Monday, 18 April 2011

Another kind of "friendly"

Just when you thought the world could not get any more surreal, something will come along and show your that when it comes to Political correctness there is no no outer limit of the absurd to which some brainwashed, white guilt raddled or ideologically driven individual or groups will go in order to prove how non-racist they are, or to affirm their total commitment to the new religion of multiculturalism. Such an event occurred this week when Forbes Magazine listed South Africa as the third friendliest country in the world.

One can only assume that Forbes have developed an entirely new definition of the term “friendly”, which is compatible with rivalling only Columbia in having one of the highest murder rate on the planet. Either that or someone should tell the Forbes researcher that acts of rape, for which the rainbow nation excels all others, is not an act of friendship.

This report in this weekends News24, focusing on that chummy little chap Julius Malema, the president of thw ANC Youth league, gives an example of how friendly the new post Apartheid South Africa can be:
The media is the ANC's main opposition, the party’s youth league president Julius Malema told hundreds of supporters outside the South Gauteng High Court on Friday.

"The main opposition of the ANC is the media... do not feed the opposition," Malema told the cheering crowd, repeating comments made by ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe on Tuesday.

He urged them not to give the media "negative material".

"You don't have to explain to anyone why you are here."

He told them the trial in which he faces hate speech charges was about "burning" the struggle song "shoot the boer" (awudubhule ibhunu) and was not just about an individual on trial.

Singing and machine guns

Malema told the crowd never to retreat.

"We are here to defend a revolutionary song," Malema said before singing "shoot to kill, kill our, shoot to kill, kill our... kiss the boer, the farmer, kiss the boer, the farmer".

He then mimicked the sound of a machine gun while making the sign of a gun with his hand and concluded with the word "attention", at which the crowd cheered......

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Maybe the Forbes team heard Malema singing and missed the irony of inserting the word “kiss” instead of “shoot” or “kill”, and imagined this was some song or friendly reconciliation.


misterfox said...

I have sent a link to Peter Brimelow, proprietor of, and a former senior Forbes editor. He will note the irony because they sacked him because of his views on immigration.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Forbes Magazine years and years ago, after their then editor retired. It has been downhill ever since.

eduard said...

Well, if they can sing the song "shoot the Boer", then we will call them "kaffirs". This name was given to them by the British since the area east of the Fish river was known as the British Kaffraria. Kaffir is a derivative of the Arabic word "caffra", which means infidel or heathen or devourer of foul meat. Whatever the case may be, the name "kaffir" suits them well.

Laager said...

@ Eduard

If you read the diaries of the British missionary/explorer David Livingstone - available on the internet - he freely uses the word Kaffir in he context you describe.

Besides the British creating a province in the eastern Cape called British Kaffraria they also created a regiment known as the Kaffrarian Rifles.

Isn't it amazing how over time the spin doctors in the liberal English media succeeded in convincing the world that this word was a Dutch/Voortrekker/Boer/Afrikaner creation.

Also, the first racial discriminatory legislation you will find on any statute book in what eventually became the Union of South Africa, wil be found on the statute books of the British Crown Colonies of Cape (1806) and Natal (1843)


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Laager

I am afraid that link does not work, but as I understand it, you are correct.

Ian said...

Sarah Try this :

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Ian

That one works fine


Peter Blog said...

Here is analysis point of view about the Julius Malema case at African Crisis.

The Trial of Black Racist Genocidal Marxist, Julius Malema