Monday, 29 December 2008

A clarification - Update on an earlier post

This blog came in for some criticism elsewhere on the internet as a result of a short post I made last week regarding the banning of 1kewldude3 by You Tube. The post in question was much shorter than my usual posts. but I linked to a post on a US site regarding the fact that You Tube has teamed up with the Infamous Anti Deformation League in order to combat so called “hate speech”.

Unfortunately the US site I linked to includes some inflammatory statements in relation to what a number of US sites perceive as a “Jewish conspiracy” and, in addition, included its own links to other sites which promote that view.

Despite the fact that I have in my time included links on this blog to any number of sites from the New York times to the DEC Congo appeal, the link to that US site has been used as evidence that I am an anti Semite. Furthermore, given my links to BNP supporting sites, this has also been used in an attempt to smear the BNP with anti Semitism.

In view of this I am posting links to both Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post which confirm the ADL / You Tube arrangement, and, as such show that the claim I made is not some anti Jewish propaganda. However, it is interesting that it is only the Jewish press and the far right US media which has referred to this link, certainly I can find no mention of it in the mainstream media apart from this press release. (hat tip Bartholomew's notes)

Both Haaretz and the Jerusalem press appear to see this development in a very positive light. However, for anyone who believes in free speech it is more very troubling evidence of attempts to castrate and silence uncomfortable commentary on the internet.

I take the view that efforts to censor so called “Hate speech” are merely cynical attempts to stifle free speech, because it is inevitably the self appointed censors who determine what constitutes “hate speech” and equally importantly what does not, or, at least, who is entitled to use it with impunity and who is not.

The use of the term hate speech, like the multi purpose “R” words “racist” and “racism” are nothing more that political devices designed to intimidate people and silence any opposition to very political aims.

As I have stated here before I, for one, am no longer prepared to be bullied by such words.

However, I would also like to make my position with regard to the “Jewish issue” very clear.

As with any group which has an almost total monopoly on the sources of public information, I am concerned at the significant dominance of the news and entertainment media by what might be called the “Jewish lobby”. Especially as the media is so dishonest, so biased and so quick to censor anything which does not promote their agenda.

However, I attribute this less to a “Jewish conspiracy” than I do to a politically correct, multiculturalist conspiracy.

With regard to the Holocaust, I have not studied the subject sufficiently to question it, and certainly accept that very many Jews died in Concentration Camps during World War II. However, I consider that laws in countries such as Germany, Austria and Canada which criminalise Holocaust denial or “revisionism” are an abomination, and are effectively criminalising thought.

Also, as I think most people would accept, a significant number of Holocaust survivor testimonies challenge credibility and give substance to the claim that to be a good liar, one should never have too vivid an imagination. Hence there are legitimate questions to ask, even if you accept the basic historical facts. No fact is beyond questioning, and we should never stop questioning, provided we accept, whatever happened must never happen again.

As to the state of Israel, it is a sovereign state with a right to exist and to defend its citizens. Current events in Gaza are very distressing, but I really do not see what else Israel could do given the provocation they face.

Israel is under threat from Islam far more even than we are, and Islam is a far greater threat to all of us than is any so called “Zionist Conspiracy”.

I hope that makes my position on the subject clear.


Anonymous said...

Well done that about sums it up for me as well. There is no great conspiracy but there are ethnic interests which people should be aware of. There are no evil villains either, whether they be Jews, Germans or Arabs. There are good and bad in any group of people but we should never forget ethnic self interest.

alanorei said...

Thanks for the clarification, Sarah

Note that Jews who abide by their religion cannot, according to their scriptures, participate in any 5th Column conspiracy, global, national, economical or otherwise.

"And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace" Jeremiah 29:7

If a Jew forsakes his religion, anything is possible. But his actions are in rebellion against it and cannot be called 'Jewish.'

However, Islam is different in that it must strive by any means (i.e. several types of jihad) to bring all nations under the heel of Islam, transferring them from Dar-al-Harb, the House of War, to Dar-al-Islam, the House of Islam.

Catholicism is the same. The Pope believes he is rightly the spiritual and temporal ruler of the world. Rome therefore seeks to bring all nations under the thrall of the Pope. Islam is actually a means to that end.

It is not surprising, therefore, to see the notion of a Jewish conspiracy propagated far and wide, especially if Jewish apostates, e.g. the Rothschilds, handle much of the world's finance and are therefore a convenient front for the real rulers of evil, as they have rightly been called.

In the old days, this was called a 'frame-up' and maybe still is.

But the Mob's accountants are not the Mob's bosses and never were.

Epona said...

Bless you Sarah and Happy New Year!
How anyone can deliberately misconstrue a lovely person like you is beyond my comprehension.
Ah, I have just read alanorei's explanation and now I understand. Fair enough.
Best wishes,
The shock- tactic rodent RS xxxx
Perhaps I could do well to heed all this!?

Anonymous said...

No one has to explain to the Jewish people their position on Israel or anything to do with the Jews.
playing the Holocaust Card is really getting old. having to apologize to the Jews because I had one German ancestor is getting old.
Israel is a nation and nations do bad things.
it is not anti Semitic to say so.
SO a Jewish group has decided to watch and report all of us and we are supposed to not be angry?
by the WAY, non- Jews in the US are forced to pay for Israel with taxes, yet we are not allowed to become citizens of the country we pay for because we are not Jewish.
I am beginning to think that Jews create their own enemies by playing the Noble victim card and the you must be anti Semitic card.
you know its hard for everyone on the planet; white non Jews have it hard too.
so dont gang up on gentiles who are disgusted with a group of old Jewish hags,(the ADL) who have decided to turn us all in on the Internet.
by the way, most people think the pro-Jewish, Israel lobby on the Internet are paid shills.
wouldnt surprise me at all.
i just woke up this week and thought I have been so afraid of saying anything at all about the Jews. I dont even like the word.
I really dont even think about Israel or the Jews or even the middle east on a regular basis.
It isnt my thing.
I have come to the conclusion that we are being emotionally blackmailed into being for Israel, because if we aren't for Israel then we must love Hitler.
I also think that the anti-Jewish groups have given Jews the idea that they are more important then they are to non-Jews: all that intense focusing.
You can be okay with Jews and be anti Zionist. some Jews even are horrified at the monster that Israel has become.
My own position is that if I have to have a position then I am being harassed and
That no nation has a right to exist yet they do.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are right, Sarah. The Jewish dominance of Hollywood and the rest of the print and movie media has led to an unfortunate anti- Christian, anti-western politically correct bias in these media.

Thus we have a focus on the the 'Holocaust' which is thought of as solely Jewish. This event was certainly an evil crime. although the details can be disputed. Little mention though is made of the millions of others who died at the hands of the Nazis and virtually none of those untold millions who died at the hands of the communists.

There is so much focus on the 'Holocaust' in recent years that some young people today would be forgiven for thinking that the Second World War was fought about and for the Jews.

One can forgive the Jews for this. They are after all only furthering and protecting their ethnic interests.

What is unforgiveable is the cringing, door-mat attitude of the non-jewish politically correct who support everyone's intersts except those of their own ethnicity.