Saturday, 19 March 2011

Selling Out to Sharia

By Stella Paul at American Thinker

To you and me, the brutal Islamic law of Shariah is a nightmare; to America's elites, it's a cutting-edge growth industry. This is a tale of three appalling twerps who sold out America's freedom, each in his or her own special way. At the apex stands Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the adenoidal Napoleon of New York, whose monumental betrayals are practically a work of art; much lower down, we find the smug little weasels, Ronnie Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR, who, over a delicious Washington lunch with avowed Muslim Brotherhood operatives, casually agreed to a splash of treason.

Studying their stories is instructive, for we quickly see that while jobs for America's regular folks may be disappearing, for the busybody blowhards who rule our civic and cultural life, the opportunities to vacuum up cash in exchange for selling off our freedom are virtually boundless.

In case you were wondering why Mayor Bloomberg refused to meet with 9/11 families protesting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and why he reviled them and other patriotic opponents as "un-American," the mystery is now officially solved: money. Bloomberg, the richest man in New York, has brilliantly maneuvered his position as public guardian of Ground Zero into a priceless asset for his personal fortune.

Here's the sick news, folks, about the mother of all conflicts of interest.

Bloomberg launches Islamic Finance Platform:

Bloomberg Professional® service executives have announced the launch of a Bloomberg Islamic Finance Platform (ISLM), a solution for Shariah-compliant products and services... The Islamic marketplace is growing rapidly and there is high demand for a wide range of resources," Dan Doctoroff, President of Bloomberg L.P, said from Kuala Lumpur. "Bloomberg is delighted to increase its commitment to serve this dynamic market...."

The new Bloomberg ISLM platform has resources for investing in fixed income, equities and money markets that comply with Shariah..."

Well, you get the picture. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? Bloomberg, the famous cold fish, shedding hot tears for "religious freedom" in front of the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by a pride of brain-dead rabbis -- ah, what a lovely photo op it made.

Bloomberg's tears were real, all right. He was weeping at the thought that patriotic Americans might derail his ability to close the deal on his beloved Shariah platform. Recall, if your stomach can bear it, how Imam Rauf, the project's so-called "spiritual leader," let slip that he would use the 15-story, $100 million Ground Zero Victory Mosque to house his lifelong dream -- the Shariah Index Project. There, every morning, after the Muslim call to prayer finished echoing across the 9/11 killing field, Rauf planned to calibrate the state of Shariah compliance around the globe, and diligently labor to spread it.

And how delightfully easier his task of spreading Shariah will be, thanks to Bloomberg's Islamic Finance Platform! After all, the whole point of the $1 trillion market of "Shariah-compliant products and services" is to maximize compliance with Shariah -- and not just on money matters. To understand Shariah Finance's true nature, consider that Iran is its market leader, and was the first country to adopt Shariah Finance as its financial system, back in 1978-1983 when the Ayatollah Khomeini took over. Khomeini eradicated all secular law and replaced it with Shariah law, including the banking system. Khomeini's prize creation, the Shariah police, continue to enforce Shariah in the banks and on the streets, where women are savagely beaten for showing a strand of hair and 14-year-old gays are publicly hanged.

I find it fascinating that Bloomberg's official announcement makes no attempt to disguise Shariah-Compliant Finance as "green" or "ethical", which is the current fashionable pretense of Shariah-pushing financial institutions like Citibank, Goldman Sachs and General Electric. No, Bloomberg's announcement is all about the power of his proprietary tools to speed up the harried investors' search for "fatwa endorsements," and "transparency into more than 250 Shariah scholars," so they can get on with making obscene piles of Shariah-backed money.

In case you're wondering about the tilt of these "Shariah scholars," look no further than Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood honcho dubbed "the theologian of terror" by the ADL, who just showed up in Tahrir Square, calling for "the reconquest of Jerusalem." Qaradawi is the big expert on Shariah Finance, which he cheerfully calls "jihad with money."

Now, you and I remember that 9/11 took place on the day of the mayoral primary, an election Bloomberg eventually won. We remember that he began his term in office by attending countless funerals and memorial services for New York's heroes, and we still get choked up thinking about the sacrifice they made.

But let's give credit where it's due: Bloomberg is a canny calculator. Maybe he'd already figured out back in 2001, while we were still wrapping ourselves in flags and weeping over God Bless America, that the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 would be presided over by some guy named Hussein, who bowed to the Saudi king -- so why not go for the main chance?

As for Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR, what pipsqueak, nothing-burgers these would-be destroyers of our freedom turn out to be. Invited to lunch with two men posing as operatives of a Muslim Brotherhood front group openly dedicated to spreading Shariah, they happily accepted, in hopes of snaring a $5 million donation. Schiller obligingly ranted about America's bigotry and Islamophobia and those nasty Jews who control the media, while Liley, in crisp professional mode, volunteered to provide anonymity for a Muslim Brotherhood donation. Yes, these are the people who think they're so much better than us.

Schiller's and Liley's hatred for America's ordinary citizens is so immense that they're willing to sell off our Constitution, but I'm sure they find the whole concept of treason to be laughably passé. In fact, it probably never even occurred to these two COWs (Citizens of the World) that they had a country to betray. What's the moral of the story of Bloomberg and the quislings of NPR? American leadership in every sector is in a state of massive collapse, and our future is being written by preening egotists getting rich on our destruction. Can't we do better?

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Anonymous said...

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Jews did the burning of Rome. Once Nero found out he ordered the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
Jews ran Murder Inc. they run Vegas they are the 'Mob' They seek a world were there is no law. Their interpretation of the Ten Commandments is that it only applies to Jews and not gentiles.
Therefore murder is only murder if a Jew murders a Jew. If a Jew murders a gentile it is not murder.

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What a croc of anti-semitic drivel!!!