Friday, 4 March 2011

One rule for them

Anyone surfing between TV channels earlier this evening may have come across a documentary on Channel 4 TV entitled "Asian Gracefully". The documentary featured a series of interviews with the elderly, and largely charming, residents of Aashna House, an establishment described as one of the only care homes in the UK which caters exclusively for Asian people.

Of course there are no care homes which cater solely for elderly people of white European origin, the law would not allow such an establishment to exist. To do so would be racist.


Exzanian said...

The UK is filled with this...Take Ekaya Housing Association as another example: (I love the bit about the sickle cell support service:)

Ekaya provides accommodation and support services across these boroughs for young single vulnerable pregnant women and mothers aged 16-25.

Ekaya also provides a sickle cell floating support service, has developed and runs a neighbourhood nursery, and is involved in community development projects.

Mission Statement

“Ekaya aims to expand and continue to provide good quality housing and support services primarily to black and ethnic minority women, their families and other groups with similar needs.”

Anonymous said...

...and, on this side of the "pond" we have this scenario to contend with.

The blogger doesn't update his blog very often, but I like his forthright prose.

Anonymous said...

do you really want white only care homes? well actually you probably do, you want all white everything, i guess they didnt want to be around people like you

well on the bright side, less asian people in the care home you'll end up in, so score


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

What a dishonest little person you are Ben.

It doesn't matter what I want, what matters is what is permitted, Asians are permitted to choose to be with their own kind, we are not. That's discrimination, but as its anti-white discrimination fascists like you think its okay.

Anonymous said...

i dont know why you always feel persecuted, white people are the majorty in this country, if you want an all white care home you could find one

i'm a white 23 year old, and never once in my life have i felt like my race has ever held me back from anything, and im almost certain the same will be true of you, and the majority, if not all, of your supporters.

i dont see whats wrong with wanting a care home for asian people, as a lot of the older white people (though no fault of there own, the same of which cant be said for you) will be causally racist anyway, and it would probably be a hostile enviorment from them

before the bnp were taken seriously they excluded all non whites, and the only reason that was changed was because it would help the party gain support, so your a hypocrite as well


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether "ben" is a racial minority himself, a troll, or a gullible fool.

Maybe, just maybe... he fits all three descriptions!?

Anonymous said...

well, i'm, 23 years old, white, and i was born in england to english parents, and i live in a very nice village where everyone votes tory


Anonymous said...


if you apply for almost any kind of public sector job in a big city, London, Birmingham etc, your race will have an impact on your chances of getting an interview: it will reduce it.

The Coalition wants to impose a women and ethnic minorities first policy in the private sector as well.


Muslim Republic of Tower Hamlets

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.55

great link, very informative. Have a similar problem in the UK.



Anonymous said...

hi rb

yes, i understand there are quotas now that need to be filled, and if im honest i disagree with this, the best person for the job shoud be the one who gets the job every time, in the long run steps like these will help our flailing econemy

however, the reason for these quotas is more the issue, they are in place because there are a lot of people (not unlike yourselfs) that would never ever hire a person if he was not white, the older generations do mostly still have a racist bent in them born out of tradition and ignorence (so they can be somewhat forgiven) anyway, these people are the ones that are in the position to hire and fire people, and even though they must know that person A is best for the job, something stupid like race will make them hire person B anyway

i dont think forcing people to hire less cometent people is the answer, and i think its degrading to think you have got a job soley based on your race, if anything that seems more like reverse racism to me