Thursday, 24 March 2011

Imported Predators

This is Delroy Grant, probably the most prolific serial rapist ever known in this country. Unlike most rapists Grant's tastes were directed at one of the most vulnerable sections of the community, the elderly. His youngest known victim was 68, his eldest was 93, most were old women but he also included some elderly men amongst those he abused.

He was convicted today of the rape of 22 senior citizens, although he is known to have attacked at least 128, and some police suggest that his victims may total 600, or even up to 1,000, over a 17 year rape spree.

Grant's speciality was to confront his frail victims in the sanctuary of their own homes, and then to abuse them in their own beds. Known as the night stalker, he would often spend hours gaining access into homes and then awaken sleeping victims in the dead of night by shining a torch in their faces. Few of those he preyed upon ever slept peacefully in their beds again, and many have died waiting for justice.

Delroy Grant is the third mass serial rapist to be convicted in London in the last year, the others are Kirk Reed a black chief and John Warboys a white taxi driver, both of whom are believed to have attacked around 100 women.

We can be sure that despite the disproportionate over representation of blacks in this type of crime, whenever the subject of serial rapists is discussed in the media, the focus will be on Warboys, the single white man.


Anonymous said...

You can take the savage out of Africa, but you cannot take the savagery out of this African

Artur said...

Thank you Sarah for blogrolling us. The New York Times will require visitors to its web site to pay starting March 28th, so we need all the help we can get (it's only 15$ a month).


- Arturo, Chief New York Times Basher

alanorei said...

For the period January 2010 to February 2011 inclusive the BBC1 Crimewatch, Wanted site displays 60 individuals wanted for serious crimes.

32 of them or over half are clearly foreign imports from one time or another.

That is from the BBC, which speaks volumes.

However, it can be simply summed up as follows.

Enrichment is harmful to your health, family and property. So is the mainsteam media that will continue to promote 'enrichment' regardless of how many night stalkers are out there.

P.S. I understand that the Original Night Stalker is yet to be caught. I pray that he is, or at least positively identified if he is dead.

It appears that the ONS isn't black, which basically shows that the host populations of the US and the UK are quite capable of producing their own villains without a bad situation being made worse and disproportionately so by unrestricted foreign immigration.

Exzanian said...

Sarah, in the interests of balance, I feel it is fair to note that this is a somewhat isolated case of gerontophilia...

If you take this tack, please be sure to include some examples of the paedo priests of Catholicism and the Fritzls of Europe (Where were they imported from?)

We create and burn strawmen too easily. Our cause is more noble than this!

Anonymous said...


Yes.. It's bad enough that we have to deal with the priests and 'Fritzls' of our own.

We don't and never have... needed any aliens from third world shores to 'contribute' to our economy or health of our nation(s)

I was listening to Vine on BBC2 yesterday who had a 'criminal analyst' of some form (presumably white?) virtually rubbishing the seriousness of this animal's crimes, saying something to the effect that they were no worse than than those of 'other criminals'.

Had this perp been a "Fritzl" i.e. white Caucasion hetero male the shrieks and pics from the media would have been almost unbearable!

That is the problem with this country and the rest of the God forsaken European west.

Animal rapists like this nigger import are NOT the problem!!!!

It's the parasitic psuedo do-gooder, anti white, white?? trash in the Houses of Parliament, who over the past 5 decades have sanctioned and presided over the rights of these animals in our countries.

For me personally the enablers are WORSE than the perps like this creature.

For example take a dog and its handler. If the dog maimes or kills somebody they destroy the dog when for the most part the dog is NOT at fault!

They should be DESTROYING the handler!!

I certainly WOULD if one of my family were involved!

Our so called leaders along with their handlers and minions in big business are ROOT CAUSE of our malaise and should be dealt with by the rules according to the Magna Carta.

But hey! nobody with any where-with-all is going to do anything so I'll grab my coat and step off my soap box.

Good luck and don't pay your taxes!
They go straight into the parasite's pockets.

Anonymous said...

alanorei - 2 out of the 3 presenters are non-white as well. Its almost a conscious admission - of something!

Anonymous said...

Except that in almost every paper there was a double page spread about the black mans crime and it made international news.

alanorei said...

You bet it is, Anon.

The white one is, of course, a blonde female.

The two previous presenters, Nick Ross and Fiona Bruce, were clearly a too hideously white imbalance.

alanorei said...

This is from the 21st Century British Nationalism blog on Delroy Grant, a comment by Adam Goldsmith-James, unedited:

I have been involved in the criminal justice system for over a decade. Most of that time within the uk prison estates all over the country from the north to parkhurst and albony on the i
Isle of Wight. I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of the prisoners in all estates are non-white. I can also tell you that the majority of the victims of those non-white offenders ,whether it is crime against property or persons,are white by a huge magin. I can conferm that dispite complaints from both serving pilice staff, civilian staff and prison staff, the government are determined to hide the reality of crime by non-white offenders in our one green and quiet land. see if you can find the statistic in the annual report fromthe office of statistics. My good friend is a long serving gudge and he could not get access to the data. The reason this data is impossible to find is because the government deliberately hide, provent this data being recorded and colated, or both. If the general public knew the extent of the problem it would be a can of worms that the government would both have difficulty explaining and dealing with. I love my country, but there is little of it left that i recognise.

misterfox said...

Alan, I can not find any other sources for this quote.

alanorei said...

I doubt if there is another source, Mr Fox. I simply took it at face value, which I know is not always wise.

I would think that anyone in the Criminal Justice System would be very cautious about anything they said on this subject and would probably do all they could to avoid being identified.

I listed the quote because it tended to confirm the observations from Crimewatch, at least as far as the perpetrators were concerned, allowing that the BBC would do all it could to prevent the most-wanted from appearing too hideously non-white.

One thing for sure, as I think I mentioned on another thread, the investigating officers interviewed (male and female officers) are about 99.9%+ white Caucasian. (I think I've only seen 2 non-white detectives in as many years of watching the programme.)

That suggests to me that our 'enriching' communities are not over-anxious to participate in law enforcement*, which lends weight to the thrust of the earlier quote.

*One who did, ex-Commander Dizaei, later fell foul of the law himself.