Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How's that Hope and Change working out for y'all?

Following US President Barak Obama's announcement that he will be seeking re-election in 2012, the Clarice Fledman at the American thinker published an article entitled The Story of O (Icarus, not Pegasus), which included a number of suggestions from friends as to the campaign slogans which Obama might chose this time round, these were:

Change We Need, and That I Promised Four Years Ago, Except in the Areas Where I Continued Bush's Policies, or Where Through No Fault of My Own Things Got Worse, Because Let's Face It Not All Change is For the Better - Not That You Should Dwell
If You Vote For Me Only Once You're a Racist

I Am Better Off Than I Was Four Years Ago

We Are The BS We've Been Waiting For"

"Hope You Didn't Expect Change" or

"Keep The Change (We Want Your Folding Stuff)".

It's just too bad that "The Violent Torpedo of Truth" has been taken.

I Finally Got Some of That Experience You Were Bitching About

You Have My Word On It: Three Wars, Tops

A Second Term Will Make a Great Topic For My 4th Autobiography

Confident Smugness For An Uncertain World

Give Me a Second Chance, And I'll Prove You Are Worthy of Me

No Matter What Crisis I Cause, I Will Remain Serenely Above It

You Can't Fool All the People All The Time, So Shoot For 50.1%

Do readers have any further suggestions they could add to the list?



Dr.D said...

We all need a second chance in life, even those of us that are the most brilliant folks in the world.

How was I supposed to know it was this hard? Remember, I had never done anything like this before.

I have not gotten the cooperation I expected. This next term in office I'm sure it will happen.

The healing of the earth has been slightly delayed, but it is still scheduled. You don't want to do anything foolish to cancel the event, do you?

Dr.D said...

No one has made better use of the presidential bennies than I have.

PamelaG said...

"I said "change", I didn't say "...for the better" did I?'

Anonymous said...

*This time we can ....maybe

*I sure changed the deficit and I can change it more if you let me

* So "hope" was a misprint, we'll get it right next time

misterfox said...

I'n not going to describe Donald Trump as "The great White hope" but he just might send Icarus spiralling downwards into the lake.


James Mathurin said...

You know what? Most of those are all wrong, but they are actually funny. Congrats for that.

Macaw said...

@PamelaG - Brilliant.

Change the vote...I mean, vote for change

bryan said...

Truthfully ? there are no free and fair elections,these things that control this world could make a population vote for a wooden door if they so wished,the GOD fearing whites of this world will have to TAKE OUR WORLD BACK,a huge task as every organisation is infiltrated,all communication known,"they"live in fear for obvious reasons,prayer is our only way,AT THIS TIME.