Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The sad case of a deluded Frenchman

Flying Frenchman - Alain Juppe - not taking his medication

It would appear that French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has stopped taking his medication, and has lost all contact with reality if the following article from Jihad Watch is anything to go by:

French foreign minister: Mideast uprisings show "Mediterranean Union needed now more than ever"

With pro-Sharia parties looking to play a significant role in new governments in North Africa and the Middle East, one would think that the French Foreign Minister might think this would be a good time to disengage from Euro-Med partnership initiatives. No such luck.

"Uprisings: Juppe', Mediterranean Union Needed More Than Ever," from ANSAmed, March 2 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, MARCH 2 - In light of the uprisings in the Arab world the Union for the Mediterranean project, launched in 2008 in Paris, is needed more than ever. The statement was made by the new French foreign minister, Alain Juppe', who already yesterday insisted on the need to revive this ambitious project.

During a speech to the Paris National Assembly Juppe' stated that ''The Med Union is an idea that is needed more than ever before'', and added that ''Our common interest is to ensure that the development of the two shores will allow citizens of the south to live at home, on their land, in their countries, and to find there their rightful peace, freedom, work and prosperity.

That is what we will do by reviving the Med Union with the support of all European Union Countries''. The Union for the Mediterranean, a cooperation project between the EU and the Countries of the south shore of the Mediterranean, among which Israel, was one of the initiatives that was strongly desired by president Nicolas Sarkozy. But the stalemate in the peace process between Israel and Palestine still has not allowed the project to take off....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Off topic, but very funny! If you want to see a hilarious youtube vid about that Rendier twat who got Google to ban SA Sucks, go toƶ





Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi K

I have approved your comment with the link to the video.

However, going forward, I really don't want my blog to become the place to post attacks on the enemies of South Africa Sucks.

I do understand how you all feel about Rendier. However, I am troubled by the way that white South Africans seem to spend more time attacking each other than they do addressing the very real dangers you are all facing.

Hence I would be grateful if there were no more after this.



Anonymous said...

Is it any different to this?

Why are these parasites here??? they have historical links with us whatsoever yet they seem to have a similar voice to their Asian counterparts who do?

My Italian friends hate these people!

PreatorianXVI said...

An European Union, a possible North American Union, a Possible African Union, we already have ex- USSR, Now all that is needed is a South American and an Asian Union.

Would the Mediterranean Union include Southern EU Countries and Possibly Turkey to slide in the Back door?

Looks like the One world Government propaganda is pushing forward ever so subtle.

misterfox said...

I think it is European official Barroso who is a convicted fraudster. Well, this one is similar. Government by Kleptocrats.


Anonymous said...

"Why are these parasites here??? they have historical links with us whatsoever"