Monday 14 March 2011

A hate crime seven years on

Tomorrow marks the seventh Anniversary of what may well have been the most vicious and brutal racially motivated murders to have ever taken place on British soil. It was a crime involving cruelty which to this day still shocks and a victim who must rank among the most innocent to have suffered in such a way.

Yet it is a crime of which few ever speak and of which many know nothing at all. It was a crime which shamed our nation, not only because of the violence and horror involved, although that must certainly shame all decent men, but more shameful still was the manner in which our leaders and the craven media sought to shy away from it, hide it and pretend it never happened.

The crime of which I speak was the racially motivated torture and murder of 15 year old Scottish school boy Kriss Donald by a group of Asian men

The brutal details of the crime are heart rending. The following comes from an article I wrote in 2008 called “The Lost Boys”.

Kriss Donald died on a cold March day in 2004, on a patch of waste ground, near a walkway, behind Celtic Supporters club in the Pollockshields area of Glasgow, and his last hours on this earth were not kind ones.

As was later described in court, this defenceless, slightly built, 15 year old schoolboy experienced extreme terror and pain, before his young life was snuffed out by the violent men who had randomly selected him as the victim of their ugly racial hatred.

It was Kriss' fatal bad luck that he innocently crossed the path of racially motivated Asian killers Daanish Zahid, Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid, Mohammed Mustaq, and their accomplice Zahid Mohammed (who later told the court that, seeing revenge for some earlier slight by a white person, the gang of thugs drove around the area looking for anyone young and white in order to "chop them up and take their eyes out and stab them"). Kriss was out walking with his friend Jamie Wallace, when a group of Asians leapt out of a Mercedes, attacked them both, dragged Kris into the car, and drove off. As Jamie escaped, he heard one the kidnappers say. "You'll be next".

As he was being driven away, Kriss, who was a mere child, was heard to call out “what have I done? I'm only 15!” and we can only imagine the terror that 15 year old youngster experienced whilst held captive, and presumably threatened and abused, over the following hours while he was taken on a 200 mile journey before being brought back to Glasgow. When his assailants were unable to find a suitable house to take him to, they pulled up on waste land where they would take his life. Dragging their slight and terrified prey out of the car, Kriss's killers beat him, causing internal injuries, including damaged organs and at least one smashed rib, before holding him over a log and stabbing him 13 times, dousing him with petrol, and then whilst he was still alive set him alight before leaving him to burn to death.

Kriss died a terrible death, apart from the internal injuries and stab wounds, his young body suffered 70% burns, and for no reason other than because he was white. It has been established beyond question that Kriss was an entirely innocent victim, chosen randomly because of the colour of his skin.

The racial motive was made quite clear in court when Advocate deputy, Mark Stewart, asked Mohammed, if it was it an Asian boy, a Chinese boy, a black boy they sought? Mohammed replied "A white boy".

There are allegations that Kriss's murder was even more terrible than I have described but even based only on what was revealed in court, Kriss Donald's murder must rank amongst the most cruel and brutal ever to have occurred in Britain, I know of no hate crime to match it for savagery

Yet, whenever our media mention hate crimes, we only ever hear two names, Anthony Walker and Stephen Lawrence, the sole two totem victims of the anti-racist movement, being the victims of white on black violence (or allegedly so in the case of Stephen Lawrence). However, of Kriss Donald there is never a mention.

The Walker and Lawrence killings were awful crimes, but both died swiftly, Walker from a single blow, and Lawrence by two stab wounds, whereas Kriss was terrorised for hours and then tortured and then set alight. It should also be remembered that the racial motive in the Lawrence killing remains alleged, as no one have ever been convicted of his murder.

Our nation has created memorials to Walker and Lawrence. On 2 April 2008, the Crown Prosecution Service announced a legal scholarship in Walker's memory. The scheme will offer one place in CPS Merseyside to a trainee solicitor who wants to become a fully-fledged solicitor or barrister. It is open to any black or ethnic minority person who has secured or intends to apply for a place to study full-time. Meanwhile Stephen Lawrence has been the subject of numerous plays TV dramatisations and documentaries a shining educational center in his name, paid for at tax payer's expense, was constructed in Deptford, and each year the Stephen Lawrence prize for architecture is awarded.

But for Kriss Donald, as with Ross Parker, a 17 year old white youth killed in a racially motivated attack by an Asian gang wielding hammers in Peterborough three years before (and ten days after the twin towers fell), and all the other white victims, no monuments have been constructed, no scholarships awarded and no heart wrenching TV documentaries made.

Our leaders do not mourn them due to the colour of their killers, the media will not celebrate their lives or speak of their potential because they were white

They would have us forget Kriss Donald, pretend he never died or maybe that he never lived. However, though they rule our country they can not rule our hearts, so please, at some point tomorrow, take a moment to remember Kriss and all the other victims of what has been done to us.
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Hat tip: Mister Fox


alanorei said...

Excellent, Mr Fox, thank you - and Sarah

The Kriss Donald atrocity is the true face of Islam (the Qur'an believing kind).

Like those of the hapless women victims of acid attacks by their own menfolk.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Alan

This one was by me!! :-)

I recommend readers exercise caution if you click on the link in Alan's posting as the images are quite graphic

alanorei said...

My apologies, Sarah

I should have read the opening lines more closely. (I have bookmarked the article, though.)

The images indeed are graphic. It occurs to me that a British Empire under a KJB-believing monarch like Queen Victoria could have prevented a lot of that, along with honour killings, so-called and maybe did, for a time.

Another picture of the true face of Islam emerges from the book Waffen SS, Osprey Publishing, 1978, pp 17, 23 about the 13th Hanzar and 21st Skanderberg Moslem Waffen SS Divisions in WW2, recruited from Bosnia and Kosovo. The quote applies specifically to the 13th but equally to the 21st. Desertion rates in both units were extremely high.

Other characteristics were “extreme nervousness in the face of determined opposition, accompanied by sickening cruelty to civilians.”

The trouble in this country is that the opposition is prevented from being determined enough.

PamelaG said...

I am reliably informed that the full details were not revealed in court. What was done to that boy was totally barbaric

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Alan

No need to apologise it was an easy mistake.

You are right about Queen Victoria etc. Under British rule a lot of the worst excesses were prevented. For instance Suttee amongst Hindus, whereby a wife as burnt alive on her dead husband's funeral pyre (usually against her will)

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah :)

Indeed, yes, Hinduism has its own forms of barbarism. A local Christian friend who has visited India extensively confirms what I have read elsewhere that everyone is afraid of Kali and the fear is real.

The British also suppressed the Thugee cult, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I've made up some flyers from this to hand out on my way into work tomorrow. A small gesture maybe but something has to be done.

I've put your blog address on them. I hope that's OK Sarah. Your site will wake a few people up.


Anonymous said...

A very evocative series on this horror.

gcohen said...

This is what one of the best British politicians ever "Enoch Powell" predicted would happen years ago. A man with vision and wisdom, but victimized by the liberal scum.

To see "rivers of Blood" 8 part series go to.

Anonymous said...


alanorei and sarah, just wanted to point this out re your victoria comments

and yes, this is terrible, really truely and deeply shocking

all hate crime is, regardless of the race, colour, gender or creed of the person being attacked

and as for the "media never ever talks about this cos it was against white people and the media hates white people" nonsense, please see this link

i recommned you stop viewing the past with rose tinted specs and grow up over not every crime being reported, the fact our news (in the uk anyway) reports on things like reality tv results and other non items shoud be more of a concern to you


Sarah Maid of Albion said...


Yes there is a tendency to objectify white women. However, the "White woman syndrome" exists right up to the point the media discover the person who abducted / murdered her might not be white. Then the story is dropped.

Even you can't suggest the Kriss Donald murder received even a fraction of the press coverage Stephen Lawrence did.

Anonymous said...

"exists right up to the point the media discover the person who abducted / murdered her might not be white. Then the story is dropped"

well that is wild speculation, give me the name of one case where this has happened

no i didn't hear of this attack at the time, and it probably should have been reported, however, do you think more white people have been killing in racially motivated crimes than black or Asian people in the UK? the fact this case is so important to you suggests its one of the few that has happened in this way (compared to the other way round that is)

if you factor in slavery and stuff like the KKK overall we're lucky this doesn't happen more often, at least most people (unlike this poor lads killers) don't blame us for the sins of our fathers

the Michael Donald lynching in 1981 in Alabama (google it, but be warmed, its horrible) is just as bad as this, and equally as horrifying, yet i'm sure you'd happily ignore such events and just focus on the few times the situation is reversed


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

So Ben you have referred to a 30 year old lynching in Alabama as equivalent to what happened to Kriss Donald. It was certainly a very nasty killing, but is there any evidence that the media have ignored it in favour of the racist killing of a white boy, which obviously would be an equivalent situation.

Did you know that more black men were killed by black men in 2005 in America than were lynched by white racists in the 100 years between the end of the civil war in 1865 and the civil rights legislation in 1965?

As to the killing of white women ignored by the media once a black man is charged or suspected in the killing I suspect you google Channon Christian (and Christopher Newsome) a murder which would have been huge news if the killers had been white, other examples Eve Carson, Lauren Burke who I think were both from North Carolina and Paula Sladewski in Florida, then you can look up Charlene Downes in the UK

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I meant to add, as far as slavery is concerned, we were the leading country in ending slavery, we didn't start it, and Europeans were involved in around 10% of international slavery.

I wrote an article about the subject a couple of years back here is the link

misterfox said...

With respect Ben, I think you are believing the orthodox political ideology too much.
Sorry, about the self-publicity =

misterfox said...

I see what you mean, Ben!!!

Anonymous said...

The people who killed Kris Donald should never be forgotten either.