Tuesday, 15 March 2011


A poem by Mike Wilson

The lives of Britons everywhere have changed beyond compare

To what they used to be and now we just live in despair.

We have no one to lead us away from the abyss,

We have no saviour in this world but we know something’s amiss

We really need a leader to change our world for good-

A leader who espouses truth like all good leaders should.

A leader who can change this country back to what it was –

A leader who has strength of mind to fight for Britain’s cause.

Let’s be done with corrupt pollies living off the public purse.

Let’s be done with black migration that’s become a national curse.

Let’s be done with shadow figures controlling all our lives,

Let’s just get back to honesty, hard work and peace of mind.

The nameless men in Europe now decide how we should live.

Why should we let these foreigners dictate our way of life?

If Britons never never, never, never, shall be slaves

How come we rush to do their bidding when Briton rules the waves?

We can’t speak out against our foes and we’re vilified if we try,

Yet minority groups can blindly shout and make a noise to drown us out.

Freedom of speech is a grand expression, one hears it often amongst the depression.

But there’s one little word that has changed all our lives and that word is racist – the start of all lies.

The lives of true Britons are under the yoke, their fates are decided, their future bespoke.

This once great proud country is enmeshed in chains forged by the nameless who hold all the reins.

The doctrine they teach all our children at school has cheapened our history and made them a tool

For the changing of Briton away from the light, whose history is lost in the darkness of night.

Do we have to accept this proud nation’s demise and sit meekly by whilst the pollies tell lies?

Do we have to accept that there’s nought to be done and as a nation this is what we’ve become?

We need a new leader to rise to the front where freedom and truth won’t be just a stunt.

A rallying cry to take to the fore that Britons will never be slaves anymore.


Dr.D said...

There are really two questions, I think. This fine poem asks the first one, Is there a leader in the UK?

The second equally important question is, Will the people of the UK stand up and follow a leader when one appears, or will they sit back, watch the TV, go to the pub, and play darts, while waiting for someone else to stick their necks out?

The situation calls for both leaders and willing followers, people wo recognize the seriousness of the situation and who are willing to do something about it. A people crippled by long dependence on public welfare through socialism will not support themselves, but rather will wait for someone else to do it for them. Free me will undertake their own defense.

Which will it be for the UK?

Anonymous said...

There will never be a leader who will be able to achieve what Mike seems to want. The answer lies in individual efforts to get involved in the political process. Individuals have to get off their backsides, stop appealing for outside help and start making a difference. This is what the Tea Party movement is here in the US, and how we have been vilified for our efforts! But it isn't going to stop us.
Mike; you need to advertise for help, get involved in organisations that promote your interests, put out some money, put out some time. You may be doing all this already, if you are then well done but remember you are your own leader, you can make a difference.
roger in florida

Anonymous said...

Sorry chums, as much as it pains me to say it, the train has left the station.
Too late she cried, too late. Britain is doomed. You have insulted the memory of the brave men who fought and died to keep you free. Well done. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Dr.D said...

What is needed is a charismatic leader, well spoken and smart, with high personal morals and no baggage, and a really effective plan for getting the nation on the right track. If such a man were to emerge, he could do amazing things in a fairly short time, but he would have to be squeaky clean, and very energetic.

And he would have to have a plan that would appeal to many people. I don't quite know what that plan would be, but it needs to be something that will catch the imaginations of the masses.