Saturday, 19 March 2011

A bumpy road ahead

Earlier today, one of my correspondents asked me to remove all links to the British Resistance site and the Green Arrow, on account of some of the comments which have recently been made there regarding the British National Party and its leadership. However, I would like to make clear why I intend to retain links with the British Resistance, and indeed continue to be an occasional poster there.

I am aware that many readers will be very concerned by the criticism of the BNP leadership at the British Resistance site, and also by some postings which I have allowed to be published at this site, in particular Mister Fox's recent posting This Honourable and Noble Cause.

Although I do not entirely share the views of either the Green Arrow or of Mister Fox on this issue, I have considerable respect for the honour and integrity of both, and I accept that they and other commentators, such as Paul Golding, who has written a number of articles on the subject at the British Resistance, are acting in what they believe to be the best interests of British Nationalism.

I also can not ignore the debate which is going on regarding the BNP leadership and the future of the party.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that the BNP leadership should engage with the debate, as many of the allegations which have been made are very troubling, and need to be answered.

We can no longer pretend that this debate is not going on, for it is not going to go away, it needs to be addressed otherwise it will continue to fester and it will get worse.

We must also remember that whilst this is going on, we are giving our enemies deadly weapons which they will use against us for years to come, This is why I believe we need to address this issue swiftly, resolve it, close it down and move on.

We should not forget there are many people who have given a great deal to the BNP in terms of both their hard earned money and their efforts, and we owe it to them to ensure their efforts were worthwhile. It is therefore vital that all our contributions are positive and defend the cause of nationalism.

I still hope the BNP will achieve electoral success as I truly believe the nationalist cause offers the only chance this country has of salvation. This is why, whatever, side we may take in the current debate we must all work to ensure that British Nationalism survives and that there is party for us to unite around and move forward with when this difficult matter is resolved.

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misterfox said...

Whatever it seemed like and despite the strident tone, I most certainly did write that with the best interests of the cause in mind. These matters should have been dealt with long ago not just ignored. The financial lack of transparency, never a qualified accountant as treasurer is doing much harm to the cause and should have been explained to the members long ago so why hasn't it? The money was donated by poor people: the unemployed and retired not mega-rich donors and it is wicked not to account for every penny. More suspicion is added by the police and fraud Squad refusing to investigate.
The party belongs to the members not an unelected clique of old friends who have destroyed political parties before.
There is now so many out of the BNP who were once loyal, so many councillors resigned and respected officials expelled that it is clear to any observer who can face it that the party is imploding which is why I wish to encourage branch officials to gather contacts for after the collapse and to rally round say, the Reform 2011 group.