Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mark Damazer. BBC Gramsci Soldier on the Marxist ‘Long March through the Institutions’

By Tim Heydon

The former Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer has called for more blacks and ethnics to be present on the ‘Today’ Programme on Radio 4 and also on ‘The Archers’ (An everyday story of ethnic folk, like ‘East Enders’?).

Former Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer

Damazer said it ‘makes sense’ for the station to be more representative of Britain’s population and said he regretted not having done more in this direction when he was in charge. This follows the BBC Trust’s demand that Radio 4 do more to appeal to ethnic minorities, younger listeners and those in the north.

Damazer was responsible for getting rid of Radio 4’s Introductory morning compendium of traditional musical airs from the four parts of the UK (‘Early One Morning’ for England, ‘Men of Harlech’ for Wales etc,) almost certainly on the grounds that such references to the four nations of the country did not fit in with his vision of the new, vibrant, multiracial, multicultural Britain. (‘The BBC is not neutral on multiculturalism. It believes in it and promotes it’ – Senior BBC executive in reply to complaint by columnist Jeff Randall).

Damazer is the son of a Polish Jewish immigrant, which in the view of your writer and without wishing in any way to appear anti-semitic, goes a long way to explaining his driving desire to strip the native British of the land of their ancestors and to turn it into a multiracial /cultural nowhere. Regardless of ideological rationalisations, at root Individuals of his stamp tend to think that such an arrangement would be good for ethnic minorities, including the one to which they might belong, as ‘cover’. In supporting this agenda he is merely doing his best to advance his own ethnic interests, which is what nationalists everywhere , from Tibet to the BNP do. He cannot be condemned for it, any more than those we can, although we can take grave exception to the way such people are allowed to use their positions to spit in the faces of the majority population by self-hating members of its Liberal Left.

All the same, he and his many like in the BBC are interesting exemplars of the way Gramsci’s ‘Long March through the Institutions operates in destroying the ‘Cultural Hegemony’ of the majority and effectively substituting for it the cultural and political interests of minorities. Damazer has now moved on to become Master of St Peter’s College Oxford, where in the view of your writer he will no doubt continue his career of undermining the British in their own country.

Anyway, let’s have a look at who presents the Today programme now:-

1) John Humphrys. Humphrys is plainly Welsh and proud of it.

2) James Naughtie. Naughtie is equally plainly Scots.

3) Sarah Montague. Montague is Jewish.

4) Evan Davis. Davis is a flamboyant homosexual who once appeared in a TV interview sporting a mohican haircut and wearing an assortment of chains.

5) Justin Webb. Webb appears to be English.

Occasional contributors are Stephen Sackur who is married to an Iraqi. He is clearly no more of an Anglo-Saxon than is another main occasional contributor; Tim Franks.

Bearing in mind that the Today’ audience is overwhelming English and that Scotland has its own early-morning program, it is truly remarkable that the one and only presenter on it who could be described as a normal, heterosexual Englishman is Justin Webb. That the English are excluded from this flagship program is certainly no accident. The BBC is saying in effect that the English have no ownership of the land of their ancestors. The program’s almost total lack of interest in some of the most pressing concerns of the day for more than half the indigenous population at least: mass immigration and the dispossession of the English in particular - of their birthright, is reflected in this make-up.

Mark Damazer thinks that the programme isn’t representative of the population of this country. He is right, but not in the way that he thinks. And he wants it to be even less representative than it already is!

Coincidentally, a former BBC executive, Dr Samir Shah (sic. Aren’t there any native British people running this organisation?) is reported as saying that the BBC is dumbing down its output to get more ethnic minority staff on air. Shah, ex -head of current affairs, was reported by the Daily Mail (Feb 14th) as citing Radio 4 as an example of how the BBC is lowering its standards to attract a more diverse audience

One thing’s for sure. If the BBC and the likes of Damazer have their way, In the England of the future, the ethnic group which in particular will have no place is the English.


Durotrigan said...

Sarah Montague, with her shrill hectoring tone, has for a long time struck me as being possessed of a particular animus towards the British in general and the English in particular. What you have written here explains why. Can we not adapt a current scurrilous slogan that is doing the rounds and recast it as 'There's nothing British about the BBC':

mary sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Sarah Montague Jewish?

Really? I believe you but where did you learn that?

alanorei said...

Re: "This follows the BBC Trust’s demand that Radio 4 do more to appeal to ethnic minorities, younger listeners and those in the north."

My emphases.

BBC Look North for the Northeast and Cumbria has one black female junior reporter and one Indian female junior reporter.

They are very much in the minority. The others are all white British males and females, including all the main presenters for both news and weather.

Carol Malia is on maternity leave. Her replacement is another white English female. I have not heard of any pressure up here to extend the racial mix of the programme to include more ethnic minorities.

The BBC Trust is a race Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

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Evening all, it's me old Mark Damazer, your local jam roll four by two. Well you won't believe what's being going on in Brookfield farm these days:
Abdul has taken the goat for a wife, they are living in his caravan, although the arguments are fierce, we don't think it is going to last.
The cow barn burnt down last night and Gupta sacrificed his life saving the jerseys, what a hero, we are going to have them ritually slaugthered today by halal rules, burgers anyone?
So a new curry house has opened in Ambridge, (that's the seventeenth!) so we are off to get a chicken barani, maybe we will get a saveloy and chips from the Greek to go with it.
See you tommorrow!
roger in florida

Anonymous said...

We urgently request that all nationalist sites remove all links and references to the green arrow or associated sites following his attacks on both the BNP and its chairman

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

LOL!! Roger that is an excellent post!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 02:19

I can understand your concern about some of the recent postings at the British Resistance, and no doubt about some of the postings I have allowed at this blog.

These do not necessarily reflect my own view as I continue to hope that that the BNP will achieve electoral success.

However, I can not ignore the fact that there is a debate going on about the future of the BNP and Nationalism in general.

This is a debate which the BNP party leadership needs to engage in because there are questions which only they can answer.

John said...

Thanks for the great piece on Damazer,which I discussed here:

adding a few details such as email address....

Anonymous said...

The group which is going to suffer most in the UK, once "multiculturalism" (ie mass immigration from South Asia) is securely established, is the Jews themselves.

Why do they feel more secure in this sort of milieu? Are they crazy?

It is almost beyond belief that these people, as well as the homosexual community, and feminists, all groups that often prop up the Cultural Left, immigration,and "multiculturalism", do not understand the horrors that await them, from their own creation. They will suffer more than us.

There is nothing about this that is not already obvious, or that hasn't been obvious for years. There has to be something here I do not understand.