Monday, 7 March 2011

Feeble Justice

A Muslim extremist who burnt poppies and chanted hate slogans on Armistice Day has been fined £50 at Belmarsh magistrates court.

Emdadur Choudhury, 26, was part of a demonstration by members of Muslims Against Crusaders who protested at the end of a march celebrating the UK's armed forces. The group chanted through a two-minute silence with slogans such as: "British soldiers, burn in hell."

Choudhury waved a protest flag and then set fire to two large plastic poppies.

The poppy is a widely acknowledged symbol of sacrifice and valour traditionally word in the weeks leading up to Armistice day in memory of those who sacrificed their lives and limbs fighting for their country. As a result, the incident, which led to scuffles with members of the EDL, caused deep distress both to veterans and their families.

Choudhury faced a potential maximum fine of up to £1,000, however, Chief magistrate Howard Riddle, whilst acknowledging that the defendant's act was "bound to be seen as insulting", clearly felt that fifty quid covered the offence caused to a few old white people.

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alanorei said...

Remembrance Sunday is a state occasion. The royal family is represented and leaders of the government and opposition parties attend.

The act of this illegal immigrant (constitutionally, all Moslems in this country are here illegally) was therefore an act of sedition, as well as an act of war, according to the principle of Dar-al-Harb, House of War i.e. any non-Islamic country.

The individuals concerned however have papers to prove they have the right of abode in this country.

Theirs was therefore an act of treason and should have incurred the death penalty, after due process.

The same penalty should be imposed* on all of HM subjects who aid and abet this foreign enemy in this time of war, as precipitated by Dar al Harb, or who have done so in the past, by allowing these illegal immigrants into the country in the first place.

*After due process, of course.

misterfox said...

I agree largely with Alan except that treason is no longer on the statute books. Tony Blair removed it. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

50 was all he could afford - its a lot of money to him.... becuase he earns a low wage and receives benefits. The mind boggles that he is happy to receive charity from a kafir society that he wants to destroy!

alanorei said...

All very true, Mr Fox, regrettably. Blair's repeal of treason was itself an act of treason, I believe, because he and his Marxist-Common(unist) Purpose pals were chipping away at our nation's written constitution, i.e. Magna Carta and the great documents of state of the 1688 Glorious Revolution.

A proper government (we haven't had one since 1973 at the most recent) would restore treason as a capital offence to the statute book, because parliament can't bind its successors - which is also why Heath's sellout to Europe via the European Communities Act was also treason.

For his crime of national betrayal, Heath has since faced a Higher Court, of course, than any that could be convened in Bruessels, Srasbourg or the Hague.

Rightly so.

Anonymous said...

well i agree this was overall pretty stupid, i have no problem with him being here but if he's going to try and impose his personal illogical views on anyone, or upset people on purpose, he shoud have been more servely delt with

also im glad that we set an example to the world by refusing to stoop so low as to kill people, and had we killed him for his views/a smybolic act then we'd be no better than the people who run the countries in the middle east who murder for trivial things under sharia law, the less like that we are, the better


PamelaG said...


You say you have no problem with him being here. However, how many of him do you have no problem with?

Within 40 years, about the time you are looking forward to retirement, and your children are raising their children, people like him will be the majority in this country, whilst people and your children will be an ethnic minority in Britain.

That is an indisputable fact and an unavoidable future if the current situation continues. It is a mathmatical certainty.

When that happens, given the rapid growth of radical Islam, his attitudes, the ones you say should be dealt with severely, are likely to be the views of the majority in this country.

Do you also have no problem with that?

Anonymous said...

hi pamela

this is a quote from my first comment

"if he's going to try and impose his personal illogical views on anyone, or upset people on purpose, he shoud have been more servely delt with"

from that you can assume that i wouldnt be happy with one person with illogical views, or 100, or a million, no i would not like to live in an islamic world, in fact in quite happy living in england because its a secular and liberal country, all the great countries in the world are, all the terrible ones are religious and for the most part right wing

if muslims do become the majority in this country, i dont think killing this one or putting him in jail would help prevent that at all

also, i'm a person, i happen to be white, i had no choice in the matter, and luckily it doesnt effect or prevent me from enjoying any freedoms of modern life, i dont care if the person living next to me, or my friends, or whoever, are not the same shade as me, as long as they are good people with logical beliefs, then we'll be fine


Yorkshireminer said...

Ben the problem is not that you have a problem with him being here. The problem is that he has a problem with you Being here. You might think that they are funny going round in a ball gown and a silly hat. They might look like clowns but they are serious. This muppet should be on a sting.

Anonymous said...


hi yorkshireminer, once again, this is from my original comment

"i have no problem with him being here but if he's going to try and impose his personal illogical views on anyone, or upset people on purpose, he shoud have been more servely delt with"

im aware some islamic people think the world belongs to allah, and they hate the west because we live in sin and are yet the masters of all we touch, im aware that they feel as good god fearing people they need to stop us for the sake of there god as sin surely displeases him

if you read my comment, the quote ive pasted again more specificly, you would have taken from it the distint view that i would not like to live in an islamic britian, we're both aware of his views, and we both disagree with him

now i wont offend him by laughing at the way he looks or dresses, he is a victim to the same childhood indoctronation all religious people are, the problem is not this one person, and its not arabs, its the belief which is the problem, and i do worry about where we might be heading, but if you honestly think us killing someone, in england, for what amounts to thought crime, then you'd love living under sharia law, because thats exactly the kind of stuff they do