Thursday, 10 March 2011

Britain - a poem by Mike Wilson


By Mike Wilson

Land of my fathers, land of the free

How desperate your needs are, as we can see.

No longer the gentle free land of my birth,

You are now just a zoo with the hordes of the earth.

The traitors amongst you have destined your fate

And though some can see this it’s really too late

To change what you won’t acknowledge

And really don’t care, that life in Great Britain is changed beyond repair.

This influx of peoples from all around the earth

Has so changed this country, the land of my birth.

So I’m forced to the question of how it can be

That this passive resistance is just apathy?

We’ve fought two world wars for this country of ours

But now just give in and while away the hours?

Our past generations gave blood for our freedom-

Was all that in vain, without any reason?

No man is my equal when all round I see

The peasant and pauper all crowding round me.

We feed them and clothe them and house them as well

But never see results of their labour and toil.

So we give away our country because it is right

To help the weak and the vanquished in true Christian light.

And in the spirit of giving and aiding the weak

Our land is usurped, but we don’t see the link.

And soon when the numbers become very great

Our society is changed with the hordes at the gate.

Our churches are renamed with Islamist cause

And Sharia headlines are in our new laws.

And so gentle people your lives are now changed

And you’ve only yourselves, yes you people to blame.

You have let love and compassion become your new cause

And as a result now have sharia laws.

When will you wake up to the problems around you

And stop all your leaders with laws that confound you?

Don’t let the white race with it’s purity diluted

Become just another genealogy disputed.



Rollory said...

It's "hordes", not "hoards", and "while", not "wile"

but other than that, not bad

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Rollory

I have made those changes, I should have spotted them myself

Anonymous said...

I call on the Boers to defend themselves by reporting the Genocide being perpetrated against them.
Go to you can leave a message there.
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Please I need as many of you to do this as possible we must inundate their in box with our emails. Send your personal accounts so that they can be logged as much detail as possible is needed. If you have photos as graphic as possible to shock them into action.
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“Friend of the Boer”

mianwil said...

"Hordes" is correct but so is "wile" . Wiling away the hours has only recently been subsumed by the modern 'While' and in this instance "wile" is the more correct version.

mianwil said...

Hordes is correct but so is "wile"
Comes from an older English word which has recently been subsumed by "while".
In this instance wile is the more correct version.

mianwil said...

Hordes is correct but so is "wile".
Comes from an older English word which has recently been subsumed by the modern "while".
In this instance the older version is more correct.

Rollory said...

Hm, are you sure? I always understood "wile" to mean intelligence, ie: wily, or feminine wiles. Never seen it used to refer to time.