Thursday, 17 March 2011

SA Sucks - The Final Chapter

By Mike Smith

Dear SA Sucks supporters

Firstly I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us who were once part of SA Sucks for your loyal support over the years.

Secondly I would like to thank all the bloggers for their countless hours of research, analysis and thought that went into the brilliant articles that appeared on SA Sucks.

On the 7th of February the website SA Sucks was shut down by the self appointed Politically Correct Inquisition. It was re-opened briefly before it was shut down again by the same crowd.

Since then we have looked at various options to continue SA Sucks.

The problem is that the entire world is Politically Correct. There is no unconditional “Free Speech” left. The only “Free Speech” allowed is that of the Liberal Inquisition.

We have had some offers of help from hosts who were willing to host us, but it always came with a rule book. Sorry, but we are not willing to accept those conditions.

A watered down SA Sucks “Light” simply will not do. It is SA Sucks without conditions or it is nothing.

There are such hosts that would put us up, but they come at a price. About US$250 per month. This is a price that we cannot afford. Donations might help, but we feel that in the beginning people will donate and after a while the donations will slowly dry up and we as the core bloggers will have to carry the costs. We are not prepared to do that.

We are further not the type of people that constantly stand with a stretched out hand and beg for money. For that we are too proud.

Even if we do get a stream of regular donors we will have to register a Paypal and or bank account which will compromise our anonymity. Even if we get a good Samaritan sponser, there is the sword of Damocles hanging over any blogger who holds strong views on race. Relentless prosecution is the order of the day. One can hold any view one wants, as long as it stays inside one’s head or conforms to liberal PC rubbish. It makes one wants to puke, I know…. But it is simply how the world works that we live in.


John McNeill said...

Truth be told, I'm not sorry to see SA Sucks go. I once visited that site a long time ago and saw not too many flattering comments about black people.

Yes what the Afrikaner people are enduring is terrible, but I believe there is a much more constructive way to go about it. I believe Professor Boshoff's vision is the correct path to pursue, and I encourage more white South Africans to read about Orania and support his dream.

Anonymous said...

A good English name isn't it?

Macaw said...


With respect to Sarah (this is her blog afterall), I will only say that unless you live in SA, been a victim of crime, lost your job due to affirmative action, seeing how the country has crashed you will never understand how we feel.

Orania is a good idea, but not economically viable due to its geographic location.

stephanie said...

I am sorry to see SA Sucks go.Your website was a refuge from all of the PC crap that we are exposed to in the US. Not only was SAS informative, but funny as well. Furthermore, SAS posted many stories that were not published by our liberal press. I learned more about the injustices perpetuated by the "protected class" than from any source. God bless you and thank you for your courage.

Max said...

The Cobra shames dead, the enemy turns it's back and...........

John McNeill said...

Macaw, I have witnessed the decline of Connecticut due to Latino immigration, so yes, I know how you feel.

I was once angry and bitter, like the writers on South Africa Sucks. I used to look at the Latino conquerors with scorn, and resent their presence.

But over time I cooled down, as I thought, who should really be the object of my fury, the Latinos or the politicians, businessmen, and consumers who enabled such a demographic change?

Part of what draws me to Orania is their willingness to confront their own peoples' mistakes and rectify them: that the Afrikaners made the mistake of relying too much on black labor, and that is what enabled blacks to become the majority, and lead to the inevitable rule of the ANC. The symbol of the Orania flag is the Afrikaner boy rolling his sleeve up, vowing never again to depend on outside labor, but to do the work himself.

This is a positive message, and something that I feel is productive. Orania may not be in the most economically viable location; it's not like the Afrikaners have much choice. Sometimes you have to take what you can get, and make the best of things. Regardless, the Oranians seems to be making the most of the wasteland they settled.

And worst comes to worst, you can try to establish a new Orania in a somewhat more viable area, although I'm guessing the ANC won't permit it.

Fourth Chop said...

Pardon me John, but I think you still have your head up your arse. You cannot even begin to fathom how (most) white South Africans feel since the advent of ANC rule. To see that once magnificent country being dragged down by communism ain’t pleasant and stretches, in my view, beyond the apparent consequences of Latino immigration.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion but, in my opinion, your response to the topic is quite patronising, ill informed and regrettable to say the least. Your knowledge and comprehension of the situation in South Africa is probably confined to a PC-filtered Google and Wiki search only.

South Africa Sucks did extremely well in directing the world’s attention to the ongoing reverse-racism / silent genocide of whites / murder, the brazen looting / pilfering and theft of the South African State coffers. For that, I salute them.

DeanL said...


SAS was a scream of utter frustration by South Africans. They have effectively lost their country, been raped, murdered, demonized, savaged, and sold out by their leaders and by their racial kin. Very few people seem to care or even notice what has happened to them, while liberal white clowns build statues of Mandela to celebrate his murdering of whites. All in All, they are entitled to be very angry and upset. If I were on the receiving end of that, I would be saying things that would stun even the SAS bloggers.

I will admit when I first read SAS I was shocked, but that was their whole point. It was meant to kick you in the posterior to get your brain working and to clear your eyes so you could see what was happening. It definitely did that in spades!


You are right;we can't truly understand. All we can do is sympathize and if possible try to help. The sad thing is I have a feeling that most whites, in whatever country they live in, may come to understand all too well. All the European countries, America, Canada, NZ, Australia, etc. are all sliding into the same abyss.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have to remind readers of my earlier postings regarding comments, and ask that commentators try to keep exchanges polite and civil.


John McNeill said...

Fourth Chop, if you want to criticize my ideas, please find an alternate route to personal attacks. For starters, I am familiar with what's going on with South Africa. Unlike the PC-dominated news filters, I am well aware of the persecution that white South Africans are going through. This particular blog has educated me, along with other sources. I've also read Arthur Kemp's very informative work called the Lie of Apartheid which gave an interesting critique of Apartheid South Africa from a pro-white perspective.

Call me patronizing if you will, but I do not see what benefits there are from labeling blacks as "s#itskins" and engaging in other crude insults. Other than SA Sucks getting shut down.

I want to see white South Africans survive. Resorting to crude racism will not help the white South African cause. It will not bring sympathy for your plight. SA Sucks invoked the image of the racist Boer,and does nothing to secure a future for white South Africans.

Growl and hiss at me if you want, but I am no enemy. Americans are struggling with the same problems, the only real difference is that we aren't a minority yet. We have a non-white President who expresses some degree of hostility to whites, growing non-white population fated to be the majority in a couple of decades, violence perpetrated against white Americans, and media that promotes violence against us (look up the movie Machete).

We are in the same boat. Plenty of American nationalists have tried resorting to negativity, and it's gotten us nowhere. I believe we Americans can benefit from the wisdom of fine Afrikaners like Professor Boshoff.

Macaw said...

@John McNeill

Benefitting from the Afrikaaners' wisdom sounds great. The problem here is that our voices are silenced. What gets reported (even on blogs) is from the MSM as well as other bloggers who know the risks of posting negative sentiments about SA.

One of the biggest issues is that the Afrikaaners have been sold out, not only by politicians, but by our own people. There are many government agents (NI - national inteligence) that only look after their own pockets.

Another issue is that we white South Africans cannot stand together. There are many theories regarding this and I am not going to go into that.

Yes, we have great wisdom and character. We are a proud nation. Our backs are against the wall. The world will not help us. We have to help ourselves and at the same time be aware of those within that sell us out.

As I have not been to the States, I do not know first hand what the situation is over there, only what I read in blogs.

John McNeill said...

Macaw, I agree with you that the voice of the white South African is largely suppressed. I vow as a white American to do everything in my capability to promote awareness on the plight of the white South African, and the positive developments that they have undertaken in the last two trying decades.

Hopefully someday our two respective peoples can work together to secure a future for ourselves and our civilization.

tsumer said...

What a pathetic end to a truly epic blog - a discussion between McNeill and Macaw about Orania and the need to flatter blacks! There were thousands of brilliant articles that simply by-passed PC and exposed the truth. The huge number of hits was probably its undoing. Hey Mike thanks a million for the enormous effort you guys made. I would donate $3000 just to see you go another year

John McNeill said...

Where did I call for the flattering of blacks? Being civil with the ethnic group that is dominant != flattery. And diss Orania all you want, they are the ones securing a future for the Afrikaner people, by building a community and laying the foundations of a homeland for their people.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that is gone forever?

Will somebody please let us know by posting a reply here or on :

Thank you.

Ade said...

How about a $1 per month or per year downloadable / printable standing order.

Or set up an Affiliate site, not connected, but ask people to shop there.