Monday, 25 April 2011

South African farmer dies of neglect following September 2010 attack

Attacked, tortured Afrikaner smallholder Chris Bronkhorst, 67, dies from maltreatment and gross neglect in government-hospice:  ‘surrounded by uncaring staff’…

April 24 2011 – WALKERVILLE. Family-friends write: "We have been informed this morning that Chris Bronkhorst has died early this morning after a long suffering. Rest in Peace Chris. You will be remembered." Indeed the suffering of this disabled, 67-year-old, impoverished pensioner has been great.

Bronkhorst Chris tortured smallholder dies from maltreatment in hospice May24 2011. His ordeal started on September 29, 2010, when four young black males attacked Bronkhorst at his Walkerville smallholding --  although he was partially disabled from a stroke and completely unable to defend himself. He was brutally tortured with melting plastic, was whipped with a sjambok and endured other tortures so horrific that the news media is still unable to publish it. The attack was only confirmed to the news media four days later, on November 2 2010, by the SAPS and only after the family had told the news media about it and the police were pressured into releasing the information.

Above is what he looked like shortly after his ordeal. However this did not end his torture. Shocking images have since emerged of Chris Bronkhorst's maltreatment in a public hospice. He continued to suffer due to the maltreatment and neglect at the hospice where he was moved after his wounds were healed at the Milpark Hospital a month earlier.

When he arrived at the hospice, all his wounds had healed: Family friend Magda Cracknell wrote that while Chris was mentally traumatised and “uncommunicative' after his transfer from hospital, his wounds had completely healed: “There were no pressure sores on his body when he was moved to the hospice.. yet within weeks, a leg had to be amputated because of untreated pressure sores. He was surrounded by uncaring staff. This suffering man and his poor family, the ordeal just doesn’t stop for them.’  The great many pictures taken by family to record the neglect at the hospice showed the extent of Chris Bronkhorst’s continuing suffering: his buttocks were blackened from untreated pressure-sores, his limbs and back showed festering, puss-filled, gaping wounds. He suffered constant pain and was kept sedated and thus uncommunicative with morphine injections.

Report continues at Censorbugbear WARNING Graphic images

NOTE: I have included Chris Bronkhorst's death as a farm murder because, despite any contributory factors it was the September 2010 attack which set the chain in motion which eventually led to his death seven months later


Macaw said...

These bastards only attack defensless folk and they attack in numbers like a pack of wild dogs.

Thanks for the post Sarah; maybe some folks who are new to your blog and did not know what is happening here, will spread the news that this "rainbow nation" as it is called is nothing but killing fields

Anonymous said...

Animals ! No animals are better than them . They care for their vulnerable ....Not too mention the perpetrators ...Makes me sick .Thank God for Morphine . I guess they did not actually bother with giving him fluids either .Poor man.I so feel for his family as well .

Anonymous said...

One of the many disturbing aspect of this horrible case of abuse and neglect is that our traitor governments, Con+Lib and Lab, insist that we need more enrichers, like those that neglected that poor man, to come here and 'take care' of us when we are too old and frail to look after ourselves. Something to look forward to when we retire.

Laager said...

For readers new to this expression of "freedom" by black South Africans since 1994, the facts are:

50+ murders/day
320,000 South Africans murdered since majority rule
80% are black on black
40,000 (approx) whites randomly slain
3,000+ white farmers and kinfolk brutally slain

For the full detail see:

Go into the archives and be prepared for some gruesome images

Multi-culturism and diversity at it's absolute worst

Anonymous said...

No more talk then we'll do something. contact me @ some of you must be up for than just sounding off on blogs?