Monday, 3 May 2010

State of the Union

As the American Authorities frantically seek to suggest a white supremacist link to yesterday's attempted car bombing in Times Square based on the fact that a middle aged white man was apparently seen taking off an over-shirt in the street on a humid April day in New York City, certain events are occurring on that side of the Atlantic which suggest that the greatest threat to civilisation as we know it may not come from any form of terrorist threat.

Readers should click here to view a piece of film taken last week during a visit by President Obama to the city of Quincy, Illinois. What occurred was a clear attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters in a manner one would expect to see in a totalitarian state or a third world dictatorship. It is really quite scary, and I wonder when it was that our society became so perverted that it started to perceive middle aged couples and schoolchildren singing patriotic songs as enemies of the state.

I also wonder how large a step it is from Quincy to Tiananmen Square?

The people singing "God Bless America" were members of the Tea Party, named after the events in Boston which led to the American war of independence.

The Tea Party movement is the most significant grass roots phenomenon to appear on the American scene in decades. Tea part supporters may not be enemies of the state however, the state is petrified of them. The Tea Party movement has the support and the passion to bring Obama down, and it remains to be seen what he and his supporters will do about it.

It would be a fool who underestimates the pure ruthlessness of this administration,

Suggestions that Obama will declare some form of state of emergency, on some pretext, within the next two years are no longer confined to the usual suspect conspiracy theorists. Some even suggest that it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the 2012 US Presidential election will not even take place.

That may not be as fanciful as it first sounds, as more and more states are amending their election requirements so that a presidential candidate will have to produce documented evidence that he or she is eligible to stand in accordance with the terms of the Constitution, there is a distinct possibility that the standing president of America may seek a second term whilst not standing for election in all of the 50 states.

However, that is another issue and two and a half years away, whereas something needs to be done about the Tea Party now, before November, when its effect on the Mid term elections could render Obama a lame duck Messiah half way through his second term.

This is why we must look at anything which happens with cynicism, yesterday's events in Times Square may be genuine, in fact they might even be the work of a white nut, but other events will happen which will not be what they seem.

However, the first weapon they will use is the one they always use, it may not be as effective as it once was, but it is still formidable. It is the modern west's equivalent of cold war vintage Pravda or the fanatically joyful newsreaders of North Korea's one television channel. It is in America, as in Britain, the controlled media, the likes of CNN, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and even Fox News, which has also begun to sell its soul. The craven organs which claim to provide news but in reality serve only as PR for their masters.

The same media which still repeats the long disproven lie that Tea Party supporters shouted racial slurs at black congressmen on their way to vote for the Health Care Bill, will continue to claim there are swastika wearing Nazis, child molesters, and tattooed, shaven headed, Supremacists amongst the flag waving Middle Americans of the Tea Party. With their methods, they may find some, whether they exist or not.

To get an idea what the media will do to the Tea Party, we need only look at what they did to the last person to pose a real threat to Obama.

In the last few days I have read a lot of news items regarding the growing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, following the huge and fatal fire on an Oil rig. What struck me was how often a particular name kept appearing in the reader comments under the news stories. That name was Sarah Palin. As you may recall Sarah Palin who repeated the Slogan coined by (African American) RNC Chairman Michael Steele “Drill Baby Drill” during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate. A number or readers seemed to have extrapolated from this that Sarah Palin, who in fact supported (wrongly in my view) opening up parts of the Alaskan wildlife reserve to drilling, was somehow responsible for the fact that drilling was going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

This of course demonstrated how dumb so much of the public is and how little was reported of the backroom deals made by the Obama administration, which were the real reason why drilling was allowed in the Gulf, but it also demonstrated how complete the demonisation of Sara Palin has become.

The attacks on Palin started because, in 2008, the media judged that after the defeat of Hilary Clinton she was the only person could prevent the ascendency of Barack the beatified to the Whitehouse. The attacks continue because rightly or wrongly she is still perceived as a threat.

Please do not write in and tell me that Palin is a “Jewish plant”, or an “establishment stooge”, the point of this posting is not whether Mrs. Palin is, or is not, the right leader for Conservative America, it is about what was done to her so as to protect Obama, and what was done was devastating.

Sarah Palin is not the President of America, she is not in congress, she is not in the Senate, we was until recently the Governor of Alaska, which is the other end of the country, so there are quite a few people who are a tad more responsible for what has happened in the Gulf than she is, yet brainwashed commentators on news blogs blame her before they blame the people who are in power.

Of course if the press can find a way of blaming her they will do so, however ludicrous it may be. That is unless they can hang it on Senator Michele Bachmann, often called "the second most hated woman in America" right after Palin. Michelle just happens to be another attractive right wing female politician who opposes Obama and who is also pilloried in the press, what a coincidence, anyone notice a pattern here?

Palin may be loved by the Tea Party movement, however, elsewhere in America, and in the wider world, she is viewed as a joke, or worse, a monster.

How did Palin become so hated? What are her great sins? She opposes abortion, well so do I and given that 95% of abortions in America rather fall into the "culling for convenience" category, maybe we have a point. She hunts, big deal, she is a creationist, so are more than half the Christians on the planet. She made a couple of gaffes on the campaign trail, Obama said he'd visited 57 states and that he was a Muslim, but as the world's media were in the process of carrying him cheering over the finish line, that didn't matter.

Palin was asked about her experience with foreign affairs so she pointed out that as Mayor of Alaska she had to work closely with Russia part of which was visible from Alaska, which some over paid and not particularly funny comedienne translated to "I can see Russia from my house" and which 90% of the morons Frank mentioned who comment on news stories believe to this day Palin said herself.

I can think of many many thousands of politicians more deserving of derision and scorn than Sarah Palin, who's real crime was that she had enough personal charisma to take votes away from the chosen one, or at least she could have done unless the "independent" media could destroy her first, which, of course, they did

The media will seek to do to the Tea party what they did to Sarah Palin. If you don't think they can do it to a popular and benign political force, just look across the Atlantic to see what was done to the BNP. You do not yet know what you face, but you soon will do.

Very similar forces are at work in both Britain and America, the same evil is abroad, and it will do what it needs to do to destroy us. Whether they succeed depends upon whether we are prepared to fight

Images from Quincy Illinois

UPDATE: Man of Pakistani origin arrested in relation to Times Square bomb plot
Hat Tip: Dr D


Faust said...

Meanwhile illegal aliens riot in the streets and attack policemen and nothing done.

Photograph of illegal alien protester

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Please have a look at this video and if you like it, embed it!

Dr.D said...

More recent than any of that, Sarah, we have the mexicans in Atlanta demanding that the US government be overthrown and communism take its place:

Correction with regard to Sarah Palin: She was Mayor of Wasilla, AK, and the became Governor of Alaska. Alaska does not have a mayor.

Everybody talks about how "dumb" she is, but she gets people excited in a good way like no other politician I have ever seen in my life. She connects with people. People believe what she says, she has credibility at a time when the government and every other pol has zero credibility. That is pretty significant.

The Left carries on about all the things she does wrong, but she continually manages to skewer them where it hurts. She calls the tune and they dance. She is without a doubt the smartest politician in America today, bar none. I don't think she is perfect, but I think she can do things that nobody else can do today, nobody. And the Left is scared stiff by her. Absolutely petrified.

Anonymous said...

It is in Britain already. Remember the Countryside alliance (or something to that effect) protests when Bliar was in office. The pigs were well armed and shielded, battering soft young women and other vulnerables and pushing them over.

They were the same during the anti capitalist marches too - dressed up like these goons in the US - like something out of 'star wars'

Anonymous said...

The cops wearing the modern equivalent of medieval armor in the YouTube video are typical of what is immediately deployed by police departments in the US anytime they wish to "put on a show of force" (intimidate). The use of such goons has been growing for several decades here and Hollywood, naturally tries to elevate their status with the public by romanicizing them on television and in the films (i.e: the tv program "SWAT"- which stands for "Special Weapons and Tactics"- an old tv program, but the public indoctrination began early).
These "men" are routinely used by the police forces to do "drug busts" (surprise raids on houses suspected of harboring drug manufacturing gang members) and have often stormed into wrong addresses in the dark of the night, forcing the (innocent) homeowners to the floor, terrorizing them and, in several instances, causing the deaths of elderly people through fright and heart attacks. Nothing ever comes of such botched operations and these men get off without even a reprimand from their superiors.
These men are often ex-soldiers (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) who are not so much trained to be guardians of the public, but to use excessive force and deal with the public as if they were at war with the public. In truth, they are despised.
When I was a youth here in the US (the 1960's), police were still men who were taught to interact civilly (as appropriate) with the public, to be public servants and to use dipolomacy instead of fear whenever possible. Now, our government expects them to be jackbooted thugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for this post. You covered it well. It is not the first time for us, and won't be the last. I have seen video in Waukegan IL of snipers on the roof and mounted police, for a simple city council meeting deciding whether the community police should be trained to enforce immigration law. This of course brought out the very best America has to offer, the illegals among us..... and their counter-protesters, white & black Americans whom wish the law to be enforced.

However, it IS the first time I have seen paramilitary troops in full riot gear, for a protest as peaceful as the tea Party. For LA immigration protest riots - yes.

I can probably find the Waukegan vid for you if you care to see it.

For now I leave you this link, you might find it interesting.

And this one, too, on white Protestants in America. Interesting but kinda long.

Thanks Sarah - hope you will continue to be our Joan d'Arc, even tho you probably don't look anything like her. And even though I don't actually know what she looked like.. hey don't rain on our parade!
Kevin W
Urbana, IL

Anonymous said...

So much for the 'white nut' theory.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Dr. D I have corrected the job description. I don't know what I was thinking, I know Palin was the Governor of Alaska, and that states don't have Mayors!!!

It was late when I posted it!


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks UBN, its great so I have posted it

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


A man of Pakistani origin arrested in relation to Times Square bomb plot.

Marcus B. said...

You stupid fucking cunt. You ncan't even spell Michele Fucking Bachmann's name right or even ger her in the right chamber of congress. Stupid fucking cunt just like Bachmann and Palin.

Anonymous said...

If the MSM hates Palin, it is a good indication that she is not a bad person at all.

James McGrath said...

I was thinking something very similar, when that bomb failed to go off, I pondered on the thought that perhaps this is some sort of fix, to blame the Tea Party movement and smear white Christians.

That would be Godsend(although I should probably write devilsend) to Obama and his regime.

Something very fishy is going on that side of the pond

alanorei said...

BHO is determined that Americans will be defenceless against invading paramilitaries and, no doubt, illegals, or anyone else of a criminal persuasion who decides to take a shot at them. See here and here.

"Those who cannot wield swords can still die upon them" - Lady Eowyn of Rohan, Lord of the Rings Episode 2, The Two Towers*

*A chillingly ironic title, for obvious reasons.

I believe the same is true w.r.t. to firearms.

Though some time ago, you have the precedents with Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Clearly I don't have your eloquence Marcus B.

Dr.D said...

Marcus B, we may correctly assume that the B refers to your illegitimacy?

Anonymous said...

The shape of things to come.....can anyone see it yet.

What these arrogant immigrants dont realize is that they are actually being set up as cannon fodder by the liberal fascists.

Anonymous said...

Dr D, the reason Palin petrifies the Left is that the thought of her in charge of the most powerful army of the world terrifies them and the rest of the world.

The woman will drag us bac to the dark ages with her creationism, anti abortion, hunting and lack of environmental concern. We have a huge overpopulation problem - having 5 kids in the 21st century is ridiculous - it doesn't matter if they're white or black or any colour.

She is popular with the rest of the Christian white folk in the bible states that are hockey Moms and Dads with very little education or life experience outside their little home town and Church. She's popular because she's one of them which is great if you want her to lead a church committee - not if you want her to place centre stage on a global stage.

The idea just petrifies me.

PS - and the fact that her daughter is an unmarried teenage mother is just priceless - give her a reality TV show I say - I'd be glued to the screen:)


Dr.D said...

Well, Lilliput, just stay tuned and watch what happens. I hope you like horror movies since you say she terrifies you, because I think you are in for a rough time. I'm pretty sure she is the future for the USA. She certainly is if I and the rest of the Tea Party can pull it off.

That is not to say we would not consider someone else, but right now, I don't see anyone else that could do as good a job, that reflects the thinking of middle America, nearly as well as Sarah Palin. (Does that frighten you? Then you better be scared. We are not a Leftist nation.)

You think that her daughter is an unwed mother is just priceless -- are you some sort of pervert? What in the world is wrong with you? Why would you wish that on anyone? It is simply a sad reflection of the fallen state of mankind. Sarah Palin is not perfect, not sinless. I'm sure she would be quick to tell you so. Did you think she claimed to be immaculately conceived? You people on the left are so quick to throw stones when a family member fails in some manner -- mind you, this is not Sarah Palin's sin, but her daughter's we are talking about here. Shall we condemn you for your child's sins? Do you not have enough of your own? What a pervert!!

alanorei said...

From Chuck Norris' WND article Lambs to the Slaughter, April 26th 2010.

"NRA might mean National Rifle Association, but it also means to me, "Never Remove (your) Arms." The fact is, the Second Amendment could even save your life.

"That was the case this past year for Vern Grant, a 75-year-old Army veteran with Parkinson's disease and diabetes, who had just suffered through the death of his wife. Two weeks later, Vern was attacked by a burglar in his Washington home. After smashing the windows of Vern's handicap van and scavenging through his medicines, the intruder broke the glass of his back door and entered his home. Vern says the intruder was incoherently screaming.

"The intruder nearly killed Vern after hitting him in the head. But Vern was able to grab and fire his gun in self-defense, hitting the suspect. Vern miraculously made it to his neighbor's house, where he sought help.

"The suspect was airlifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and Vern was released from the hospital after his head wounds were treated.

"Grateful for his life and the Second Amendment, Vern asked a question to a reporter that we all should easily answer, "You'd do the same if you thought he was going to kill you, wouldn't you?"

"Yes I would, Vern. In fact, by way of fair warning for any would-be burglars that break into my house, I hope they read the sign on my front porch first: "We don't dial 9-1-1 here.""

In the present state of the Union, I'm sure Sarah Palin would support the homeowners, not the house breakers or their alleged 'rights.'

That has to be a big plus for her.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's daughter chose to have a child and not an abortion.

That's what these DeathCult leftists really can't stand: Life, and Survival.

In the end (which is soon) they will damn themselves; to extintion.