Sunday, 20 March 2011

That didn't take long


Curt said...

""It is not about regime change," Mr Hague said"
That is laughable. It is most certainly about regime change- that is obviously the objective. The proffered reason for the regime change "protecting the rebel forces", is equally laughable since the US's CIA has so often run these sorts of missions in the past wherein they prepare the road to regime change in a nation that has taken a political stance contrary to the whims of the world's oligarchy (the US is, after all simply their "hired thug") and set the victim nation's rulership up for fall by organizing local resistance groups and supplying them with weaponry. Following this, the US will coerce err...cough...exuse me; "persuade" member nations of the UN that a threat to "world peace" is unfolding in such-and-such a nation and is due to the deeds of "_______" (fill the blank with the current evildoer-such as Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden who, oddly were both CIA flunkies at one time) and you have the standard formula for US intervention in foreign affairs. Of course, it is merest coincidence that Israel's concerns happen to be addressed by this action as well as those US oil magnates such as the Bush's as well- merest coincidence, as our government will assure you!
So here we are in the US, our economy a shambles, at least 20% of our people unemployed, our bridges and roads deteriorating due to lack of money to repair them and yet our mulatto commander-in-chief is on vacation (excuse me, there I go again! I meant to say "a mission") in Brazil, while our navy is overseas firing over 100 Tomahawk missles at Ghaddafi's air bases. Ah, B.O., how the "hope and change" you have brought astounds us.

misterfox said...

This is an attack on a sovereign nation under the pretext that the nationals are being brutalised by their own leader. The idea that we live in democracies is a pretence and we too must break with our vile NWO leaders. The ordinary Americans and Jews will be hated for generations because of the actions of their elites. Mein Kampf is already a main seller in Arab countries.

Sue said...

These are tribal wars and absolutely no business of the West.

The Arab nations need to see to their own. Inevitably, if something goes wrong, we get the blame, we suffer.

Dr.D said...

We spend a bundle, we lose a bunch of lives, and we get hated, no matter what the outcome. What's not to like about that?

This is the sort of foolishness that our Western leaders have been suckering us into for many years now, and we have let them play us for fools. It is time to let these camel drivers fight their own internal wars.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree that regime change in Libya is necessarily in the interests of Israel.

This one is not being orchestrated by neocons.


Curt said...

"I do not agree that regime change in Libya is necessarily in the interests of Israel.

This one is not being orchestrated by neocons."

Ghaddafi is the only middle-eastern statesman (or more correctly, the only one in the world) who has said publicly that Israel is responsible for John Kennedy's death in 1963. Ghaddafi has always spoken openly against Israel. He is the only politician in that part of the world who is not presumed to be cooperating secretly with Israel as was Hosni Mubarak. It would be strange indeed if it were not in Israel's interests to see Ghaddafi eliminated.

Anonymous said...

It's not about regime change or natural resources, it's about causing chaos and hopefully a third world war. Chaos equals control.

Anonymous said...

This war is another case of Israel useing proxy armies to fight their battles.

This conflict has absolutely no bearing on the West, yet our people are the ones fighting it on behest of Israeli intrests.

I'am absolutely discusted by this.

When Israel has completely divided and conquered the ME they will come for us.

The immigration madness is but a softening attack on our unity in the West.

Anonymous said...

I'am glad to see this blog has risen to a new level.
Months ago I would post about the subversion delt out by jews and their crime state of Israel.

My posts were not shown. I totaly understood this at the time. Wrapping ones head around the root of liberalism is not an easy chore.
The nation wrecking thru immigration is at the hand of those who controll finance ie. world banking.

The war in Iraq was due to the threat of Sadaam, who was an unabashed enemy of Israel. Note, Iraq was never a threat to anyone but Israel. Do you know only 17 jew soldiers died in the whole war (OIF)?

This is a big tell in the subversion of the criminal state of Israel.

Millions died in this war for Israel. Thousand of American soldiers died and many more are destroyed spiritually.

This is a clear cut case of a war for a lie. One for the sole intrest of the protection of Israel.

This is not what we were told. This war was a lie. A war for Israel.

Sarah, I noticed your recent article was picked up on The Occidental Observer.


I realise you stay away from the jewish question, I respect this, but look into it.

Keep up your good work.

Macaw said...

@Anon 22:54

You mention Isreal behind this. I take it you have proof which you will provide. I also take it that you also know why the West have listened to Isreal and gone ahead with their "plans" for Libya.

This post may appear sarcastic, but please note that this is not the case. So much has been said about Isreal and the West, yet I struggle to find any blogs/articles with definite links.

I would appreciate if you could assist in this regard.

Anonymous said...


I don't have enough time to explian the intrests of Israel. Follow the dots of world wide banking and the history of zionism all the way back to the Rothchilds to the Bolshevics.
The ME is being dismantled in front of our eyes. This is not random.

Here is a video that sums up Israel's role in Lybia.

I know the guy's appearance and manerisms are abit odd. But the message he speaks is one of fact. The war is one of financial intrests based around Israel.

The politcs in DC are at the control of various Israeli funded pressure groups.

AIPAC, ADL, ect.

Anonymous said...

Those that take over in Libya will be more overtly anti-Semitic than Gaddafi was.