Thursday, 14 April 2011

What else awaits us?

By Frank Ellis

In the immediate aftermath of the 7th July 2005 I wrote an article about the bombings (published in Right Now). Below are the concluding paragraphs of that article.

“What further outrages and assaults await us? Here is a prediction. At some stage - I do not know when - the self-appointed leaders of what is referred to as the “Muslim community” will demand an independent Muslim state on the territory of the United Kingdom. They will justify this demand by arguing that Britain is so hostile to Islam, so riddled with “Islamophobia”; that only in their own self-governing territory will Muslims feel secure and be able to lead their lives according to the rules of Islam. This demand would be coupled with a barely-concealed threat of widespread terrorism, the use of suicide-homicide bombers, shootings, kidnappings, executions and murders, as we have seen in Gaza, Israel and Iraq. In the same way that the Israelis have had to trade land for peace so our politicians will be expected to make territorial concessions to buy peace in the United Kingdom. The fact that there may be a peace deal in the Middle East - eventually - would be the ideal time for Muslims in Britain to press these demands. Let us hope that this remains a far-fetched scenario, but if something like this happens, we should not bank on Blair’s successor, or whatever loser happens to be running the Tories, finding the resolve to reject any such demands out of hand, or pointing out the very obvious, that if these Muslims find life in Britain so utterly intolerable, they are free to return whence they came.

Perversely, terrorist attacks help this long-term aim. The more attacks we experience, the more resentment against Muslims in Britain in all its forms will come out into the open. The provisions of the Soviet-inspired Racial and Religious Hatred Bill will count for nothing, and Macpherson will be dumped. Given that very few Muslims will follow the sound advice of Lord Ahmed of Rotheram: “buy into what it means to be British or go”, then the temptation to grant political autonomy to specified regions would seem quite attractive. It would, of course, be an utterly disastrous concession: paying Danegeld never works. Moreover, any kind of self-governing status granted to Muslims in Britain, based on the main concentrations of the Muslim population, would spell the end of the United Kingdom forever. For that reason, the EU can be expected to encourage such measures. Inter-racial and inter-ethnic strife would increase dramatically.

And let’s be clear that this means much more than the riots that took place in Bradford, Burnley, Leeds and Oldham in 2001. If Islamic terror groups can organise carefully coordinated bomb attacks, there is no reason why they cannot organise large-scale attacks on the police, luring them into pre-planned killing zones, using small arms and rocket-propelled grenades. If some three quarters of a million illegals can get into this country, then smuggling in sufficient numbers of weapons presents no problem at all for determined groups. In any case Britain is already awash with illegal small arms. There is also the distinct possibility that not all members of the indigenous population will be content just to watch as the sceptred isle is turned into a war zone and torn to pieces. They will organise themselves, acquire weapons and learn how to use them and then they will fight back. If the security services fail to crush what has all the makings of a full-blown intifada, and thus prevent a violent counter reaction, things will be bleak indeed. For the time being the indigenous population of Britain is on the defensive, but it would be a grave error on the part of the government and the Islamic terror groups and their white Quisling apologists to believe that all Britons will just submit indefinitely to the cultural and physical terror engendered by multicultural extremists. At no stage were white Britons asked or consulted about whether they wished to see their country turned into another Yugoslavia. And that is where we are heading, maybe much faster than most of us realise”.


Border_Reiver said...

This is an interesting scenario but I cannot see it happening. The Islamic population is growing faster than the indigenous through a higher birth rate and continued high immigration. It is therefore only a matter of time when demographics provides Islam with a majority and they can take over the country peacefully and democratically.
Having a distinct muslim territory within the UK would be a strategic disadvantage to the muslim population. It would be easily contained by UK armed forces and destroyed if the absolute need arose. Better to scatter your invasion force.

Anonymous said...

Border Reiver,

You are highlighting a horrific possible final outcome which I think will never happen.

Even if muslims did form a majority the takeover would not be peaceful. They actually want it to be violent a la Ivory Coast. They are unlikely to meet with the same degree of success against white people.

The flaw in your argument is thta you assume that things will progress linearly. They will almost certainly not. There are many cases in history of step changes. We appear to be on the cusp of one such change now.

Keep your pecker up.

alanorei said...

A story of deliverance:

It is from a different era but you will note that the enemy's objectives against this nation are the same, then as now.

The poem was written by Lord Macauley and it's regrettable that the enemy realised, after 1588, 1805, 1815, 1914 and 1940 that the best way to conquer Britain was by infiltration.

The same fate awaits the English population as is described below by Profesor Michael Lewis, carried out this time by the EU - of which Spain is a major beneficiary. (EU leaders allow Moslem mayhem in Europe to encourage the population to accept more martial law, i.e. EU dictatorship, for protection, i.e. peace at any price.)

Night sank upon the dusky beach, and on the purple sea;
Such night in England ne’er had been, nor ne’er again shall be.
From Eddystone to Berwick bounds, from Lynn to Milford Bay,
That time of slumber was as bright and busy as the day;
For swift to east and swift to west the warning radiance spread,
High on Saint Michael’s Mount it shone, it shone on Beachy Head.
Far on the deep the Spaniards saw, along each southern shore,
Cape beyond cape in endless range, those twinkling points of fire.

Beacon fires of British resistance need to be rekindled, though in the heart rather than on the headland. The following explains why.

From The Spanish Armada, by Michael Lewis, Pan 1966, p 102, a chronicle of REAL history.

The bad situation described below has been made worse by our invasion of Moslem lands.

"Spain was invading England, not England Spain. Pedro and Sancho might reconcile themselves to the journey, both because they were promised Paradise if they should chance to fall, and because they had been told that El Draque had juicy infants served up for dinner when he captured a town. But such things were, relatively, faith and hatred at second hand. From what they were told, they did not really anticipate having to pay any penalty at all - the thing was to be a walk-over. Nor was Drake at all likely ever to come their way: to the large town or seaport, possibly, but to their own little plots and homesteads - well, hardly.

"On the other hand, Jarge the yokel and Dick the hostler had been told, and firmly believed, that one whole, huge Armada ship was loaded with nothing but halters to hang them with; that every Englishman between the ages of sixteen and sixty - some said twelve and seventy - was to be turned off forthwith, his womenfolk rounded up for the use of the soldiery, his children, if seven or under, branded on the face that all might tell thereafter the master from the slave. And those halters, those foul ravishers, those branding irons - they were on the high seas! They were actually on the way!

"It was, in fact, the old story of the hound and the hare. The Spaniard was running for his supper, or thought he was; the Englishman for his life, and he knew it."

To be continued.

alanorei said...

Here is one Englishman who had a proper vision, however. His evaluation of the nation's peril bears careful reflection.

This is from The Spanish Armada - God's Hand in History by D. C. Relf. The letter is addressed to John Foxe, the noted martyrologist.

“To my very loving friend John Foxe...continue a faithful remembrance of us in your prayers that our present service may take that good effect as God may be glorified, His Church, our Queen and country preserved and the enemy of truth [“thy word is truth” John 17:17, KJB] utterly vanquished, that we may have continued peace in Israel* - our enemies are many, but our Protector commandeth the whole world, let us pray continually, and our Lord Jesus will help in good time mercifully - Francis Drake” *England.

Drake wrote to Foxe in about 1587, not long before Foxe died.

The great victory over Spain - and Rome - was achieved the following year, when ‘God blew with His winds and they were scattered.’

The prayers of John Foxe and Francis Drake were stunningly answered.

The battlefield is different but the enemy's aims and objectives are the same, as indicated, then as now.

The basic strategy of defeating the current Moslem invasion is also the same.