Saturday, 12 March 2011

One rule for them #2

There is a rather shocking news story in Cleveland Texas at the moment regarding the rape of an 11 year old Hispanic girl by anything up to 28 black males. The case is shocking not only because of the horrific nature of the event but because of the reaction of the media and various pundits all busily attempting to defend their own agendas against the indefensible.

Black Community Activist Quanell X has held a rally where he has claimed that the police are actively only arresting African Americans who had sex with the girl, and "ignoring all the white rapists". His argument appears to be that as the girl herself is not black, she couldn't only have been raped by black men, hence there must be another gang of white rapists who the police are refusing to arrest. I guess that must make sense to him.

Mr. 'X' has also claimed he has received death threats, but by all accounts he does tend to say that quite a lot.

Initially much of the media attempted to hide the race of the of the suspects, but when that became impossible, they resorted to stating only that "most of" the suspects were black, with the implication that some were not - albeit no non-black suspect have jet been identified.

Meanwhile, most of the US media continues to hide the ethnicity of the victim, thus enabling them to suggest that the "racial tensions" caused by the alleged crime, are white against black, rather than between the black and Hispanic Communities.

Worst of all have been the attempts to blame the pre-teen victim for what was done to her. This does not just extend to the local community, but even the mainstream media is repeating the claims. Can you imagine an Associated Press report repeating unchallenged allegations, as they have in the video below, that an adult rape victim, let alone a child, "wore make up" and "dressed provocatively" had she not been guilty of the unforgivable crime of being raped by black men?

This standard of reporting continued in the New York Times, who some will recall treated the black stripper and sometime prostitute who falsely accused three white Duke Lacrosse players of rape in 2006, as if she was a virginal and victimised epitome of all virtue, but in this case chose to report unfounded allegations regarding the victim's behaviour. Remember this is an eleven year old child they are describing.

For some journalists no level is too low they will not sink to it.


alanorei said...

Re: "[Quanell X's] argument appears to be that as the girl herself is not black, she couldn't only have been raped by black men, hence there must be another gang of white rapists who the police are refusing to arrest."

I've seen that argument before Sarah. So have you, on this blog even, in the comments section.

Thanks to your decisive action, that argument won't appear again here.

It's worth noting in the context though that a mixed-race individual (i.e. black/white) will generally revert to his darker side in any race-based issue.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocking, both the crime and the media's mendacity.

Anonymous said...

The United States is as close to paradise as it gets, believe me, I have lived in many different places so I speak with some experience. However, we have a curse, and that curse is the 35 million or so of African descent who live amongst us. They were brought here to perform hard agricultural labor that seemed to be beyond the capability of the jailbirds and indentured servants from Britain. Because of their low IQ they have never fitted in with modern society. During the civil rights era all the woes of the blacks were ascribed to white racism, end the racism and we will all be equal, of course that did not pan out. So now the racist rabble rousers blame "white privilege" and "institutional racism". We have reached the ludicrous point where algebra is not to be taught in some black controlled school districts because algebra is clearly racist, it has to be otherwise blacks would able to understand it as whites do.
Sorry about the long post, the point is that a large part, certainly a majority, of the black male population are so convinced that whitey is oppressing them that they have become completely feral, they are wild animals, responsible for nothing, making no effort to improve their lives (what's the point, whitey is keeping me down), their only career is criminality of some type. We have to address this problem; but solutions are not easy to identify. Personally I would like to see a huge expansion of boarding schools where young blacks can be isolated from their home environment and straightened out, we are already doing this for teenagers and adults through the various stages of the prison system, but an earlier start would be more advantageous.
Anyway the crime you describe is commonplace here, similar things happen every day.
roger in florida

Dr.D said...

"Quanell X has held a rally where he has claimed that the police are actively only arresting African Americans who had sex with the girl, and "ignoring all the white rapists""

It is hard to ignore that which does not exist. White on black rape or White on brown rape is virtually nonexistent, and in all likelihood is not a part of this case at all. It is blacks who rape instinctively.

In this case, as in all such cases, police round up as many of the guilty as they can. The fact that they all turn out to be black is no surprise, but that is a result of the crime, not the investigation.

Brett Stevens said...

The racial conflict between Hispanic and African-American communities is a well-hidden but open secret here in the USA, especially Texas.

Hispanics are displacing African-Americans from jobs they have traditionally held, and then moving into their neighborhoods and further displacing them.

More proof that the problem is not African-Americans, Hispanics -- or whites. It's just diversity. Diversity never works, never has, never can and never will.

Exzanian said...

Shocking! The worst is the response from the hand wringing, guilt ridden, bleeding heart white liberals! Such hypocrites...

Now I have thought about this for a little while and it is truly diabolical...If one white person says to another "A girl was raped/killed by a bunch of murderous black savages" the reaction will be along these lines

1) Indignation that you mention the race of the perpetrator in those terms.

2)Secondary agreement that the crime is terrible which is overshadowed by the first imagined crime "racism"

A trivial, petty "transgression" such as racism is the tacit, unbreakable law amongst white liberals. One may not cross this line...Breaking it is unforgivable, unthinkable and is viewed as worse by far compared to murder/rape!

Its diabolical I tell you, what have we whites brought upon ourselves with all this imagined white guilt?

misterfox said...

The New York Times is owned by the Sulzburgs and despite their success still have a Ghetto mentality and always try to ally with ethnics against Whites. They see themselves as leaders of a united front.
As I tried to explain in my recent Voice of Reason interview the influential Jewish attempts to undermine America will lead to the destruction of Israel because she can not survive without America.
The same shortsighted folly is being put into practice in Europe by such as Sarkozy and David Milliband in promoting The European-Mediterranean Partnership which surrounds Israel with hostile countries.
For Israel to survive these shortsighted old-fashioned Jews who still think Whites are their enemy must row back on this anti-White war they have been waging.

alanorei said...

You've got some extra circulation Stateside, Sarah

Eric's comments are his own responsibility but I believe that he does have many visitors to his site.

JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group said...

You can look forw ard to more of this in the future no matter aywho sits in the WH. It is the decadence of a once great nation coming home to roost. The only way to stop this is a turn of the general Christian population towards a 'working' Christian Warrior faith and through legal action,especially your Reps.,make your SHOUTS HEARD.Stop the reverse racism, the gay atheist agenda and the election of people with *alls!