Tuesday, 15 March 2011


From the desk of the Commissariat of the Extermination of Homogenous Rights Commission (EHRC) this 15th day of March in the glorious year of RRA76 + 35

It has been drawn to our attention that a television series broadcast under the suspiciously Anglo-Saxon name of “Midsommer Murders” may have been operating a “whites only” casting policy, whereby only actors of still undiversified Caucasian ancestry are allowed to appear in what can only be described as subversive and socially unreconstructed programming.

Naturally all those associated with this outage have been rounded up and are currently being held in a restricted area together with the makers of Antiques Roadshow and the cast of Lark Rise to Candleford.

Shortly prior to their incarceration, pending Mandatory Attitude and Thought Re-education (MATR), the producers of this abomination attempted to justify their forbidden practices by claiming that the show was aimed at a specific audience whom they claim still cling to the archaic and ideologically abhorrent view that the show would lose its so called “quintessential Englishness” were state approved diverse quota rules to be applied to the casting of residents of the fantasy middle English Village of Midsommer.

The EHRC acknowledges that the producers have in other respects complied with our Reverse Reality Makes for a Compliant Communities guidelines (RRMCCG) by associating a location which would appear to have highest crime rate in Western Europe with exclusively white perpetrators. However, by permitting their viewers to believe that a homogenous white community can still exist within MultiCultural Britain, this places the producers, cast and crew, who are all guilty of complicity, in breach of no less that 87 sections of the EHRC’s Rules and Guidance for Multi Cult Friendly Broadcasting (RGMCFB).

Zis vill nicht b…..ahem! This will not be permitted. Be under no illusion that any attempt to avoid compliance with the EHRC approved quota based Diverse community representation regulations will result in to severe penalties being imposed on any transgressor. Meanwhile material found to include the suggestion, indication or implication that Multicultural Britain has, had,, or will ever be permitted to have an indigenous native population, will be tracked down, rooted out and expunged.

Perpetrators will be fined a minimum of €20,000 and undergo Level 2 Mandatory Attitude and Rhought Re-education (Level 2 MATR).

Do not forget, we are the forces of multiracial purity and it is our mission to ensure there is no corner of Britain, real or imagined, which will remain quintessentially English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish and there will be no depiction of same thereof. Any resistance will stamped out with utmost severity.

With this aim in mind we have taken immediate action. Under the new Racially Representative Broadcasting Regulations 2011 (RRBR2011) agreed at this morning's disobedience eruption crisis meeting (on the back of an environmentally friendly herbal fag packet), we will ensure that future television production must include the requisite diversity, irrespective historical authenticity and, crucially, whether you racist peasants like it or not!

For instance, all dramas featuring a leafy village in England (or Diversity Zone E to give it the proposed new inclusive designation) may not be broadcast without including amongst the residents of said leafy Zone E village at least one Muslim character with tolerant liberal views and a gay son or daughter. In addition there must be a minimum of two other ethnic minority character taken from an approved list of popular ethnic figures, such as a West Indian brain surgeon, an African nuclear scientist, or an Afghan feminist outreach worker etc.

Meanwhile, should any comedy or drama feature two or more white females, at least one must have an ethnic minority boyfriend. (this requirement reinforces existing guidelines) Of course all future police dramas must, by law, feature at least one black or Asian (preferably Muslim) officer who, must at all times be brighter and more astute than his slow witted whiter counterparts (SWWC).

(Exemptions from these regulations will of course apply to educationally valuable dramas, such as those involving, black Egyptians, lady detectives from Botswana or anything with Bollywood themes)

Short term revised casting arrangements

There will however, be no more all white murders in Midsommer ….... except for the murderers, of course, they must remain exclusively white to prevent any undesirable racial stereotyping.

The EHRC has been obliged to take these measures, because the English public have consistently failed to embrace the joys of multiculturalism. This is why you were never permitted to vote on whether your ancient nation should be changed forever by mass immigration, you could not be trusted to give the right answer.

However, we have not finished with you, we will leave you nothing of your own, there will not be an acre of your land nor a fable or a legend which you will be able to view as exclusively white and English. When we have taken it all from you, then you will learn to love multiculturalism, or else you will die in the process.

Do not resist us, we know what is best for you.

Willy Wadham
Deputy Chief Enforcer
Enforcement Bureau
Commissariat of the Extermination of Homogenous Rights Commission (EHRC)


Dr.D said...

So, Sarah, is this for real, or is this a spoof? I'd like to think it was a spoof, but it fits altogether to well with all of the real events of everyday news from the UK.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr. D

It is true in so far that there has been an outcry over the fact that a very successful TV show, now into its 13th series and based on the "English Murder Mystery" theme, has allegedly only been casting white actors. Here is a news link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12741847

However, the media release is a spoof (I wrote it) but I think it rather reflects reality

Dr.D said...

We are quite familiar with the series here in the US, and I can assure you that making it multicultural will be the death of it in the American market. The "whiteness" is a large part of the appeal as it has been in the past.

alanorei said...

No doubt Trevor Phillips and co. would prefer Midsomer to be 'enriched' into 'Islamosomer'.

The images are not as distressing as those of the Moslem women who were acid attacked by Moslem males but they are upsetting, nevertheless.

Hope the link works okay, Sarah.

On a related note, a realistic portrayal of violent crime nationwide would reveal about 40-50% minority ethnic offenders i.e. highly disproportionate and about 99%+ white Anglo-Saxon investigating officers, amongst whom CI Barnaby (both of them), DS Jones and DC Stephens would obviously be lost in the crowd according to none other than BBC1's Crimewatch.

eduard said...

There is a way to shipwreck these multicultural tv and movie shows.
Boycott them by stop watching them. It is about time that viewers become selective in their viewing. Boycotting shows for whatever reason might start purifying shows. We are being fed junk because they know we watch their junk.

Sue said...

Unfortunately, there will come a day when beautiful productions like Downton Abbey and Lark Rise to Candleford will be no more.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Noddy in toyland.