Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Egyptian Constitution

Whilst our troops, together with the Americans and French are engaged in the humanitarian bombing of their neighbour Libya, the Egyptian people have been turning out in high numbers to vote in a referendum which will impact on the presidential elections which will occur later in the year.

Many will marvel at the swiftness of this latest development, given that the spontaneous and unplanned uprising against the last president only started six to eight weeks ago.

One interesting feature to note is that, to stand for election in the forthcoming presidential election, the candidate must meet certain criteria:

  • He (it certainly will be a "he") must be over 40
  • He must be an Egyptian born in Egypt
  • Both his parents must be Egyptian born Egyptians
  • Neither he nor either of his parents can ever has been foreign citizens
  • He must not be married to a foreigner
Interestingly there has been no comment in the media, which I have seen, suggesting that such rules might be just a tad racist.


funambulist said...

'Racist' is what we are, white, English-speaking, often Christian people, by definition evil.

'They' can never be accused of racism - ask Jo Brand if you don't believe me.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Egyptians have learned a lesson from the USA elections and Mr. Obama. Both parents must be American born Americans - that is a fail for Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro.

Neither he nor either of his parents can ever have been foreign born citizens - that is a fail for Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro and his father.

Learning from others mistakes can be an inexpensive education.

Anonymous said...

not to mention sexist and ageist!

Dr.D said...

It all sounds remarkably intelligent to me. I cannot fault them for this.

They may be aiming to exclude certain particular potential candidates. Not knowing enough about any of the Egyptian politicians, I cannot address that aspect.

Anonymous said...


He made this statement before he learned that he had to be a natural born U.S. citizen to be a candidate for the presidency.

We are not as crazy as the controlled Press would make us believe.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anon 08:01

Thanks for the clip, I have seen it before, and I'm afraid I think it has been "doctored" a little.

Obama had his "Born in the USA" narrative ready by 1994 when when Bill Ayres ghost wrote his autobiography "Dreams from My Father"