the edge before, and we can do so again, but the window will not remain open forever.

The edifice crumbles slowly and can be repaired, but there comes a point where the fall will be fast and inevitable. Let us as a people awake before we reach that point.


Dr.D said...

A few days ago, on another blog, I came across scenes from the funeral of Victoria. It was somber, elegant, dignified, and full of strength. These were people in mourning, but they were masters of the world at the same time. This was England of 100 years ago. I did not see anything but white faces in those pictures.

Sarah, the question now, it seems to me, is whether or not the structure can be repaired? Has so much damage been done that it can no longer be repaired, or can a repair still be effected?

You said that you think a repair is possible, and I would agree, provided really drastic measures are taken, measures that I think no one would countenance. Specifically I think that the entire muzlim population must be removed from the country, and most of the remainder of the non-white population as well. The country must be restored to being at least 90% ethnic English people (Anglo-Saxons, Celts). I think that anything less will simply not do the job, and I think that no one will be willing to do this. Thus I think that the nation of England is gone, a very sad thing to me.

I am an American, of English ancestry. It grieves me greatly to think of England becoming another izlamic country, but I think it is going to be declared to be such quite soon. The recent weakness of Parliament regarding the showing of Fitna and the subsequent persona non grata status for Geert Wilders indicates to me that Parliament is anxious to lead the way into izlam for the whole country. This is both very, very sad and extremely disgusting at the same time. To see such cowards in positions of power is truly revolting.

Anonymous said...

thank you for writing Sarah.

hopefully the economic downturn will galvanize people to understand what is being done to them.

Anonymous said...

Again, Sarah, another thought provoking article that proves this is one of the best political/ cultural sites on the internet. Thanks and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

This is the price the modern English have to pay for the sins of their fathers and what was done to among others the Boers of South Africa - not only during the Anglo-Boer War, but as recently as '94 when they celebrated the fall of their Christian White brothers and sisters to the power of the very same barbarianism the the English now experience on their home soil. The English have turned their backs on the Christian faith and have become one of the most decadent nations on Earth - what did you expect ?

Anonymous said...

Dr. D,

BNP supporters seem to fall into four categories (with some overlap):

1) Ethnic nationalists. People who want to retain Britain's Anglo-Celtic genetic identity.

2) Economic nationalists - people who have no objections to foreigners as individuals, but don't like them taking their jobs or depriving British people of other resources.

3) Cultural nationalists. People who are not worried about the race of immigrants, but expect them to integrate with British culture. This group tend to be opposed to Muslims and gangstas, but are not particularly bothered about law-abiding immigrants.

4) Anglospherists. This group aren't really nationalists at all. They are internationalists of a rather restricted range. They are anti-EU, anti-Islam, pro-American, pro-Australian, usually pro-Israeli and often pro-Indian (vis a vis Pakistan).

alanorei said...

Totally agree with Dr D.

I think the country has been bled to near-death by a thousand cuts, via the war of the flea.

Regrettably the workers' protest seems to have fizzled out now, thanks to the Judas sheep in the union executives.

If the turkeys continue to vote for Christmas, then Christmas is what they will get, until the word itself is banned.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted the four types of BNP members:

It would seem to me, as an American, that only the first and fourth of your categories are really of value in restoring England. The first group, the ethnic nationalists, are without a doubt people who understand the problem and would help to rebuild the nation. The Anglo-spherists would at least be for the right cultural orientation and racial components, at least for the most parts. According to their lights, I presume that I, as an American of English heritage, might be allowed to migrate to England because I would bring the right genes and the right attitudes (more or less), even though my family left England 400 years ago.

The folks you describe as "economic nationalist" have simply not thought things through very well. Any foreigner living in the land is doing a job that an Englishman is not doing. Now the question is, is there no Englishman to do that job? Well, perhaps so, if that job is one of special skill, such as a scholar or surgeon, or something similar, but in most cases, the typical foreigner is competing head to head with some Englishman. If the foreigner is earning a living (not on the dole), then there is an Englshman not earning that living.

The people you describe as "cultural nationalist" are in some respects positively dangerous; they really don't get it. You can't make an Englishman out of an Ethiopian or an Afghan; it just can't be done. Their IQs are different, their genes are different, their cultural backgrounds are entirely different. Thus the idea that we can effectively blend in these foreign elements is simply nonsense, and it is dangerous nonsense.

We have these same difficulties in the US; I do not mean to imply anything to the contrary. I am simply saying that it seems to me that you cannot really count on all of your BNP members because some of them are not clear on the concepts. I want to see the BNP prosper and grow. It looks like the best hope for England at this time. -- Dr.D

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