Monday 11 August 2008

Dangerous Liaisons

Further to the somewhat less than serious article I wrote the other day regarding the over employed actor Morgan Freeman, I note that, as one of my regular correspondents, Benny, commented, Mr Freeman was not alone in the vehicle which was involved in a traffic accident in Mississippi. His travelling companion of that evening was a white woman, and she sure wasn't Miss Daisy.

The woman in question goes by the intriguing name of Demaris Meyer a resident of Memphis, who apparently owned the car Freeman was driving.

I would not presume to speculate as to what Morgan Freeman (71) was doing driving 48 year old Ms Meyer's 1997 Nissan Maxima around Charleston at 11:30 at night, but it does seem that he wife of 24 years, Myrna, may have done some speculating of her own, as she filed for divorce a few days later

Assuming, as Myrna Freeman apparently did, that her husband's relationship with Ms. Meyer was an affectionate one, this again raises the perplexing question of why so many interracial relationships appear to involve a black man and a white woman.

I have written about this phenomenon previously , and it is certainly one which is heavily promoted by the media, and we are led to believe that many black men view having sex with a white woman as talisman and symbol of success, although I don't know how true that is.

However, as a woman who has so far been immune to the apparent charms of black men, one has to ask the question, what's in it for the sizable minority of white women who seem so eager to cross the interracial divide?

Before some of my politically correct correspondents write in to make the spurious claim that black men treat white women better, than white men do, I have to tell you that the statistics do not back you up.

Statistically, as even the sainted Barrak Obama admits, black men are far more likely than white men to abandon their partners and families. When the partner is white and the children mixed race they are even more likely to be abandoned, as the regiments of poverty stricken white girls living on benefits as they attempt, with varying degrees of success, to raise mixed race children will testify.

Furthermore, black men are statistically more prone to domestic violence and in many cases are only too happy to advertise the fact, it is, after all not generally white men who sing the sort of gangsta rap lyrics about “slapping up their bitches” which tend to make so many black rappers such celebrities.

Without even venturing into the subject of crime, it is quite clear that, in general black men are nowhere close to being Prince Charmings in their treatment of women, a fact supported by no less a figure than the US Democratic presidential candidate. Even without Obama's endorsement, white women must know the truth, particularly those who live in the inner cities, where the evidence is all around them.

Let us also lay to rest the claim that black me are better endowed in the underpants department. Even though this may be true in some cases, although certainly not all, as is usually the case with equipment the bigger something is the less well it works, and, as is always the case with men, the larger their vehicle the less well they drive it.

In fact I think the answer may lie more with the women themselves than with the myths. One should not generalise, and there certainly are exceptions, but by and large the white women who are most likely to be seen with black men tend to fall into two distinct groups.

The fist group tend to be women of low intelligence and generally low self esteem, it is this group, who seem to believe that their bodies are all they have to offer, and that a woman's highest ambition is to become pregnant and get a council flat. The colour of the man is less important than his willingness to pay her attention, hence the women in this category tend to become impregnated and abandoned quite rapidly, and sadly, in some cases, quite frequently.

In fairness, such women are also likely to be impregnated by white men, but statistically when that happens, they are less likely to be abandoned.

The other type of white women who favour black men, tend to be more glamorous, albeit glamorous in a somewhat over the top manner. One of my correspondents, who wrote to me a while ago, told me that, when she was young, there was an expression used to describe women who dressed in rather trashy and overstated / over painted manner, who were said to be “looking for a black man”. It is an interesting expression, and I don't think I can be accused of unfairness by suggesting that many of the white women who are more affectionately inclined towards man of races other than their own, do tend to favour an appearance which enable them to aspire to an image which would sit more comfortably within the lyrics of a gangsta rap number.

Be honest, how often do you see a white women without make up, the hair colour she was born with, wearing jeans and sneakers dating a black man?

That said, the fact that one can can identify specific groups of women who are likely to find the company of non white males more appealing, still does not answer the question “why?”. Particularly in relation to the second group, which can include some bright, or, at least shrewd women. Why would they willingly choose relationships which they are no less likely to become victims than the council house aspiring single mothers, indeed probably even more likely than that group to be the victims of violence?.

As I was pondering this conundrum, a portly figure in towering heels and with a raucous, and most unwholesome, laugh sprang to mind. Cynthia Payne, Madame Cyn of Streatham, or at least, if not the lady herself, her willing and loyal clientèle.

Mrs Payne's clients were mostly intelligent, and usually well to do, men, who actively sought out women who would abuse, violate and humiliate them, for such men being treated badly by members of the opposite sex was something they actively craved, often at some significant risk to themselves. Given the thriving trade in dominatrices in the more discrete areas of London, even in the face of the credit crunch, it would seem that significant numbers of men still have such needs.

If some men have a need for masochism the same must surely be the case for some women?

Before the accusations start flying, I am not for one second suggesting that some women deserve what they get on account of what they wear. Violence against anyone, male or female is unacceptable in all circumstances, and I condemn it unreservedly.

However, is it possible that women with a certain need subconsciously or otherwise seek out a partner who will fulfil that need, even if that need is to be treated badly?. Fantasy is a very powerful part of sexuality and can lead people into dangerous territory, it can lead many otherwise intelligent men to women like Mrs Payne, and, similarly, throughout history it has led certain women to bad boys, occasionally very bad boys.

It is an acknowledged if bizarre fact with serial killers, particularly sadistic sexual killers, that the greater the brutality of their crimes the larger their post bags, stuffed with fan mail from primarily female admirers. The fact that such men are usually locked away for life provides a safety barrier between them and their correspondents, however, that does not entirely remove the danger from the fantasy.

It may be that the media's failure to report the truth about violence against women lulls some white women into a sense of security, by providing them with a false safety barrier, and the belief that they can indulge a fantasy whilst risking only a slap, although some pay a higher price.

Is this a Eureka moment? Have I answered a question which has long perplexed me? I don't know, I do not share the fantasy, so I don't know how potent it is. If it is an answer, I don't think it is the whole answer, but I certainly think it is part of the answer.

Despite my politics and my instincts, I would be fool to deny that love can cross racial barriers, however, true love has little to do with many of the interracial relationships currently so fashionable in our society and in which various other factors are at play. In many of those relationships the women are not treated well, in some they are treated very badly, and I wonder if, as with the men who paid to be abused by Cynthia Payne, for some white women, that might be the point.


Robert said...

In St. Louis, roving "wilding" gangs of up to 100 blacks attacking people at train stations

Although the attacks were caught on video, the actual attacks were not shown on local TV. What was shown was a large group of black youths approaching a victim who appeared to be white. The news media refers to the attackers only as youths with no mention of race. The media also fails to discuss the motivation for the crimes. Is this a hate crime? Was it a robbery attempt? Were these crimes racially motivated? These questions are off limits. As long as our community cannot deal with black violence our transit system had best remain off limits for white riders.

Anonymous said...

The white woman is pyscho-socially conditioned to fear the Black male and the Black female. One can take her man the other her humanity, and the white man is the sheriff who protects her from both. This highly charged sexual climate creates insecurity in white women, confusion in Black men, resentment in Black women and power for the white man...

Down through the ages the more the Black woman was soiled, the more the white woman was deified. And so the white man’s relationship with the Black woman, and his protection of the white woman, created an appetite of vengeful lust within Black men, and a dawning interest in Black men by white women. After seeing the white man ravage the Black woman, it is only natural that the Black man wants to reciprocate. Whether to get even or just out of curiosity, inevitably a journey toward the white woman will sooner or later be embarked upon...

Many white women rationalize their jealousy of the sexual relations between their men and Black women by calling them “dark temptresses” that “seduce” white men. A notion that overlaps into the mind of Black male. Consequently, Black women spend much of their lives vainly fighting for acceptance. They often end up adoring those who don't really much care for them, giving every last bit of themselves to men who come with nothing more than slight interest.

And so Black women embark on an epic search for something that cannot be found, while the Black male and many others benefit from all she has to give. Too often she becomes part of a half-ass relationship that caters only to the whims of her ‘man.” In the end, as Ken Singleton in "Broken Silence" observes, many Black women “tolerate poor treatment hoping that if they hold out long enough, the negative behavior will stop... Women feel unworthy of love and stay in abusive situations trying (desperately) to make themselves more appealing.”..

Frantz Fanon in "Black Skin White Masks" describes the Black man’s inferiority complex. “Out of the blackest part of my soul, across the zebra striping of my mind, surges this desire to be suddenly white. I wish to be acknowledged not as black but as white...who but a white woman can do this for me? By loving me she proves that I am worthy of white love. I am loved like a white man...I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands caress those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine.”..

Note how the “dancer” is the first job experience that many young Black women obtain. This only further decreases her desirability. Interest, respect and concern is halted at her loins. Throughout America all too many Black men are putting dollar bills in the draws of Black “dancers” and not a dime on the dinner table of those who mothered their children...

The history and circumstance that has soiled the Black woman’s image continues to direct the Black man’s mind away from that desperate sight toward that which he has longed to be recognized by. His goal is to be loved and accepted by those he was designed to worship, in order for his dignity to triumph. He sees himself as a historic failure - failing to provide for his family, protect his woman, and secure a livelihood.

He finds it hard to connect with the Black woman, outside of sensation, since she serves as the symbol of his failure. By giving birth to him she represents the synthesis of his circumstance, the precious gift of life once cherished now become a curse, her womb a graveyard as life became death. As a result, he will chase the white woman to the ends of the earth, and will stop only when he catches his mind..

Benny said...

One theory I heard about certain white women latching onto black men is that they are so keen to demonstrate their non-racist credentials that they have to broadcast it to the world by choosing a non-white partner.

I don't give much credence to this theory. Although I've heard of white men choosing non-white female partners for the same reason.

Impossible though it is to comprehend, it seems that some women actually like being subjugated and abused. Whether or not they can satisfy this warped preference by becoming a darkie's bitch is unclear.

As you say, some women attach themselves to bad boys. I recall seeing a solitary white girl with a small gang of black youths in London a few years ago. They seemed to be treating her like a plaything - laughing as they jostled her and pushed her from one to the other. But it was obvious she wanted to be with them, albeit in some perverse masochistic way. She seemed to be enjoying being pushed around and played along by uttering half-hearted protests. No doubt the game continued behind closed doors where it developed into a gang-rape scenario.

I guess this girl suffered from a lack of self respect but what exactly did she get out of the bizarre life she was leading? Did her parents approve? Did they know? Did they care? Did she have any parents? Did the black youths have any regard for her as a human being or did they simply see her as a piece of meat?

Rubin said...

Well Sarah,

LOL!! One thing is for certain, nobody could ever accuse you of avoiding controversial subjects.

Whatever your enemies may call you, they can't call you a coward!

Harry J said...

I don't think you can underestimate the power of the subliminal messages in the multicultural archetype of the black male and white female in all media. I really can't think of a single example of a black male and Asian (Indian or Pakistani) female in advertising, TV or film. This is all by design and those behind it are malevolent in the extreme.

I've noticed before Sarah that you seem to have travelled a similar path to myself in many respects. One question, have you paid any attention to the general idea of what can best be described as the agenda for a New World Order? I'm thinking in terms of the sort of thing being outlined by the much maligned David Icke and others like him such as Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Henry Makow or Alan Watt. I'd completely dismissed all this as far fetched nonsense until I actually bothered to read some of the evidence. I'm now a fully fledged 'conspiracy theorist' (a tag designed to paint all those who hold such views as fruit cakes and loons) and have come to realise that mass immigration, multiculturism and diversity (division; our old friend divide and rule) are just small pieces of a much bigger picture.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I do not know enough about David Icke and others to have a view, although I have difficulty in getting past the image Icke evoked of the late queen mother as a massive shape shifting lizard.

As to conspiracy theories, I do believe that there is a concerted effort to change Western society, which, if successful, will have the effect of destroying it.

However, I am not sure that the "conspirators" view it in that way, they are responding to an ideology, and the annihilation of what we view as British society is coincidental.

However, they are committed, and, as such, they are dangerous.

Harry J said...

The reptilian stuff is what put me off for quite a while but when I read what he was actually saying I could only reserve judgement. Many years ago I'd read an excellent, well researched, book by Robert Temple called 'The Sirius Mystery'. It dealt with the well documented evidence in Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and various South American mythology, wall art, pottery etc that depicted fish/reptilian creatures that were said to have come from outer space. I have to be open to the idea that the world may be quite different and more mysterious to the one we have been led to believe.

As to the Queen Mother, again I keep an open mind. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that our Royal Family are either at the centre of, or very close to, this vast conspiracy that seeks to control and subjugate us. When she died it was announced she had passed away at 3.15pm. These people love their occult symbolism and this was no exception. The time indicated the two threes on the clock, 33 as in the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Free Masonry. The Masons have long been infiltrated and overtaken at the highest level and are part of how the conspiracy operates. Other ways include esoteric secret societies such as 'The Knights of Malta', 'The Knights Hospitallers', 'Skull and Bones' and more overtly political organisations such as 'The Bilderbergers', 'The Council on Foreign Relations', 'Club of Rome', 'The Trilateral Commission' and 'The Royal Institute of International Affairs'.

The aim is a one world government and the EU (which the Queen has happily cooperated with by signing the Lisbon Treaty) is but a stepping stone towards it. I obviously can't go into all the detail about this here but I do recommend further investigation as it will put many of the things that are happening in our society at present into a different perspective.

There are a few areas where I think David Icke hasn't quite got it completely right but the general thrust of what he's saying is basically what others are also agreed on. Can I recommend a speech he gave during the recent 'David Davis/42 days detention' election campaign. The first part gives a very brief outline of his general thesis followed by more specific stuff relative to David Davis' campaign. It's a good introduction to not only David Icke's ideas but also the whole NWO agenda. I don't think you'll regret watching it, quite the opposite.

The common consensus is that we are free and we have a democracy where the Government is chosen by the people. Sadly this doesn't appear to be true. The elites in charge always control both sides of any debate both in the media which they control and the political parties which they also control. This is also true in the US where every single US president has been a blood relative of either British or French Royalty. In fact the one with the closest blood ties has always been the victor (including George Bush; evidence courtesy of Burke's Peerage). The people in the administrations of any US government, whether Republican or Democrat, are always largely made up of members of either 'The Bilderbergers', 'The Council on Foreign Relations' or 'The Trilateral Commission' or in some cases all three.

There are plenty of revelations to be had and suddenly it becomes quite clear why we are being flooded by immigrants and why such lunacies as multiculturism are being foisted upon us.

Can I also recommend the following Icke video from 1996. Judge for yourself if what he was saying then has been borne out.

alanorei said...

The classic case is OJ.

As for dark-skinned men & Caucasian women, Battle for Britain blog has a 'blackaganda' link that illustrates the media's penchant for this race-destroying strategy.

Guardian Apostate is absolutely correct in his observation about neither Asian nor African women appearing in adverts (or in the tabloid pics beloved of British males).

The rare exceptions are mulattos like Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell or the lead singer in Pussy Cat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger.

As a colleague said to me some years ago, "white men don't rape black women."

Somewhat blunt but essentially correct. The media and fashion industry knows this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Another thing to note is that, although white men generally do not 'go for' black (negroid) women, they do frequently get involved with Asian and Oriental women, and Asian and Oriental men seem to loose out on the white women stakes.

Robert said...
This topic reminded me of a description of mob violence in Africa in Paul Theroux's "Dark Star Safari," a chronicle of his journey through sub-Saharan Africa from Egypt to South Africa. The "Star" in the title is used in the antique sense "Heavenly Body," and should be understood as "Planet." Sub-Saharan Africa is "dark" not only in the obvious way, but also in its mysteriousness and inaccessibility to the Western mind; to be there is to be on another planet, a different world.
As chapter nine opens he is heading south into Kenya and has reached the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi. His companion is Kamali, a professional guide:

"Look, see the thief," Kamali said.
It was a sight of old Africa, a naked man running alone down an embankment and splashing across a filthy creek, pursued by a mob.

"They have taken his clothes. He is trying to get away in the dirty water of the river."

But he was surrounded. People lined both banks of the creek, holding sticks and boulders, laughing excitedly at the man, who was so panicked he did not even think to cover his private parts but just ran, his arms pumping, splashing in the disgusting muck.

I had forgotten how cheerful, even jubilant, such murderous crowds in Africa could be, particularly these spontaneous mobs in pursuit of a weak marked man trying in vain to flee--a thief, a political outcast, a member of a despised tribe. The isolation of such prey vitalized the pursuers and made them shout with joy as they went after him, the toughest men swaggering at the front, the older men cheering them on, the women ululating, the small children screeching and jumping up and down at the sight of all this motion. The vigor, the macabre good humor of the chase, and the idea of certain death were intoxicants. Years before, I had seen similar mobs in Malawi and Uganda, always a large number of excited people persecuting one or two victims. Then, what had frightened me most was the mob's sense of fun. Fun was still a factor in massacre. Perhaps the reason was simple: weak, idle people, suddenly granted power and the opportunity blamelessly to beat someone to death, are given a snorting animal energy and become joyous in their triumph.

The laughing crowd surged toward the naked man, swinging sticks. "They will kill him," Kamali said. Then the traffic began to move.

Monday 11 August 2008
REACT Print Save Rioters torched cars and three police officers were injured late Sunday in a heavily Haitian district of Montreal, according to police and media reports Monday.

More than 500 police were deployed and six people were arrested in the riots, which erupted after the police shot dead an 18-year-old man on Saturday.

At least eight vehicles were burned in the violence, and shops were looted.

A television cameraman was also injured in the violence.

The original shooting took place Saturday after a police patrol was rushed by three men in Montreal North, the hub of the city's Haitian community, according to police.

All three were wounded and one, Freddy Villanueva, 18. died.

But local witnesses said the police started the confrontation, and by Sunday afternoon protests were underway in the neighborhood, with demonstrators carrying pictures of the dead man and chanting, "the police are the murderers."

Police have launched an investigation into the shooting, which occurred in an area which frequently sees clashes between street gangs. Residents have accused the police there of racial profiling.

"The line is very fine between maintaining public security in an area and not doing anything that could be seen as a mistake," said Montreal police chief Yvan Delorme.

france24_en.wsx live_en.wsx

Robert said...

Flight of the dead: Suburban families move loved ones from Detroit cemeteries

At precisely 8:57 a.m., under an overcast sky, Francesco and Francesca Imbrunone were re-laid to rest. A man in a dark suit stood over their remains proclaiming that they "await the resurrection." If that promise holds true, then it would be, in a way, the Imbrunones' second resurrection. As it happens, the couple was buried nearly 50 years ago in Detroit's Mount Olivet Cemetery on the city's east side. Then their grandchildren decided to disinter them, move them to the leafier suburbs and bury them again this particular morning.

By now the statistics are as well known in London as they are in Livonia. Detroit has lost half its population since its heyday of the 1950s, and every year the city hemorrhages an estimated 5,000 people more. First it was white flight to the Detroit is experiencing a flight of a different kind. As the Imbrunones' second funeral demonstrates, Detroit is experiencing the flight of the dead

The movement of the dead from the nation's largest black city to its overwhelmingly white suburbs is a small, though socially symbolic phenomenon, revealing the grinding problems of race, crime and economics that plague both sides of Eight Mile.
From 2002 through 2007, the remains of about 1,000 people have been disinterred and moved out of the city, according to permits stored in metal filing cabinets in the city's department of health. Looked at in another way, for about every 30 living human beings who leave Detroit, one dead human being follows. Moreover, anecdotal evidence compiled by a Detroit professor suggests the figure may be twice as high, meaning city records may be incomplete and that thousands upon thousands of deceased people have been relocated from the city over the past 20 years.

Love. That was one part of the decision. There is another.
"To tell you the truth, yes, it's fear," Palazzolo said. "Have you been to Detroit? I pray the car doesn't break down. I cringe when I drive down Gratiot. I'm worried for my life. There's a lot of bad people in Detroit.

Source Detroit News

Robert said...

Crime triggering Incest!

BY ERICA VIRTUE Sunday Observer writer
Sunday, August 03, 2008

Walled in by crime and violence in some of Jamaica's violent inner cities, men and women answering nature's call for sex and companionship have turned to blood relatives - in some cases fathers to daughters, brothers to sisters and even mothers to their sons, the Sunday Observer has learnt.

While the scale of the incest was not immediately ascertained, local officials say they have seen this worrying behaviour in at least four violent communities.

"It is heart-breaking," chairman of the Trench Town-based Caribbean Applied Technology Centre, Dr Henley Morgan, told the Sunday Observer. "There were areas in the inner cities where violence has forced individuals within a 30 square feet radius to remain there for years. They cannot go up the lane, down the lane or anywhere else because of violence. The end result is this heart-breaking situation."

Explaining further, Dr Morgan said, "The males have never left it (their communities) to find a girl. So they prey on each other. It is an unending web, and sometimes we read about this happening elsewhere and think it cannot happen here..."

Renowned social anthropologist specialising in social violence, Dr Herbert Gayle, corroborated Dr Morgan's story and said the practice wasn't only among fathers and daughters, or brothers and sisters.

"There are cases where mothers have turned to their sons, because their husbands or spouses are in prison and they go to her sons to fulfil her sexual needs..." Dr Gayle disclosed in an interview with Sunday Observer.

He said mothers have often expressed concerns for their girls, especially when there are sustained curfews in the inner cities.

"I am aware of it. We have never had a case to deal with it at Fathers Inc, but there are at least four communities where there are just too many instances of this happening," Dr Gayle said.

In at least one instance, he said, a man is still in prison for impregnating his underaged daughter.

Morgan's and Gayle's accounts were confirmed by a senior crime fighter who has worked the inner cities for more than a quarter century.

For him, the situation is nauseating.

"I have come across situations where during the investigation of a crime, you find everybody with the same surname. In one instance I interviewed 30 persons and they all have the same surnames," the cop said in an earlier interview with Sunday Observer. "They were brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. It got to a point where you say 'wait a minute, what is happening here?' Only to retrace your steps to find that they are all family in the sickest kind of ways...

"It is just sickening..." he said, clearly uncomfortable discussing the issue.

According to the cop, who asked for anonymity, when he stumbled on the situation, it had a chilling effect on him.

"They are the product of the same lineage, and this cannot be good for any country and any community. Can you just imagine the maladjustments of this generation of young people?" he asked.

In some communities, according to a social worker, there are real and imaginary lines across which residents can go, but still remain safe. However, there are sections referred to as "no man's land" and individuals caught in these areas are at the mercy of gunmen.

It is situations such as this that have barred residents from one end of a street, sections of communities or areas within close proximity from interfacing with each other.

"This is well known. We know this already. I work in an inner-city community and this is something I know very well." Dr Morgan said.

The veteran cop also pointed to another deeply troubling practice in these inner-city communities.

Criminal dons, claiming to be community benefactors, have, for years, demanded sexual favours from young inner city girls, some of whom they have assisted in going to school. In some instances, as soon as the girls reach puberty the dons 'send' for them for their sexual initiation.

The little girls are sometimes gone for days and are sexually assaulted. According to the cop, it is not just anecdotal, there are enough stories. His disappointment, however, and that of his colleagues, is fuelled by the failure of relatives of the abused girls to file complaints and force official investigations.

"The police face a dilemma. Oftentimes we do not have a case. There are no complainants to a crime. There are those who will say the police have a responsibility to act, yes we do. But when you have unwilling relatives, parents included, who will deny it, what do you do?" he asked in exasperation.

Dr Gayle said it was a common violation.

"That is so common. There are so many stories and actual cases. I had to insist to a don that I do not want to be in his company if he was going to be having sex with underaged girls..." Dr Gayle told the Sunday Observer.

The social anthropologist, who is an authority on social violence, has done extensive research with at least 12 gangs across 40 inner-city communities and has won his local and international recognition for his body of work.

His insistence, he said, caused the don to call a meeting of his 'shottas' and "tell them that the girl must be at least 16 years".

"That is still sexual assault," Dr Gayle fumed.

HE argued that the police have lost their legitimacy to the dons in the inner cities and while he sympathised with the cops, he said, "if the residents were not willing to report murders, it was unlikely that they were going to report incest".

He said the status and stock of the dons are closely linked to the number of children they sire, irrespective of their contribution to the lives of the children once they are born.

Some families have opted to relocate in a bid to evade the ravaging of their young female members.

However, for some adult women, it is a status symbol.

Women have been known to give their bodies to the dons as a means of financial support in communities with high unemployment.

In modern societies, victims are able to access public psychiatric assistance in a bid to heal. According to the veteran cop, "Here (in Jamaica) people suffer in silence, and even more worrying is that the tragedy is repeated over and over again."

Dr Gayle said there was hope, as even the crudest form of social intervention is appreciated in some communities, and has borne fruit.

For Morgan, too, there is hope.

"Despite the horror, some beautiful flowers (men and women) have bloomed in our inner cities," he said.

Anonymous said...

In the 60's and 70's, States in teh US began to repeal laws which prohibited mixed race marriages - what a shame and surrender to mongrelisation

Gods law has always prohibited cross-breeding of species

Marriage, Interfaith
(see also Separation)
Gen. 21:21 took him a wife out of the land of Egypt
Gen. 24:3 not take a wife ... of the daughters of the Canaanites
Gen. 26:34 Esau ... took to wife Judith the daughter of ... the Hittite
Gen. 27:46 I am weary of my life because of the daughters of Heth
Gen. 28:9 Esau ... took ... the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife
Ex. 34:16 thy sons, and their daughters go a whoring
Deut. 7:3 neither shalt thou make m. with them
Josh. 23:12 remnant of these nations ... make m. with them
Judg. 3:6 gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods
Judg. 14:3 a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines
1 Kgs. 11:4 his wives turned away his heart after other gods
Ezra 9:2 they have taken of their daughters for themselves
Ezra 10:10 transgressed, and have taken strange wives
Neh. 10:30 not give our daughters unto the people
Neh. 13:25 not give your daughters unto their sons
Mal. 2:11 hath married the daughter of a strange God
2 Cor. 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers

Clearly both teh old and new testaments are against the dilution and mongrelisation of Gods people
God created separate races and placed them on separate locations/continents for obvious reasons (see Acts 17:26)

He has always enjoined Israelites to keep "separate" from heathen nations

what are teh consequences of sin?

the NT says "the wages of sin is death"

the bible also affirms that God answers sin upon the heads of the chidlren - up to the 4th and 5th generation (and further I'd say)

interestingly, we find that mixed race families do not work - tehy fall apart and fail for various reasons - they have spiritual, emotional, psychological, social, and health problems

and what about non-white people?

they have a lower life expectancy (even those with higher socio-economic standing) - why?

all factors indicate inferiority - in IQ, in achievement, in genetics, ETC

here's some material

"The Race Question as Affecting the Southern States: Perhaps the most convincing book in justification of the South in denying to the negro race social equality with the white race is the one written by William Benjamin Smith, entitled "The Color Line, A Brief in Behalf of the Unborn," from which the following is a quotation:
"Here, then, is laid bare the nerve of the whole matter: Is the south justified in this absolute denial of social equality to the negro, no matter what his virtues or abilities or accomplishments?
"We affirm, then, that the south is entirely right in thus keeping open at all times, at all hazards, and at all sacrifices an impassible social chasm between black and white. This she must do in behalf of her blood, her essence, of the stock of her Caucasian race. To the writer the correctness of this thesis seems as clear as the sun—so evident as almost to forestall argument; nor can he quite comprehend the frame of mind that can seriously dispute it. But let us look at it closely. Is there any doubt whatever as to the alternative? If we sit with negroes at our tables, if we entertain them as our guests and social equals, if we disregard the color line in all other relations, is it possible to maintain it fixedly in the sexual relation, in the marriage of our sons and daughters, in the propagation of our species? Unquestionably, No! It is certain as the rising of tomorrow's sun, that, once the middle wall of social partition is broken down, the mingling of the tides of life would begin instantly and proceed steadily. Of course, it would be gradual, but none the less sure, none the less irresistible. It would make itself felt at first most strongly in the lower strata of the white population; but it would soon invade the middle and menace insidiously the very uppermost. Many bright mulattoes would ambitiously woo, and not a few would win, well-bred women disappointed in love or goaded by impulse or weary of the stern struggle for existence. As a race, the Southern Caucasian would be irrevocably doomed. For no possible check could be given to this process once established. Remove the barrier between two streams flowing side by side—immediately they begin to mingle their molecules; in vain you attempt to replace it. * * * * The moment the bar of absolute separation is thrown down in the South, that moment the bloom of her spirit is blighted forever, the promise of her destiny is annulled, the proud fabric of her future slips into dust and ashes. No other conceivable disaster that might befall the South could, for an instant, compare with such miscegenation within her borders. Flood and fire, fever and famine and the sword—even ignorance, indolence, and carpet-baggery—she may endure and conquer while her blood remains pure; but once taint the well-spring of her life, and all is lost—even honor itself. It is this immediate jewel of her soul that the South watches with such a dragon eye, that she guards with more than vestal vigilance, with a circle of perpetual fire. The blood thereof is the life thereof; he who would defile it would stab her in her heart of hearts, and she springs to repulse him with the fiercest instinct of self-preservation. It may not be that she is distinctly conscious of the immeasurable interests at stake or of the real grounds of her roused antagonism; but the instinct itself is none the less just and true and the natural bulwark of her life.
"At this point we hear some one exclaim, 'Not so fast! To sit at table, to mingle freely in society with certain persons, does not imply you would marry them." Certainly not, in every case. We may recognize socially those whom we personally abhor. This matters not, however; for wherever social commingling is admitted, there the possibility of intermarriage must be also admitted. It becomes a mere question of personal preference, of like and dislike. Now, there is no accounting for tastes. It is ridiculous to suppose that no negroes would prove attractive to any white. The possible would become actual—as certainly as you will throw double-double sixes [in dice], if only you keep on throwing. To be sure, where the number of negroes is almost vanishingly small, as in the north and in Europe, there the chances of such mesalliances are proportionally divided; some may even count them negligible. But in the South, where in many districts the black outnumbers the white, they would be multiplied immensely, and crosses would follow with increasing frequency. * * * But some may deny that the mongrelization of the Southern people would offend the race notion—would corrupt or degrade the Southern stock of humanity. If so, then such a one has yet to learn the largest-writ lessons of history and the most impressive doctrines of biological science. That the negro is markedly inferior to the Caucasian is proved both craniologically and by six thousand years of planet-wide experimentation; and that the commingling of inferior with superior must lower the higher is just as certain as that the half-sum of two and six is only four."

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer wrote an interesting article on interracial marriages: 'Is love colorblind?'

It shows that, as for black-white marriages, 72% are black men - white women.
As for white-asian marriages, 72% are white men - asian women.

In terms of attractiveness, the following ranking table exists:
For men:
1) White men
2) Black men
3) Asian men

For women
1) White women
2) Asian women
3) Black women

As Steve Sailer says, asian men and black women are the ones that are most strongly against interracial marriages. That is because black women are losing versus white women, and asian men are losing versus white men.

Robert said...
Another "Late, Great" U.S. city

The reference in the title is to the series of articles American Renaissance ran in the 1990s about the downfall of various U.S. cities that had been taken over by blacks. To my surprise, AR seems not to have done a piece on "the late, great city of St. Louis." The below e-mail from a reader, a life-long resident of St. Louis, could be seen as a preliminary sketch for such an article.
David A. writes:

I have been reading VFR for several years. It is high time that I commend you for your splendid work and many excellent essays.
I am a 58-year-old white man and lifelong resident of St. Louis, which was once the fourth largest American city. I am opposed to "diversity" and "multiculturalism." The following are some reasons why.

On July 31st you posted a list of crimes perpetrated by black thugs against whites. To supplement your list, please consider these crimes committed by blacks in St. Louis from 1994-2006:

--Black man on parole kidnapped a white woman and threw her off a bridge into the Mississippi River.

--Young black male sought by police for shooting the white principal of a Catholic school in the back, leaving her paralyzed.

--Two young black males kidnapped two young white women, raped them, and shot them. One survived (after being shot three times in the face). The other died. Her brother later described her killer as "a monster." Her father said of him: "May he rot in hell."

--Black male (16) shot and killed a 60-year-old Korean woman cashier after she failed to open her cash register fast enough to please him.

--White woman driving through downtown St. Louis was killed in collision caused by black male (23) driving while drunk.

--A pizza restaurant decided not to make deliveries in a north St. Louis area infested with robberies and assaults.

--Police arrested two black thieves who admitted targeting whites and Asians for street robberies.

--Black man (48) stabbed to death a church employee (white woman, 64) in a downtown church.

--Nine bank robberies are traced to a group of seven blacks (six men, one woman).

--Black man (25) beat and strangled a 20-year-old white woman.

--Pizza delivery driver (woman, 36) is robbed and stabbed in black neighborhood. Restaurant then stops deliveries in that area. Two black males (17, 19) were charged.

--A roving group of 25-30 black "youths" from a "middle school" assaulted residents, broke windows, and threw rocks at cars.

--Black male (19) shot and killed a police officer (white man) in St. Louis suburb.

--A veteran fireman (white man) was killed in collision caused by black man (44) driving at 86 mph after robbing a Walgreen's drug store.

--White man (45) was shot give times by three young blacks (two men, 25, 23, and one woman, 19) on WalMart parking lot.

--Black male (21) charged in seven cases of arson in north St. Louis.

--A 44-year-old disabled white man was beaten to death by two young black males (21, 15) who "stomped on his head."

Then there's the black on black violence:

--For 3 1/2 hours one day in 1998, a group of eight Gangster Disciples tortured a black woman with a broomstick, stabbed her with silverware, beat her with a pistol, poured bleach in her wounds, and doused her with scalding water--because she refused to join their group.

--For three hours one day in 1999, a black man (48) beat his eight-year-old daughter when she was unable to do her homework on adverbs. He used two leather belts, an extension cord, and a metal broomstick. She became delirious and tried to run away from him. He continued beating her. The autopsy showed she had been beaten to death.

Also: Dozens of apartment buildings in three "public housing" projects (Pruitt-Igoe, Darst-Webbe, and Laclede Town)--built half-a-century ago at the expense of white taxpayers--were ruined by black thugs and vandals and then demolished.

Also: In 1958-59 my classmates and I played baseball in a city park in a clean, quiet, peaceful, all-white neighborhood. A white woman who attended a Catholic college there many years ago recalled how pleasant that area was and how girls could walk throughout that neighborhood at any time of day or night without any fear. And today? That neighborhood is now "diverse." Ergo, it is infested with shootings, murders, armed robberies, unrestrained "youths," houses and apartment buildings trashed and boarded-up, shops and restaurants closed, "security" bars on doors and windows (undreamed of in the 1950s), and the unsolved vicious beating of an 89-year-old white man. It wasn't whites, Asians, Hispanics, or Arabs, but blacks who brought unprecedented crime and degradation into that once-peaceful neighborhood.

Now try to imagine why more than half the population of St. Louis got up and left, over the past half-century.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Frankly my dear Anonymous 10:58, I very much doubt you understand the concept of what is truly disgusting.

alanorei said...

Amen to that, Sarah

Sounds like a nulab screamer. Rage and/or obscenity in the street, hubris and/or broken promises in the House (of Commons).

All any of the old gangsters have got to offer the electorate, actually - apart from more hell in the community via Common Purpose, the EU, Islam and 'multi-culti-ism'

Iphigenia said...

Hello Sarah. A very good, refreshing article. I also cannot see the appeal in having a black man myself, but nor can I understand white men going for oriental women instead of white women. From what I've gathered both talking to and reading what people in interracial liaisons say, it's down to primal lust - in most cases than not, it's lust and not love, though people sadly can't tell the difference between the two.