Thursday, 10 March 2011

Genocide Watch

From the Genocide Watch Website:

South Africa: Court hears of brutal farm murder
by African Crisis
9 March 2011

Pretoria - A Dutch immigrant couple was found in pools of blood after both were killed on their dairy farm two years ago, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard on Tuesday.

Police witnesses described the gruesome scene where farmer Johannes van den Bosch, 63, and his wife Jacobi, 60, were murdered on their farm at Mooiplaats, east of Pretoria.

Johannes was bludgeoned to death while tending to calves in the dairy on the morning of Easter Friday 2009.

His wife died on the floor of her home after being repeatedly stabbed in the upper body. (Read more Word file)


Note: the following message was posted anonymously to this blog today and I am happy to give it additional prominence:

I call on the Boers to defend themselves by reporting the Genocide being perpetrated against them.

Go to you can leave a message there.
Or Email them on

Please I need as many of you to do this as possible we must inundate their in box with our emails. Send your personal accounts so that they can be logged as much detail as possible is needed. If you have photos as graphic as possible to shock them into action.

Please stand together.

“Friend of the Boer”


Anonymous said...

I sent this email to Nick Herbert MP back at the beginning of January :-

Hi Mr Herbert

I'm one of your constituents. I wanted to know if you were aware of the genocide that is occurring in South Africa. Since the end of Apartheid, millions of white South Africans have been displaced, banned from the jobs market and denied aid by a savage, racist government.

This however is not the worse of it. While the murder rate in S.A has rocketed since 1994 whites have been targeted by both the criminals in and out of government. Some sources put the figures for murdered farmers alone at 14,000 others at around 3,700. No one is speaking up for them.

The nature of these crimes is akin to the worst of serial murder. Men, women and children of all ages have been, by all manner of means, viciously and sadistically tortured for hours, gang-raped and finally killed by racist gangs. The S.A media ,government and other agencies euphemism for these crimes is "a farm attack" pointing at robbery as the primary motive. Racist violence, torture, humiliation and in a most cases murder is the motive, as hardly anything of value is stolen, valuable items in the majority of cases being left in plain sight.

I can direct you toward sites and individuals where you will get all the information you need to help the white South Africans, highlight their plight and hopefully help end the crimes being perpetrated against them.

I look forward to your reply


I've contacted him a number since and still, no real response apart from mild sarcasm from his secretary and an unfulfilled promise to speak to the foreign secretary .

His secretary's contact email address is

Please write to her as well, let her know that you know that while they are aware of the problem they don't consider the horror of what's to be worth worrying about.

I'm going to get some flyers together to hand out at EDL and other nationalist demo's. I think charity collections

If anyone thinks they could help me put these together to ensure that are factual and hard-hitting enough we can find away to get in contact.

It's a small thing but along with a broader campaign we might begin wake our people up to what is being done to them on a global scale, and to the indifference of our elites.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Reading your site from Chicago (sadly, home of the Obama thugocracy). Was reading your site to see what is going on in RSA. Very sad! I think it was Bastiat who said "It is never very long before oppressed people, once they gain power, to put on the robes of their former oppressors." And is sure sounds like they have the robes (or is that dashikis!) on!

Thanks for you site.


The Concerned Australian said...

The Sword of War appears for lack of justice in peaceful times.

The Concerned Australian said...

"The Sword of War comes forth when there is a Lack of Justice in Peaceful Times".

I pray that the boers are near the end of their tether and shame on the governments that pretend there is nothing happening:

1. America
2. Britain
3. Australia
4. New Zealand

You former allies are "Oh, So Brave now!"

You took our sons and now you pretend we don't exist because you might have to oppose the "black" hand.

Shame on You!!!

Shame on you!!!

You cowardly mongrels!!!