Monday 8 June 2009

A battle has been won, but the enemy has not gone away

It was well after 2:00 am, and their masks had begun to slip. After hours of watching so much of that they had spent all their adult lives working for collapse around them, whilst much of what they had fought against was coming to pass, they could no longer even muster a pretence of the much claimed, but long extinct impartiality. Their faces told it all, one had to see the expressions of fury and raw hatred on the faces of the band of hand picked commentators and professional fabricators, chosen to present the BBC's coverage of the 2009 European election results to believe it. They had been crossed and they wanted revenge

Clearly seething beneath his careful coiffer, even veteran anchor in chief, David Dimbleby, who's much admired father must be spinning in his grave, dropped all pretence of neutrality and snarled something barely coherent about “sending Fascists to Europe”, whilst the establishment's favourite Guardianista hackette, Polly Toynbee, bemoaned “a terrible, terrible result”.

Dimbleby had begun snarling earlier when he taunted BNP Leader Nick Griffin with the wish fulfilling lie that Britain was now a mixed race nation, thus seeking to falsely imply that Griffin's expected success would be a hollow one, the cold rage behind his eyes revealing how much he wished his lie were true.

Meanwhile the BBC's bizarre and bespectacled political commentator, Nick Robinson, speaking as if to comfort himself, pointed out that the BNP's vote, “had not gone up since 2004”, dishonestly ignoring what a significant achievement that was, given the relentless media campaign against the BNP and how far other parties votes had dropped, even the victorious Tories only saw their vote increase by 2%. Another BBC apparatchik, it was hard to tell who, as their puffy, red and angry faces were all starting to look alike by that point, accused the victorious Griffin of being “a very bad man!”. The latter words spoken with the arrogant confidence of one who's assumption that his own politically tainted assessment is an acknowledged truth, has never before been challenged.

This display of bitter media disappointment. followed weeks during which such seemingly disparate groups as trade unions, national newspapers and the Anglican church had all come together to condemn a single political party and appeal to the public not to vote for them.

Seldom, has the political bias and commonality of purpose of our nation's establishment and its media been so clearly exposed. They are all, every one of them branches of the same poisonous tree which as spent a quarter of a century, or more. suppressing and vilifying any organisation which has attempted to stand up in defence of the native population of Britain, and they are now furiously spitting blood in their failure to destroy the latest threat to their mission.

They are as mean spirited as they are dangerous, and their dishonesty is massive, they call us “fascists”, yet, anyone watching their behaviour and that of the baying boot boy thugs outside Manchester town hall attempting, unsuccessfully, to prevent Griffin attending the count, would have little difficulty in determining who the true Nazis are. However, it is not only their dishonesty which is massive, their malevolence knows no bounds, and we ignore that at our peril.

They are not alone, be under no illusion, those commentators who snarled and sniped their way through last night's election coverage are merely the ugly, and visible, boil on top of a huge and pustulating abscess, an infection so deeply rooted that it will not be drained easily.

None of us are so na├»ve as to believe that those who have used every dirty trick they know against us, will now think “Oh well we tried, but the better side won”, that is not their way. We have only clambered over the parapet and the real battle has only just begun, if you thought the lies they told about us leading up to the election were bad, just wait for the ones they will tell about us now that we have bested them.

Nobody ever went into Nationalist politics hoping to make money, but that will not stop the press attempting to smear us with some expenses scandal as soon as Nick and Andrew arrive in Brussels. Not only must our boys continue to be squeaky clean, they must be demonstratively more so than anyone else The same media which studiously ignored the UKIP corruption scandals and Old Nigel Grinalot's £2 million of expenses will be waiting for Nick to so much as as accidentally charge the tax payer for a two Euro glass of shandy with his dinner.

If they can't find something they will make it up, hey, its not as if they haven't tried it before!

Believe me, the dirty tricks will come thick and fast, and they will be aimed at both the MEPs and at the party.

The first trick I suspect they will try, and which was set on course by David Dimbleby last night, will be to get someone of mix race origin to die their hair blonde join the party, and then run an expose on the BNP's “hypocrisy” and the BNP must be ready to expose the media's own hypocrisy if and when they do try it.

They will use whatever they can against us, and as we now know, nothing is too low for them.

They will continue to monitor our chat rooms, our blogs and and out discussion boards and seek to twist anything we say. They will try to link any criminal who once knew someone who thought about voting BNP to us, and worse than that, they will try to use against us the laws which they passed for that very purpose. What they tried to do to Nick Griffin and Mark Collett they will try again, and some of us may become casualties.

I do not wish to detract from today's euphoria, it is a euphoria which is well deserved, we have achieved great things in the face of huge opposition. However, that opposition is still there and the next few years will not be easy for any of us, for the enemies ranged against us are legion.

Although we have crossed one difficult ravine, there are still vast canyons ahead and what we face is not for the faint hearted, for as last night's election coverage and this morning's media headlines tell us, we have many enemies, who are very angry and very nasty.

We will prevail because our cause is right and theirs is not, but it will not be easy, and it may not come soon. Enjoy this success but remember, we are in this for the long game.


Broken Record said...

The establishment media is beyond redemption. As you rightly say, it will obstruct and attack the BNP at every twist and turn, every inch of the way. A powerful BNP alternative media reaching everyone may be the answer. Not only online, but as a nationalist press, a radio station, perhaps an expansion of BNPTV into a full blown internet TV channel. I don't know about cable TV, if it would be possible.

This is where the new Euro money could come in very handy.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I agree, however, the establishment will try and block it with one of their ready made laws,

alanorei said...

Re: the baying-for-blood nulab mob at Manchester, "natural brute beasts" 2 Peter 2:12, every one.

Mel Phillips and most of her Spectator supporters are upset about the BNP success, too.

Nothing said in either MP's article or in the comments section about the Muslim paedo gangs in the NW, however. I suspect this raft of anti-BNPrs doesn't care about the victims.

Nothing was said about the BNP's pledge to unearth the betrayal of Britain as documented in the EU archives, either. (I agree, Sarah, that great efforts will be made to block the BNP's investigation here.)

Clearly MP and her followers don't care about the betrayal of Britain as a nation any more than they do about the Muslim-paedo victims in the NW (though I would guess they'd care about further Muslim atrocities in the Capital where they might be commuting, or in their leafy, middle-England, hideously white suburban residential retreats).

But as you so astutely point out, Sarah, what I have seen of the media parasites and old gang politicians in the last 24 hours underlines their true identity; nasty, mean-spirited, self-centred, amoral little creeps, whether educated or uneducated, who've been a malignant cancer to this country for decades.

I also agree, Sarah that the real work is only just beginning but the cancer has to be excised, starting now.

bernard said...

Very good article Sarah. Excellent use of invective and metaphor.
There are a few things to bear in mind though.
Those media cronies you talk of are merely commentators; they don't MAKE news. It is people like Nick Griffin that MAKE news. They only report it, and gabble among themselves and are only concerned that their £2000 appearance fee keeps dropping through the letterbox.
Also, Griffin & Brons will certainly NOT be alone as MEPs. Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Poland etc are also very much BNP allies in Europe. They will certainly join forces and pool their resources.
The Eurocrats must know now that the game is up, and that the great Socialist experiment is unraveling across the continent.

Dr.D said...

The traditional good manners of the English have certainly been shown to be a thing of the past in all of this. I am truly amazed at this response by white Englishmen to the election of other white Englishmen. It seems that a lot has really been lost. I would have to attribute that to creeping socialism over the past 60 years, or so it seems likely to me.

Those elected as MEP from the BNP will have to be more scrupulous than Pharoah's wife. But they should not fail to take advantage of every legitimate opportunity to use their new offices to advance the BNP cause. This is an opportunity and a legitimacy that they have not previously had, and it must be used to best advantage.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that Nick Robinsons nick name among BBC staff is "Toe Nails"?

alanorei said...

Re: the lowlife palefaces who tried to attack Nick Griffin at the count, you are right Dr. D.

They did the same when Nick attended an Oxford University debate some time ago (and the local police did very little to restrain them). Of this ilk, who invariably vote nulab for their fortnightly gov't handouts, called Giro cheques, one of your own had their number (666) way back in the 18th century:

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen" - Samuel Adams

I think BNPrs would echo those sentiments. They've no desire to retaliate in kind.

You are right about the need for scrupulousness. As a commentator has pointed out on the Battle for Britain blog, our new MEPs need protection big-time, especially after Nick Griffin's declaration to unearth the skullduggery of the betrayal of Britain in the Brussels archives. The strange case of the late Dr. Kelly is all too fresh in the minds of Brits who remember.

Us Baptists would make our MEPs an especial matter of prayer.

alanorei said...

I posted the following on Simon Darby's blog as a comment on his item on the C4 interview with Andrew Brons and Margaret Hodge.

I think it is of relevance here.

Don't forget that Ms Hodge was at the centre of the Islington child abuse horror that the Evening Standard brought to light in 1992 and did her utmost to cover it up, accusing the ES of "gutter journalism," a bit like accusing the BNP of "racism."

The ES report was vindicated in 1995. Hodge tried to block a Radio 4 programme on the abuse in 2003, lying about one of the victims, a Mr David Panton, who spoke to the BBC, as "an extremely disturbed person." Hodge was later forced to make a public apology to Mr Panton, read out in the High Court.

All that should be remembered next time the 'Islington Child-Minder' mouths off about a "free and open society," which she did in the interview.

Tony B-Liar made Hodge Children's Minister in 2003. This is like making the Devil a Sunday School superintendent.

alanorei said...

Re: British citizens, there aren't any, actually (I haven't checked if this term is in the BNP manifesto, if it is, it's wrong).

Brits are HM's subjects*, not citizens. I believe this also applies to folk of British lineage in the Old Dominions, or naturalised (although in Australia, I always thought that naturalisation was a bit of a con).

I'm not sure that eastern or southern Europeans, who are mostly Catholic or Orthodox, would countenance being subjects of a Protestant Crown. Their churches wouldn't.

(Brit Catholics, certainly in the BNP, usually seem to be able to put the Crown before their church, which is admirable. Technically, they could get excommunicated for that.)

Re: white foreigners, I rather think their best option, if they have benefitted financially in this country and appreciate its national character and institutions, is to return home and try to establish or encourage the same virtues there, as far as is possible.

I am sure the BNP would readily help, as is already the case with respect to nationalist parties on the continent allied to the BNP, e.g. the Flemish Vlaams Blok Party and such help will be part of our MEPs' role.

Basically, Britain doesn't need anyone from overseas but the ideologically bankrupt and economically threadbare regimes of the former Soviet bloc certainly need the traditional British Protestant work ethic (as does contemporary Britain of course, in the form of a return to it).

*On a point of detail, in spite of having repeatedly broken her Coronation Oath throughout her reign (the Oath itself having been tampered with in 1910 by influential subversives including the spiritualist Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes), HM is still HM QE2 and the personification of British Sovereignty, itself of course having been repeatedly undermined for the best part of 200 years.

My point is that Queen Elizabeth is still the titular head of Britain and the Old Dominions and not, as John Major disgracefully designated her, 'Citizen Windsor' of the EU 4th Reich 'golden garrotte.' Her subjects are not citizens and since Britain's EU membership is constitutionally illegal, white foreigners from the continent who've come here under EU (mis)rule are actually illegal immigrants (our fault, not theirs, I'd hasten to add) and really should be deported. What they do or don't contribute to Britain is beside the point.

Anonymous said...

Alanorei - rather unfortunate attitude there mate. As a colonial boy born in Southern Rhodesia under the Union Jack, unfortunately not of British parents but of European parents hence EU nationality, I nevertheless felt I shared a kindred spirit with you guys regarding the wave of immigration into the UK.
So it's sad that you regard me as an illegal immigrant especially considering that I have never claimed one penny on the dole and would never consider it, have a higher than average income and therefore pay the proportionate taxes, NI etc. fully support the local constabulary and work actively in the community to facilitate their efforts but you and the BNP would regard me as an illegal immigrant as much as any other of the cultures that is the biggest cause for concern and the entire argument behind the BNP's agenda in terms of their leaching the system, their culture of entitlement, intolerance of British laws, lifestyles, society etc.
But I guess I could expect no less, as did the thousands of my countrymen, who proportionately made the biggest contribution to two British war efforts, displayed courage and commitment to Nation, Queen and Crown of the highest order and were in the end rewarded with Mugabe for thanks - I guess I should have been a little wiser than to anticipate any level of acceptance.
But as you point out I have the other options and as a speaker of not a few EU languages, a good education and well travelled, my options do appear more expansive than the isolation and contempt that your mindset exposes as a nation on the brink with dwindling international support, collapsing social mores and an unstoppable tide of radicals who's only purpose of existence seems to be the termination of yours - and all I wanted to do, so foolishly, was stand beside you and yours against that.
But as you've so clearly fogotten, I suppose you guys would have been soooo much better off without allies, past or present hey?
Adios China and good luck with your pipe dream because so far you're proving the best at alienating the very people who could make contributions to your vision as good as if not better than young Mr Kemp.
Not impressed.

alanorei said...

Anon 04.55

In attempting to generalise I was unaware that you are Rhodesian.

Your situation, like mine, is an exception that proves the rule. It doesn't overthrow the rule.

I don't see you as any different from an Australian (like myself), Canadian, New Zealander or South African (Afrikaaners might of course want to distance themselves from the Union Flag, they aren't all like Col. Denys Reitz).

(I'm not talking about the original tribal peoples in those lands. They never thought of themselves according to those identities and probably don't now, likewise actual illegal immigrants to this country.)

I see them and you as part of the immediate family. That's why I used the term 'Old Dominions.' Technically, I don't think Southern Rhodesia actually was such but in essence I believe the term fits.

Family ties between Britain and the Old Dominions may be discerned by visiting the graves in Tyne Cot Cemetery on Passchendaele Ridge, where the Canadian maple leaf and Australian sunburst are prominent or the graves of the New Zealand lads who died in 1918 and are buried in the CWGC on Cannock Chase, not in foreign soil, I insist, though their remains are interred about as far geographically from The Land of the Long White Cloud as it's possible to get on this earth.

I am aware of Rhodesia's outstanding contribution in WW2, including the Rhodesian gunners at El Alamein. I have also met an English gentleman, married to a Rhodesian lady and fellow Christian who lost his son and daughter-in-law in the first of the two Rhodesian Airways Viscount atrocities committed during the Bush War by the criminal consorts of Robert Mugabe and natural ideological allies of the Zanulabor/old gangsters regime here.

That bereaved gentleman, a missionary in Rhodesia for many years, should remain in our prayers, likewise his distracted former country of domicile (he now lives in England now, an elderly RAF WW2 veteran).

Australia's greatest prime minister, William Morris Hughes, during WW1, spoke earnestly of "the ties of blood and race" between Britain and the Old Dominions.

The preservation of such ties is at the heart of BNP thinking, in my experience (check Identity magazine, December 2007 and November 2008 for the articles on Flanders and 1918). BNP efforts to preserve such are not a pipe dream (as also shown by recent unsuccessful 5th column efforts to thwart them).