Saturday, 19 March 2011

Was this what we were told?

Pilot ejects out of plunging warplane

According to tonight's Channel 4 news the warplane shot down over the Libyan town of Benghazi this morning may have been one of the rebels' own planes, accidentally shot down by friendly fire rather than rather than part of the government forces sent in by Colonel Gadaffi as first thought.

Lets rewind that for a moment, this was a rebel warplane? am I just being dumb or were you all aware that the rebels had their own war planes and the means of shooting them down? Was I not listening when the government told us that by embarking on this humanitarian intervention in Libya, where we will be bombing Libyan government forces, we would be taking sides not with unarmed civilians but with armed insurgents with their own war planes and anti-aircraft missiles?


Brock Townsend said...

Good find and posted.

Dr. D said...

We really should leave the muzzies to fight their own fights. It is going to make pitiful little difference to us who wins; they all hate us. Let them battle it out among themselves.

Macaw said...

@Dr D
My sentiments exactly. I wonder what the real reason(s) are for this "assistance" offered.

TigerO said...

As a British citizen I am incensed. Every day we are told about how we need to make savings because the last Government left us in such a mess. No problem to go and blow £1bn on the first day defending a bunch of Arabs (Muslims) that will probably be hosting various terror groups shortly.
Meantime at home there are thousands of old people that saved this country from Hitler choosing between heating their homes or eating. Not to mention the 20 000 old people that died last winter from the cold (Office of National Statistics).
Gadaffi is an evil madman and has been a plague to all who lived in Southern Africa and deserves nothing more than a painful death but let his brothers sort him out.
But I forgot just like our African brothers Freedom and the democracy take preference over health and food.

Pat H. said...

It's a MIG 23, whose MIG 23 is not so clear.