Sunday, 10 April 2011

The French Burqa Ban

August Pointneuf gives his view

The French ban on the burqa will be enforced from 11 April 2011. The result will be catastrophic.

If attempts are made to enforce this law these Muslims will become martyrs on behalf of their religion. Those who believe God is behind them are unstoppable in their intent. Therefore these women will be fined, and will predictably refuse to pay their fines. They will then be imprisoned en masse and the stage will be set for a blood soaked reprisal.

On the other hand, if it is not enforced, the Muslim defiance of French law will be demonstrated and emblazoned on every street. Indeed burqa wearing will likely increase as a gesture of Muslim defiance and assertion. The universal message will then become that Muslims are exempt from French law, and by extension the French law will be progressively regarded as unenforceable. Muslims will have good cause to believe that they are beyond French law. The nation will become ungovernable and uncontrollable.

Many, including the author, will say that people are entitled to dress as they like. Whether it is decorative, protective or symbolic is irrelevant. Social and cultural pressures are the mechanisms which have so effectively governed given groups since time immemorial, with an inherent regulation and conformal orderliness.

If the burqa wearers in France were aliens, perhaps the French community could complain on the grounds of provocative symbolism. But most of these women are not aliens. They are legitimate French citizens. They have fulfilled all the requirements requested of them to become nationals. They were not admitted to France with any conditionality, and it is now immensely unfair to produce conditions retrospectively.

So why enforce the burqa ban? It is because a large proportion of the French feel that their culture is being annulled. They are right. And it makes political capital to agree with the proletariat.

Hollow and fatuous reasons will be used to push this political capital: One is that the burqa prevents identification. This is correct in a Western society, but is traditional, usual and frequent in Muslim societies. So this enforcement is an imposition of a culture – Western culture. Even hollower and more irrational is that legislating against the burqa “frees women from oppression”. This is demented rubbish of course, a childish attempt at professing morality. But it is also an attempt to force a cultural change. Who do politicians think they are and where did they get a mandate to change traditions evolved over millennia?

This problem arose, and should have been stopped, decades ago, when self-serving European politicians in their ignorance, stupidity, and selfish political gamesmanship, began to inveigling a political tenure for themselves, insensitive to the fragility of their own nation’s culture. This is a result of the clumsy self opinionating of those arrogant enough to believe their own delusions that they had a superior intellect. They believed that they could engineer gullible societies. They believed that cultures were disposable and people malleable. They believed that cultural immigration was theirs to manipulate and was within their control.

There is now only one possible exit from calamity, and that is the geographical division of France with autonomous Muslim areas, likely governed by Muslim law. Separate development, if one likes. Cultures, laws and traditions would be allowed natural and inherent expression, and cultural conflict resolved.

There is also a strong message here, to other political cabals in Europe. Face your primarily obligation to protect the evolved cultures in your individual lands and firmly restrict ingress of alien culture immediately, if these blood baths are to be avoided. Most nations will inevitably be forced – sooner (with less blood) or later (with more blood) - to devise strategies of geographical separate development.


Brock Townsend said...

Good one and posted.

Anonymous said...

i suppose we'll see, but i think you've widly speculated and jumped to a lot of conclusions, there will most likely be a few grumbles and that'll be it

dont they ban all religious items from schools etc? even crosses? seems pretty fair really, children being indoctronated has always seemed abusive to me, maybe now they'll have more insentive to think for themselves


Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see how this works out...

Anonymous said...

dont they ban all religious items from schools etc? even crosses? seems pretty fair really

I wouldnt be surprised if the campaign to remove religious symbols somehow becomes very successful in the case of crosses but somehow fails to work on burqas. One might almost suspect that was the whole idea all along.

The whole sorry story reeks of neocon, jewish interference.

Clearly there shouldnt be any 3rd world muslims in France. Thats the real issue. Quibbling over whether they are moderate, what they wear etc etc is a complete red herring.

Dr.D said...

If the reaction is as bad as the author posits, and it well may be, then his proposed solution of a partition of the country may be the only solution. Even that becomes a problem in that how do you move all of the muzzies into selected areas, so that you can have real Frenchmen in the other areas?

Of course there is the other solution. You could ban izlam. I realize that will sound truly shocking to a cultured European, but that would get rid of the problem as well. If you had no muzlims, look how many of your problems would go away! Izlam in not indigenous to Europe; it is an invasive species, and there is no reason to think it should not, or cannot, be fought. It has been successfully fought in the past, and it can be done again. Just DO IT!!

Adobe Walls said...

There is simply no possibility that any French government could contemplate partition, that would be political or even literal suicide, as it should be. Just because earlier governments allowed this situation to develop is no reason to tolerate it now. Islam and anything not are simply incompatible.
France, hell Europe will either be what they have been or they will be caliphate. There is no middle way possible. If they can make it too uncomfortable for the Islamics perhaps they will go back where they came from. This may entail some bloodshed. If the current trajectory continues at some point the common men and women will realize they're about to become extinct and that will be the end of their liberal elites who are responsible.

pi31416 said...

French law already forbids hiding one's face in public places, except at Carnival time.

The burqa law was completely unnecessary. All the French had to do was to enforce the law. There is already ample evidence that the burqa law is not being enforced AND is not enforceable: police would be assaulted by muslims if they enforced it. They know it and they say it.

alanorei said...

I suggest that the burqa is not the issue.

The Islamic invasion of Europe is the issue.

Essentially Moslems are Orientals and they are at war with Europe and every non-Moslem country where the leaders have been stupid enough to let them reside.

Europeans who have been subjected to the Islamic invasion of the last few decades are eventually going to have to learn that only one rule applies in war against an Oriental, a rule painfully learned by Allied servicemen who fought the Japanese in WW2 and other Orientals in later conflicts.

"With an Oriental, you either whip him, or you leave him alone."

The West has reached the point, or has even passed it, where it cannot leave Islam alone.

Border_Reiver said...

Civil war is inevitable throughout Europe. When the muslim population within each country becomes the majority that majority will become violent against the indigenous minorities. That is the nature of Islam, it cannot be benign or show compassion. It is going to be very bloody!.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. I am an ex-South African and when I read your phrase "Separate Development" I howled with laughter.

The phrase was the Republic's official title for what became known and vilified throughout the west as "Apartheid".

As the wheel (and the stomach) turn ...

Thank you for that.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Did I hear "Separate Development"? Isn't that what the rest of the world condemned in South Africa 17 years ago, before it became another banana republic ??

Atlanta Roofing said...

I don’t agree with France’s burqa ban. How can you discuss “liberating” women being forced to wear the burqas and niqabs while FORCING women to take it off? If the government really wants to uplift Muslim women why don’t they start by allowing them to choose?

misterfox said...

This is nonsense though and through. To partition the country is firstly, cowardly capitulation, secondly, it creates a hostile border between two states in one historical country.
There are a many example, none successful, Cyprus, Ireland. I would regard this as high reason if said about England.

misterfox said...

This is weak and lacking courage. To partition the country is firstly, cowardly capitulation, secondly, it creates a hostile border between two states in one historical country.
There are a many example, none successful, Cyprus, Ireland. I would regard this as high reason if said about England. The biggest mistake you can make is to surrender territory in advance because wars are fought for territory and that encourages the enemy to fight harder. The ideas is to become strong and remove the enemy not give in.
Remember the old values of nobility, honour and courage? That is what is needed not surrender in advance.

misterfox said...

Lee Barnes has turned out some powerful stuff on his blog 21st Century British Nationalism: