Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Do I Scream Alone?

By Frank Ellis

Do sufficient numbers of our English people fully grasp the terrible damage inflicted on Mother England by mass immigration legal or illegal and the vicious, anti-white racist cult of multiculturalism? Will we, as a people, find the will to act to defend ourselves from this invasion and the sickness within or will we as a people just perish in shame?

Does a nation deserve to survive if it will not take the necessary steps for its own survival? What is it about a people that were so resolute and determined to resist Hitler in the summer of the Spitfire and Hurricane yet have allowed themselves to be overrun by aliens from without and traitors from within?

There used to be men and women of honour, moral and intellectual courage in the Mother of Parliaments. What do we have now? Our political class are parasites and Quislings who have betrayed England who see no point in protecting and nurturing that which has been created and forged over the centuries. Our politicians do not serve England: they serve those who hate us and would enslave us.

My English heart beats faster, more urgently when I recall Nelson’s words before Trafalgar or Churchill’s as we bore the brunt of the Luftwaffe. Yet when I see what is happening to England I am cast into a pit of despair and loneliness. Yet in this despair and loneliness I am conscious that there is something greater than I; that England, my land, my people, my history, the shame and the glory must be defended from her violators.

The land of my birth is not a brothel for the world. She is my holy Mother. On a cold, wind-swept Yorkshire moor or in a soft Kentish meadow on a summer’s day I feel her love for me, her strength. I crave her love. I cannot live without it. I cannot bear to see her mocked, derided and treated like a whore. And through the trees and leaves, in the singing of the trout stream and in the silent frost of winter she calls out to me, her wayward son, still the little English boy, with a message for England’s men and women: “Do not abandon me to whoredom dishonour and slavery. Remember you are come of a great people. The sternest tests are still before you. So use, my sons and daughters, your hearts and minds and fight the great evil and pestilence which have fallen upon us.

And if you are true to the spirit and soul of our ancestors, victory in this struggle will be ours. God bless you”.


BritishActivism said...

There is nothing much of value that I can add to this article.

Very emotive stuff, Frank, and no, you are not screaming alone my friend. Certainly not.

Some have internally screamed themselves coarse and become numbed to the pain, yet still live the suffering by being in tune to the situation rolling out before us.

Many are neither screaming or coarse, and somehow, we not only have to strengthen the awaken children of Mother England (who are our fellow kinsmen in this suffering), but have to find ways to try and let other people hear the soft voice she calls for us.

Whether she will be heard, or heard in time, is another matter.

Somehow, we have to get a grip on this situation as soon as possible, as I fear it is already too late.

Too many people are disinterested, unaware of the true state of the situation unfolding, too confused on how to balance being "good" with "rejecting others", too confused to know what to think or how to express concern.

Yet, I hear her calling Frank. I hear her loud and clear, especially when I am close to her in the countryside.

The cacophony and babble of noise which represents many of our towns and cities drowns out her call.

The hard of hearing my never be startled, but hopefully there will be enough of those who tune in to her message to rescue something.

Those ears are not on the side of our heads, they are in the heart and mind.

She is being raped, beaten, degraded and slaved. The sound of that is certainly hard to take for anyone who is listening.

The inability of us to stand up and protect her can be crushing and painful.

May we all gain a heart in which we can hear her call, and gain strength to muster something from within - to not only beat off the abusers who facilitate this situation, but take actions to make sure that she is never put at risk again.

Hang in there Frank - we have to hope that a quiet revolution is on it's way, otherwise the sound is bound to drive us crazy.

We have cowered for too long, and like a compressed spring, we may end up flying back with a vengeance.

There does not seem much of a chance of that happening, I have to admit...... but it is not always easy to predict the future.

Best Regards,

British Activism.

Sue said...

No, you don't! I mourn the loss of my country to immigrants and the EU.

My latest post is a speech by Geert Wilders in which he says "We must restore the supremacy and sovereignty of the nation-state. Because we are citizens of these states, we can take pride in them. We love our nation because they are our home, because they are the legacy which our fathers bestowed on us and which we want to bestow on our children. We are not multiculturalists, we are patriots. And because we are patriots, we are willing to fight for freedom".

Anonymous said...

Yes Gentlemen, you are wise to be very concerned, just look very far south, a place called South Africa, remember us? Yes we know what we are talking about gentlemen, we are there for 18 years already, we are a foretaste of what you will live in one day soon. I seem to recall that the Brits sold us down the toilet too pre 1994, liberals the scurge on this planet.
We served your country in both the 1st and 2nd world war as alies, and by the way the USA, but you stabbed us and Rhodesia in the back, so now it is your turn ladies and gentlemen to face the wrath. "The chickens are coming home to roost". Live by the sword, die by the sword.

BritishActivism said...

Anonymous, "the Brits" did nothing of the sort, - by which I mean the ordinary public.

Do you think we had a say in what happened to Bosnia/Kosovo too?

Was that the "British people's" fault - did they ask for what happened there and did they later instruct one of the Milliband brothers to strut around Europe and vociferously back up Kosovo as being an independent nation state?

Did the British people ever ask for being bedded into the EU in the way that we are?

Did we ask for mass migration? Did we instruct Tony Blair to import around 4 million people alone whilst he was leader?


How can we reap what we have not actually sought to sow?

I think you need to be a bit more clear on just who you are appointing blame to, and know where to properly apportion the blame (without being abrasive - especially towards people who are on your side).

It certainly wasn't my fault (especially seeing as I was not old enough) or the fault of anybody I know or knew.

Don't give me all the "chickens are coming home to roost" business, for sins that I did not commit - because I for one am not going to swallow it.

Why should I suffer for some kind of perceived revenge you think we ordinary folk are collectively due?

The government didn't act in my name or on my behalf, nor did they ever give us much of a choice - just like they do now.

The people who are pulling the strings do all that, well in advance. You should know that. At least you get the liberals part right, and no doubt you do know how they operate.

Do you think we ordinary folk even got to know what was really going on?

Do you think there is ever anything on the TV news or in the newspapers here of what has been happening there and still is happening there?


You are right in that we are one day going to end up in the same way, I will give you that.

But it is not true nor accurate to sneeringly inform us it is "our turn" because of perceived actions which most of us could do nothing about or even knew about anyway.

If anything, we here are on your side.

This blog has done a lot to bring things to people's attention regarding South Africa.

Yet at this moment, I do not see whose side you are on.

I hope that you meant the liberals of this country who had an agenda and the means of carrying it out, and not the ordinary British person.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not alone Mr Ellis.

I do not 'scream' alone' because I have no intention of letting THEM win.

The forces against us seem all powerful but its just an illusion.

The first sign of an approaching civil war isn't anger or anarchy, it is despair.

Despair is more powerful than anger, it preconditions our actions so we know what to do without thinking.

Cold fury, use it well.

misterfox said...

You certainly don't scream lone, Frank, but most people could not understand that it was happening. They took it for granted that you they go ut and vote for political parties or individual politicians who would look after their interests. It was inconceivable that these politicians would not only just use them for votes but would actively work against their interests. Not even the Roman elites actively encouraged an invasion of their own country or worked to have their own people replaced while boasting that we live in a democracy where the will of the people counts, but our elites have.
This is one of the most evil acts in human history and as far as I know unique – that ruling elites would destroy thir own countries and allow their own people to be mugged, raped and even children gang-raped but take the side of the perpetrators against their own innocent people.
A lot of people are now realising what is happening but re confused about what to do. Some are waiting for a leader but most oout and vote for not only their usual tribal party but for different tribal parties which means no concerted action can fiollow.
Furthermore, the State has outwitted everyone by infiltrating the opposition parties like UKIP, who have never really got going, and the BNP which is now being destroyed from within
I recently had a dispute with a well-meaning but gullible activist who was outraged at my suggestion. I made the point that we should wait and see hot they scupper the BNPs chances in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections which might be under a more favourable system. Well, after driving Cllr.Kevin Edwards out they used this rather unsubtle method:
Another thing that has held us back are the timid Tories of the so-called Conservative right. I kow they have a lot to lose and their children get ostracised at posh schools but such as The Salisbiury Review and the Quarterly Review could have done a bit more to oppose this situation. The Monday Club meekly capitulated to the Conservative Partywhen it was purged and the speakers at Traditional Britain Group functions are too mainstream and again timid. Howver, there are very aware individual members of these groups who have a lot to offer.
There is a growing realisation of what is really happening but it needs to be co-ordinated more. At the moment people are acting in isolation. There is common ground in our love for our country and local areas to build on but economics ould need to be less partisan – Labour bribing the working-classes and Tories middle-classes. I think we need to awaken people to their responsibilities to their families and especially their children which they have foolishly left to the propagandising state.
The great deceit was to tell people that if you don't follow our tolerant multi-culti ways you know where that leads. The implication was that we would all turn into Nazis ready to operate gas chambers. But this vile insinuation overlooks that we had just fought that and many had lost family in the effort. Further, we have a long tradition of Conserving homogeneity until Hitler. Churchill had tried to have a Bill introduced to control immigration in 1955 and there is a welth of important quotes from Disraeli, Baldwin et al. In 1601 Queen Elizabeth ! Had “Blackamores” “voided from the realm.”

misterfox said...

Furthermore, I understand that when the AV voting system, if its put into effect, will give the BNP an influence in who gets elected. This is why the BNP is being destroyed now. Finer examples than the last few decisions - granny porn, a punk rocker and dominatrix getting paid more than the legendary Arthur Kemp, the sabotage of the Welsh BNP to stop it winning seats in the forthcoming Assembly elections - there could not be found.

Ronbo said...

Excellent article!

I've re-posted it on my blog with a link.

I have a friend in the EDL who thinks only a revolution and a purge of traitors from all positions of authority will save England.

Only then can the real problem of immigration be addressed.

alanorei said...

Dr Ellis's article is a cry from the heart, for sure.

One suggestion in answer is to review the series of articles that Sarah kindly posted some weeks back on the KJB 1611-2011.

My point is simply that it is the one weapon that sincere Brits have not availed themselves of seriously in defence of their realm.

I say this because, as I think commentators will agree, there isn't much else left in the arsenal to try.

WatcherOnTheWall said...

Think of countries such as Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa. Then add brave Portugal - an English ally for over 500 years.

In every instance, people of blood and honour supported Britain with their lives, money, trust and trade through two World Wars, a Great Depression and in countless other instances of sacrifice and generosity.

Yet when it pleased cynical, smug, self-serving, swinging "little" Britain - its politicians were quite happy to stab these people [many of whom were proudly of British blood] and friends in back, destroy their lives and kick what remained over the side to swim desperately with the barbarians.

That these self-same barbarians are now inside Britain's own gates is indeed righteous pay back.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

To Beverley

I am afraid I haven't approved your comment. Although I respect your right to your view, I don't accept that you have a right to make personal attacks on other posters.

If you would like to resubmit your message without the the personal attack, I will reconsider the decision.


BritishActivism said...

Watcher on the Wall, I gather you are the same person who posted as "anonymous" earlier.

If not, I suggest you try and explain to me instead, how you leap from what "politicians" have done in the past to how we ordinary folk who had no say in the matter deserve "righteous payback".

I suggest that you get your attacks right, apportion it properly, and learn how obnoxious it is to hear from people like you how we ordinary British people should suffer a terrible fate for things we are not even responsible for.

People like you, who sneer and snarl that we are "getting our just deserts" give me the right hump. Not only are you aiding and abetting the enemy, but showing a clear inability to grasp the facts that there is a split off between what the government puppets do, and what we ordinary folk would like them to do.

Either explain yourself as to why I (and others) should suffer for sins we did not commit, or I will have to form the opinion that you are only here for the "wind up" - and just aiming to provoke people into reacting to the simplistic outbursts.

The only "smug" person I happen to see around here is you. Smug that we are are going to perish. With "friends" like you, we certainly don't need enemies.

The ironic thing is, that of all people, we nationalists (in my case ethno-nationalist) on the nationalist movement are the ones who are the most likeliest to give a rats ass for our brethren across the occidental world.

Why you insist on coming out with such gleeful "you deserve to die off" attitude is beyond my comprehension, if you are actually true to your original "gripes".

If you do actually care for "your" people, you would not be here rubbing our noses in it and wishing that we were all going to suffer as our "just deserts".

I, and many like me, would support the white South African people, just like I would offer my support and welcome to my fellow kith and kin around Europe and the Occident.

You, however, seem to have nothing but contempt and hatred in your heart for us.

Just whose side are you on my friend? Because you are doing a good job of annoying the very people who would otherwise support you.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Watcher On the Wall

Your grasp of history is severely wanting, there is not an ex-British colony in Africa or in Asia which the British Empire did not leave in a better state than we found it.

By 1833, we, the British had single handedly eradicated slavery across a quarter of the Earth's surface, whereas countries, such as Ethiopia, which were never colonised still owned hundreds of thousands of slaves one hundred years later.

We brought health, education, democracy and law to lands in darkest Africa and more than doubled life expectancy in almost every country we ruled.

We did far more good for this world than any other race has ever, ever done.

You can revel in your bigotry, your hatred and your ignorance, but we do not deserve this punishment.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone.

They cannot proceed to the next stage without setting off a massive tea-partyish movement in the UK.

I think we are on the edge, round about now, or very soon.

The British people have never lacked for guts, but they have frequently lacked for leadership, especially intelligent leadership.

But it always gets fixed, sooner or later.

We've had sooner. It's almost later.


Beverley said...

I am saddened – You censored my comments to your blog on the basis that they were “personal attacks”.
Attacks on the “person” are frequent on web-sites, including yours, be they targeted at Robert Mugabe or one of many politicians.
This IS desirable because these individuals represent (and symbolize) a broad view and they speak on behalf of a philosophy or attitude. When individuals set themselves up as spokespersons for a group they will, ipso facto, incur complaints directed at them as individuals. This is the difference between saying “there is snot in your nose” and condemning an individual holocaust denialist. The very individual whose persona you sought to protect by your censorship, addressing Watcheronthewall said “People like you, who sneer and snarl that we are "getting our just deserts" give me the right hump.” By your current policy, this should be a “personal attack”.
The reason for my assertive post was that I believe that it is important for us (in Britain and in the British diasporas) to now abandon the airs of righteousness, of indignation and the pleas of injured innocence, which have permeated Britain, and reflected by the poster whom you are protecting. It is this attitude which is, in no little way ,responsible tor Britain’s economic, moral, social and demographic decline. It is this passiveness which allowed in invading hordes, this inertia at street level, and this failure to say boo to the politicians.
Instead it is important that a forthright confession of British failure, of ignorance, arrogance, lassitude and indifference be made as the starting point of a British renaissance.
One could argue that it was primarily a mix of humility, uncertainty and fear that formed the solid (and Christian) basis for Britain’s success in WWII.
That was the purpose of my post.

The Watcher on the Wall said...

Sarah of Albion: You call me a bigot and someone with no grasp of history. OK - fair enough.

But explain to me why I am deaf in one ear and have three scars on my body. These wounds were earned fighting communists in Rhodesia. [On a per capita basis, more White Rhodesians served their King in WW2 than any other country of the Empire.]

But explain why a school friend's bones lie in a forgotten grave somewhere in Angola - again fighting communists.

But explain why....I could go on, but what's the point?

Britain lost its honour when it not only threw its own people to barbarians like Mugabe - but it actively connived to achieve their destruction and downfall. Hence the karma, the delicious payback in its own green and once pleasant land.

To paraphrase Sir Arthur Harris, "In Kenya, Rhodesia, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique and half a hundred other places, Britain threw its loyal people under the bus. Well Britain sowed the whirlwind....let it now reap that harvest on its own soil."

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Watcher on the Wall

I apologise, I misunderstood you, I entirely agree that what the British did to their own people in Rhodesia and also places like Kenya, Tanganyika and of course South Africa was unforgivable.

I thought you were alleging we mistreated the Africans, which we did not. However, what we, or at least our government did to the white population of our colonies will live on in infamy.

I hope we are not paying the price for that.

alanorei said...

Britain's leaders at the time of the Bush War, 1972-1979, Heath, Owen, Thatcher etc. were instrumental in betraying Rhodesia, along with Vorster of South Africa.

Much of the nefarious politics is described in the book The Great Betrayal by the late Ian Smith.

There can be no doubt that the atrocities* committed by the Marxist blacks of ZANU and ZAPU were condoned by our leaders of the time.

*Including the shooting down of two Rhodesian Airways Viscounts and, in the case of the first, where the pilot successfully crash-landed the aircraft, the blacks massacred the survivors (after first raping the women, naturally - that's what they're like).

Heath btw had already betrayed his own country in 1973 by the deceit of EU membership - as he later admitted to Peter Sissons in a BBC interview in about 1995, without a twinge of conscience.

Betrayal of Rhodesia was no different.

It was probably a dress rehearsal for what's happening to Britain now.

Note the parallels between the condoning of black atrocities in the Bush War (and afterwards when Mashona Mugabe dealt with his Matabele tribal political opponents by means of his North Korean-trained 5th and 6th Brigades. 20,000 Nbeles died, I believe, with scarcely a whisper from the British Gov't.) and the effective condoning of widespread Moslem atrocities in Britain today.

Same crew, same objective, same tactics, just a different set of victims.

The Watcher on the Wall said...

No apologies necessary Sarah, misunderstandings are soon forgotten but courtesy lives forever.

As you can imagine, although born in Britain, I cut my ties [permanently and irrevocably] with that country 50 years ago when it decided my family and I were expendable [Dad incidently was RAF aircrew in WW2 - but that counted for nada]. Subsequently the act was formalised when Britain renounced me and my adopted country: Rhodesia.

Well done alanorei - the Viscount massacres. Who can forget "The silence was deafening."? Or what of two White missionary families with little kids in the Eastern Highlands used for bayonet practice on godawful night by Mugabe's "freedom fighters"? Another echo in a vacuum chamber.

Coincidently, just today a commentator here in New Zealand [my new, adored and final home] had this to say about the recent Daily Mail headline below: his words - Britain's rooted. Stuffed. Finished.

"Asian [code word for: islamic] youths sent on £2,000 jaunt to Blackpool to avoid clashes at Right-wing march jailed for car park fight"

A final thought. In 406AD the Rhine froze and the barbarians flowed in an unstoppable horde into the Roman Empire. Methinks a metaphorical Rhine just froze for a second time - except this time it's called Libya.

End of Days?

alanorei said...

Thank you, Watcher

You are right. The Elim MIssion Station Massacre should never be forgotten.

I think I have forwarded it to Sarah before, who considerately posted the above link. The details, I must stress, are harrowing.

However, I don't believe for a moment that 'radical' Moslems (i.e. those that believe the Qur'an) and black gangsters in particular e.g. Delroy Grant, won't do the same if they get the chance.

The July 7th 2005 massacre, Tony Shell's rigorous report on black on white murders and DG's rampage on 'proving' himself superior to 'Whitey' show that they already do.

It's probable that current gov't ministers still won't take appropriate action (like mass deportations following a halting and reversal of immigration) until their own kith and kin start becoming targets.

A Qur'anic suicide bomber detonating himself at Kate and William's forthcoming wedding is maybe unthinkable but that is probably the level of outrage needed to concentrate gov't mentality.

Beverley said...

Thank you for publishing my letter on “personal attacks” which consoles my belief in your profound integrity. As requested I have re-written the letter which you originally censored. Although the momentum might have been lost, and there will be few readers, it follows:
A disturbing theme in this blog recently has been for some posters (never Sarah) to diminish the role of the Colonists. These were the frontier guardians of the Empire, the creators of civilizations, the guardians of the Island race; these were the generators of the capital which pushed Britain to dizzy heights. Remember also that these were the creative strugglers who were also made into fighters, who often became the bereaved, maimed and mown down by the rigors of uncivilized lands.
Some British blog posters want to exonerate themselves, and try to distance themselves from “what politicians have done in the past“ claiming to be “ordinary folk who had no say in these matters”. WE DID NOT KNOW, they shout: occasionally the blame shifts another way: “It was that other generation which was to blame, not us”. Really! The downstairs pianist who didn’t know there was a brothel up there?
These Colonists were effectively assassinated by a Britain foolish enough to ignore their value in sustaining the British and European culture. These sentries were betrayed, despised, and many killed. Today, amongst that pathetic residue of the starving impoverished in Zimbabwe, husband turns gun on wife and then himself. Often. This was not 1936 by which the present generations might claim to be so distant as to be immune. We are talking about nineteen sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. In the two thousands, who were putting up statues to Mugabe, Mandela, and naming streets after rouges and tyrants? And these denialists claim they did not know? Really…..
Look into the eyes of your British parents and grandparents and ask “Who were the thousands who patrolled the waters off Mozambique, preventing oil reaching that tiny little be-leagued outpost, that frontier of the British Empire – the true British Resistance?” Who were the tens of thousands who boycotted South African produce - think Outspan Oranges - trying to destroy the economy of South Africa – and incidentally impoverishing the poorest of Africa’s poor, whom the Colonists, in their compassion, were battling to assist?
Who were the thousands who maintained continuous “vigils” outside South Africa House? Who were the thousands of civil servants who made it impossible for these Colonial kindred to travel back to their erstwhile British homeland? Who were the thousands of students scribbling Free Mandela, defacing their venerable campuses, and voting terrorists in as Chancellors of British universities? Who were the tens of thousands who read the prolific newspapers emblazoned with anti-Colonial rhetoric?
Who were the millions who repeatedly voted into power the governments which outwardly and overtly avowed destruction of these small successful groups of whites, these who had struggled (and died) to create civilization in Darkest Africa, amongst savages, some of whom still perpetuate their savagery? And who set about destroying the same Colonists who years earlier had tried to protect these British traitors’ homeland and died in higher proportion than any other, in Britain’s Wars?
Smith’s phrase: “We were not beaten by our enemies; we were betrayed by our friends”
Those now in Britain claim, and identify with, their precious legacy from generations of forefathers. Those past generations are YOUR people, without whom the present population would be as empty as amphora. But realize also, you British denialists, the catastrophic mistakes made in very recent history were also caused by YOUR people.
That these perfidants should dare to try to re-write history!
You are not immune: turn yourself now to doing something brave and forceful, instead of those righteous, denying whimpers.