Monday, 4 April 2011



By Mike Wilson

No wonder that the world is changing. People go about their lives believing that they live in a great and secure country whilst unknown to them the country has already been sold out to the hordes of Islam.

First off, blame France for her role in seeking to reduce American power by building a European/Arabian bloc.

What we have all been totally unaware of is the behind the scenes betrayal of our country, our traditions and our heritage so that our EU masters can have a power bloc to rival the USA.

France has engineered this since the days of De Gaulle and although we have never really been the friend of France this insidious betrayal of our nation by EU multiculturalists simply shows that at the end De Gaulle has brought his British Enemies to their knees.

This is no longer our country, the home of democracy, freedom and enlightenment. Instead it is a debased society pandering to the whims of outsiders who have no interest other than a political agenda to appease our European masters.

Forget our famous sons who forged our nations’ name on the worlds’ history pages.

Forget our writers, our Rupert Brookes’s who died so that this country could live, forget all our illustrious kings and queens, our Robin Hoods’, our very history.

We have seen the end of Britain’s true nature. We have become the enslaved masses of the kings of Europe to be treated like cattle in the market places of the world.

Britons you are no longer free men. You do not realize it yet but you will. When the only English voice you hear in the street will be your own then you might start to realize that the nation we all knew and loved is gone and replaced by a totalitarian regime that keeps all of you fed and clothed and in complete ignorance of the facts.

Is it too late to change these things; I think so but surely we can’t just give up without some sort of fight. Don’t let these European bureaucrats have a free ride for ever, stand up and tell them



Border_Reiver said...

I'm afraid it is now far to late. The UK and Europe have been given away without a shot being fired.

Welcome to Hotel UK/Europe, where third worlders can check-in any time and never have to leave.

Enjoy what little freedom remains whilst you still can.

Celtic Warrior said...

When I ask my English friends (most of us ex RAF) what they're going to do to halt the rapid slide of England into mediocrity and 3rd world status, their response is to dodge the question and revert to telling me I’m just an Irish rebel.
This triggered a thought. The Irish, who have fought 11 rebellions since 1534 and lost them all except one. Fortunately it was the last one. Therefore there’s hope for England yet if they take a leaf out of Ireland’s book.

Dr.D said...

Mike Wilson has admirably put his finger squarely on the sore point, the determination of DeGalle and others like him to rival America. This has been pointless and extremely counter productive. It has been a source of French pride, but at the expense of always being out of step with the rest of the West, always working against the rest of western society for a separate, French deal with the rest of the world. It has made the French unreliable partners for all of the rest of the West in every venture, because sooner or later they would break off independently, seeking their own advantage.

This is most unfortunate. Whereas France could have been the cornerstone of the united Western cultural defense, it has become the gap in the middle of that defense instead. France finds itself in many ways isolated and under severe attack at a time when it could use the help of many allies. Thus DeGalle has set us up so that we all lose. Thank you, General!

Rollory said...

Blaming the French is like blaming the Jews. Sure there was some ill will and some knives in the back, but it wouldn't have had this big an effect if the defending culture hadn't engaged in far larger failures entirely its own.

To pick one example, in 1900 England was the lowest-crime society on the planet, and also personal firearms were very common - two facts not unrelated. It wasn't the French that changed this, and if it hadn't been changed, the influx of foreigners would have been much more controllable.

Full disclosure, I'm part French. And proud of it. And hoping and praying they turn things around, and doing what I can to nudge things that way. And even while the little voice inside says "perfidious Albion, she deserved it," I wouldn't mind seeing England turn things around and toss all the nonwhites out too.

"The Irish, who have fought 11 rebellions since 1534 and lost them all except one. Fortunately it was the last one."

And yet they gave that all away to join the EU and submit themselves to EU banksterism. What was the point?

Rollory said...

I should probably also saythat the Frenchmen responsible for the Eurabia project will, with luck, be cursed and despised in a future France just as much as in England - and to a certain extent they are right now, among the likes of the audience of There's no doubt that French bureaucrats and politicians had a disproportionate hand in assisting the screwing up of modern Europe. It was a mistake, and it will have to be corrected.

pi31416 said...

There are two things I vividly remember about De Gaulle.

1. His "vive le Québec libre!" clearly aiming at fomenting a secession in Canada.
2. His "l'intendance suivra" (Supply will follow) showing him for a nincompoop to whom the economy of the country did not matter.

I also remember the censorship, whole columns blanked out in the newspapers, the radio muzzled, "les chansonniers du Caveau de la République" shut down. And De Gaulle needlessly giving away the oilfields of the Sahara to newly independent Algeria. Needlessly because the Sahara never belonged to Algeria, which never was anything but a colony, first of the Ottoman Empire, then of France.

A pox and seven curses on the pompous old fart. May he rot in Hell forever.

And yes, I'm French.

Anonymous said...

Just who do you think runs and owns these banks? Jews from top to bottom!

Exzanian said...

Believe it or not, you already have Islam rammed down your throat:

whether you like it or not...

Anonymous said...

haha exzanian, bet seefafrican ne? who handed your backsides to the anc? raymond ackerman, aaron searl, nadine gordimer, joe slovo, hmm do you see any common links between these people? naah just like the typical whites blame the moooselims ne? wake up man.

yorkshirebob said...

With all due respect,Mike,I really don't want to know about 'De Gaulles disappointment at the loss of the colonies' and the 'Pan Mediterranean entity'.If it happened,it happened. It can be turned around. As an academic exercise the Fjordman Report is admirable but by the time I have read it, let alone absorbed it, they would have built 10 more mosques. The latest census claims that 48% of the British people would vote for cessation of immigration as long as it did not involve fascist policies. Why not try to harness this.