Monday, 21 March 2011

This Honourable and Noble Cause Part 2 (Suppression and Prejudice)

By Mister Fox

"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."
- Houari Boumediene, President of Algeria, at the United Nations, 1974 .

This has been encouraged and facilitated by Western elites who have laws with severe penalties throughout Europe to persecute dissidents and allow Muslims to take European territory and change the culture to suit them. Don't forget the elites brought this about by deceit and we did not realise what was happening until very late but there is a resistance building in Europe as a whole and England in particular. The Muslims know the governments and police are on their side: “"You are a White man you can't do nothing"” (1)

Evil elites cover up heinous murders of innocent people like that of Charlene Downes if the perpetrators belong to the new-privileged groups. There is a noble and honourable demonstration in Blackpool on March 26th for justice for this abused young girl whose case was sabotaged by the police. This is part of a new era of nobility and heroism. It is an honourable demo for posthumous justice for this young White girl who was used for sex then allegedly chopped up and sold in kebab meat.

Homer expressed nobility in this aphorism: "I too shall lie in the dust when I am dead, but now let me win noble renown." The ancient Greeks placed great importance on personal honor. Man was nothing without honour. One type of Honor is won by a man's prowess, the ability to fight and be victorious in battle. I suggest that fighting for justice for your people and defending them from attack by rival communities is very honourable and noble.

In the sixth book of the Aeneid Oddysseus' father Anchises gives a roll call of heroes. It is their renown in battle that impresses him and by setting examples they inspire others.

Alan Clarke, the former Conservative Minister of State for Defence and famous diarist praised football fans who rose to the provocation by French gendarmes as “the British military spirit”. The Independent of 18 June 1998 reported: it was "a kind of compliment to the English martial spirit" the way other groups of supporters sought them out. (1) To the traditional aristocratic ruling, class, the EDL would have been possessed of noble virtues which are now criminalized by the new elites. The great manly values like bravery, heroism,honour, and glory have been downgraded to prepare us for the lovely new world they were building.

An intrepid crew infiltrated and secretly filmed inside the Muslim area in Rochdale on the 5th of March. As usual the police took the side of Muslim extremists. In the video, the Muslims chant ''Allahu Akbar'', the chant used in Egypt as they burnt Christian churches. About 2 minutes in you can hear territorial claims as Muslims chant ''English s*** off our streets''. Note also how the police allow the Muslims to cover their faces yet EDL supporters who wore anything over their faces had them ripped off by the police, and pushed down their tops.

The politicised police used batons and dogs on the EDL but left the Muslims to do what they wanted. These people were the backbone of our traditional military prowess and should be honoured as heroes ready to defend our country and control our borders to repel the current invasion not assaulted by the police and belittled in the media. (2)

Our wounded troops are insulted in Selly Oak hospital as well as on the streets of Wootton Bassett and Luton by a rival community while the rulers invade their countries while not even providing the troops with adequate equipment to fight in. The elites are so evil they invade sovereign nation states belonging to Muslims when it is none of their business and import millions of Muslims with grudges into Europe to destroy our communities and countries.

The BBC are campaigning to get democratic protest suppressed. Jeremy Paxman expresses a lot of opinions but has not objectively examined the facts for himself. (3) When he interviewed Tommy Robinson he sat looking at his guest with contempt but knew nothing about what is going on on the streets yet he tries to rip apart guests who do. There is a wide, yawning gap between the elites and the British people: “You have no experience of what its like out there". Telling comment by Paxman at the end: 'Aren't you frightened by what you have set off'. The elites like Paxman know its ready to blow but they persist in oppressing righteous reaction and present multi-racial Britain in a fairy-story way.

Robinson single handedly jumping a barrier into a crowd of jihadists burning poppies on Armistice Day is inspirational bravery. It is on youtube. The EDL are working class patriots trying to stop the destruction of Britain. Watch videos produced by EDL 'Divisions' and you will see the views of the vast majority of our people that the elites are trying to suppress. There are Defence Leagues spreading across the world - Europe, Canada, Australia, the US.

The problem starts when excessive numbers are allowed in and start taking over territory and changing existing communities. This threatens the indigenous population. The government has stigmatised the “far right”as bad as Islamic terrorists, So who is a Christian fundamentalist? Any believing Christian is. It is not fanciful to say persecution of Christians has begun in England such as the Christian Hoteliers were fined heavily for refusing two gay men to share a bed in their Hotel.

The Establishment have no counter argument against our new patriotic ideas and use "Nazi", "racist", "hater" labels. They make themselves feel morally superior by looking down on others who they arrogantly dismiss as “bigots” yet it is they who are prejudiced because our views are based on experience. Of course, it hasn't occurred to any of them that they are prisoners of the zeitgeist as they see themselves as "free" and "radical" they are repeating received ideology they have imbibed.

The anti-racists (note the doublespeak!) are largely made up of social workers, teachers, journalists, professional trade unionists, professional "anti fascists" and people indoctrinated with "social studies" degrees. The violent wing, Antifa, is made up of anarchists usually of middle class backgrounds often in rebellion and "anti fascism" is a means of releasing their middle class angst.

They have little social interaction with the working class and view them with the contempt as Lenin did - knuckle draggers, a lumpen proletariat. Politics is a hobby or profession but not motivated by necessity or self-defence. They are a noisy rabble, often with powerful media and political connections. They find scapegoat:s: "we are a united community", "the EDL are evil racists" - you must accept the elites ideology or be denounced as “far right” or “racist”.

Robinson has stated that Bedfordshire police have issued him with an "Osman warning". These are given by the police to advise individuals that they are at serious risk of being killed by someone who appears to have the capability to make good their threat". Robinson wears a bulletproof vest and received a text message threatening to kill his children. This is the new era of bravery, honour and nobility.

Totalitarian MPs threaten violence. Luton MP Kelvin Hopkins told demonstrators: I’ve lived in Luton for 42 years – we’ve not had trouble here. It’s a friendly town, a comradely town. Let’s chase the EDL out of town and make Luton a non-racist and equal town where we all get on in friendship and solidarity. What about the Black pensioners in Bury Park who are being ethnically cleansed? Does he approve of that or just pretend it isn't happening?

Reality was expressed at the EDL rally in Luton by a local woman who told of her daughter burned to death by Muslim in a car crash:"Waqas Arshad, 24, crashed into a tree but told emergency services there was nobody inside, despite knowing 17-year-old Emily Brady was trapped in the burning wreckage. Her mother Patricia said: 'It was despicable behaviour to make no attempt to try and pull her out of the car.' It was only as firefighters tackled the blaze that they realised the teenager was in the car, still strapped in the passenger seat".

While the MP pretends everything is lovely while threatening the EDL with violence the EDL are to fight her cause: “ If he is released early there will be major racial tension in Luton, message to the prison service -do not realise this man early or there will be serious incidents" Tommy Robinson said. (2) This is what the elites are trying to suppress: ordinary people defending their children.

Another totalitarian tries to stifle democratic protest and freedom of association. She is a lesbian and is too stupid to know what would happen to her under Sharia law. These demos only cost so much because the UAF and Muslims turn up and threaten violence.

The totalitarian wrote to a correspondent:

Thank you for getting in touch with your views on the EDL and my argument for extending Police powers to ban marches, when there is a serious and proven risk to public order, to encompass rallies and parades as well as marches.

I am arguing for a relatively small change to existing law. But I do accept you comments below from a purely libertarian perspective, which you have demonstrated with much feeling.

Thank you again for your comments, I think we shall have to agree to differ.

Kind regards,

She ignores the costs to police when the enemy within openly abuse our troops on their home coming parades and get police protection and takes their side against the EDL.

The media lie about the numbers. They claimed there were only about 1500 at Luton but this privately taken video shows about 4,500 to 5,000. (4)

BNP Scotland's meeting in a hotel near Falkirk, to launch their manifesto for the Scottish elections was been cancelled because local MP, Labour's Eric Joyce, pressed the hotel to renege on their deal. The hotel complied with the wishes of the totalitarian MP. Again local people are suppressed.

The media use class distinction to isolate defenders of the British people from the rest of polite and enlightened society by characterisations like “Banner-waving drunks”.

These are attempts to oppress their own populations to prevent a “White backlash” but people are realising what the corrupt Ideological Caste has been doing behind their backs. Deceitful MP Simon Hughes stated on television that it is not true that asylum seekers get more state benefits than indigenous people he deliberately misled the public by playing with words because he knows it is the illegal immigrants that are granted asylum that get more benefits than our own people.

But Hughes comment was not only deliberately, deceitful, he is secretive about what he really wants for White Britons: to let Muslims take over. (5)

The UAF is a state - backed terror group. Evil David Cameron who is busy having Libyan civilians humanely carpet-bombed is a signatory. His UAF apparatchiks are made up of idealistic students, old style Stalinists and nonwhites.They are subsidised and supported by MPs who also make Race Relations laws to oppress the indigenous people.

For sixty years the Global Capitalists have used weakening ideologies to get ideologically neo-Marxist elite has waged a psychological war against the British people. They have been devastating the communities of local people by imposing a myriad of different ethnic groups on them while living in good areas themselves and benefiting from cheap labour as British workers are forced to accept less.

The general population are only just realising that the rulers can do such awful things in the full knowledge that they re doing them. Yet there is an independent strand. If you look at the comments in the newspapers when race and immigration crops up There's an interesting development the main opinion pieces and comment blogs are getting many opposing views. So much so that they now have to be censored.

As they are getting stronger they have started to show their true loyalties and what they are doing to us now will increase as they grow in numbers and this is beginning to show behind the veil of the Establishment cover up.

We have had 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London, India and Russia which indicates a world wide Jihad is being enacted. Then baroness Warsi whines that we are prejudiced against them! They are carrying grudges against us and the third generation turns nasty and starts threatening us. They have been encouraged to take our territory for long by the elites. The seed of conflict is in them as it is in all peoples who have been victims of surprise invasions that kill their women and children.

The Birmingham Mail of 5/1/11 reports the growing reaction to the Muslim attack on our people and values. A former soldier, who did not wish to be identified, claimed Respect Party representatives Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq would require a round-the-clock guard unless they apologised for the snub at Birmingham City Council.

They refused to stand for Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher when he visited to highlight his work with the Royal British Legion. They are not part of our society nd do not belong here any more than we should be invading theee Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. He said:

"There will be repercussions if this pair are not kicked off the council, they will need 24-hour protection," claimed the soldier, who said he was speaking for many ex-servicemen.



White man stands his ground against MDL.



This video shows a march of 4,500-5,000 EDL.
Gang raping young White girls
Alum Rock Cricket celebrations
John Berry of UAF attacks the EDL



Anonymous said...

Nu Liebour,Nu Reich...during there dictatorship their constantly introduced laws to suppress patriots and patriot marches so pandering to there immigrant parasites which there saw as ''Liebour voters''.Greed,Egomania and anti Britishness was the core of Liebour's aims while in power and if you objected and was a nationalist there only weapon was to brand you a ''racist'' etc while at the same time systematically destroying our great nation for the lie of ''multiculturalism'' or genocide in layman's terms.

For St George.

misterfox said...

St.George, it is the same in the States. This persecution of a young White girl shows us what our future could be.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but another enricher enriches ...

Night Stalker on the prowl: Evil rapist caught on police surveillance tape during 17-year reign of terror

Read more:

trencherbone said...

The Polluter Pays Principle
Islam is a form of pollution, which is not just limited to environmental pollution caused by the population pressures of fast-breeding parasites. Islam is also a toxic upwelling of spiritual, moral, social, economic, educational, genetic, intellectual and cultural pollution in the Western societies which it is slowly poisoning.

On the principle that the polluter pays, Muslims should be made to bear the cost of their socially corrosive activities, rather being rewarded for them.

Ted Crilly said...

Islam in the west is like a turd in a tub of ice cream.

It makes no difference to the turd, but it completely ruins the ice cream.