Sunday, 27 March 2011

World Control - a Poem by Mike Wilson


By Mike Wilson

I’m really at a loss to know
What winds the world and makes it go.
From alien minds to Zionist plots -
These thoughts of mine don’t help a lot.

I only know that what I read
Seems so clear cut and fits the deed
Of what has gone before, it’s true;
So let me try to educate you.

Now David Icke was almost right
But ‘reptilians’ seems quite a hike
From simple theories to conspire
Just to add more fuel to fire.

My theory is that world control
Is run by people with no soul.
No soul for things which we hold dear,
Which get despoiled year by year.

These people run our lives so well
But in fact it’s just a total sell.
There’s nothing we do by free will
And our conditioning goes on still.

The people who control our lives
Control the press and through that thrive
On making us do what they will -
No wonder our world is so ill!

Not only is the media theirs
But also banks and business shares.
Their cartels form to shape the world
And we, their pawns by them are hurled,

Into the next great battlefield.
We fight for one side or the other
But they support both sides to smother
Ideas that they are our brother.

So who are they, these nameless men
Who change the fate of nations then
Instill a mood of optimism
Before producing one more schism?

The countless theories that I’ve heard
Pass from sublime to just absurd.
But what most certainly fits the bill –
A covert grab that’s growing still.

These nameless men and all their tribes
Come down through history with their bribes
Of money which they made from us
By their extraordinary usuary-ness.

The protocols these men hold dear
Have been refined for year on year
And we the poor unknowing fools
Have now become their daily tools.

The Jews were thrown from Englands’ gate
By giving barons cause to hate
The way they used to rob the poor
So King John simply showed the door.

It was Cromwell with his plan for power
Allowed them back to win the hour.
And ever since, these Zionist men
Have planned to rule us once again.

They have done it skillfully year by year
Changing their identity so it wasn’t clear
That when they made it to the top
They weren’t opposed and didn’t stop.

As years went by they wound their way
Into the fabric of our day
By being teachers, judges ,cops.
A subterfuge that never stopped.

Today their Zionist plan is clear
And we the Goyim have to fear
That when they have the total hold
We’ll have no voice to shout or scold.

Their plan has been in place for years
Their God the Lucifer of all our fears.
The world is held tight in their grasp
So no more questions-don’t ask.

Just live your lives as you see fit
And don’t question any part of it.
If you do you’ll see we are in thrall-
Just read the words of Harold Wallace Rosenthal!


bupkiss o'toole said...

Disappointed to read this piece and the referenced link. The latter was at best a clumsy caricature. There is a difference between criticism and invective.

Anonymous said...

Thanks or the link!
I will post this to the BBC FAO David Dimbleby esquire and his handlers who emolliate this creep's subservience to them.

Rusty Mason said...

Nice poem, thank you. Kinda depressing, but we will not give up hope, for there is help available above.

Last night I read Tom Wolfe's little book, The Painted Word. I was not surprised to read about who powered the 20th Century "modern art" movement. It's no wonder the Old Testament prohibited them from dabbling in art.