Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Religion of Peace keeps on killing

Over the last few days the media has been ferociously blaming Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Centre Church in Gainesville Florida for the deaths of dozens of people in the Arab world.

Pastor Jones recently set fire to a Qur'an following a "trial" during which the book was found of a variety of crimes, including "murder, rape, deception, being responsible for terrorist activities all around the world". Once news of the Qur'an burning was reported in Afghanistan, by our ally resident Hamid Karzai, in support of who's government thousands of young British and American soldiers have died, thousands of muslims went on the rampage slaughtering dozens of innocent people, including a number of UN workers, at least two of whom were beheaded.

Of course Muslims can not be held responsible for their own actions, and the media are determined to blame Pastor Jones for murders committed by other hands many thousands of miles from Florida. In Monday's report Channel 4 news Washington Reporter Sarah Smith took time off from kissing the ground at Obama's feet, to give one of her characteristic "grasp at anything but the truth" reports in which she made clear her view that it was Jones, not the angry Arabs who had blood on his hands.

Just imagine what would have happened if an Imam in some Mosque in Islamabad had burnt a bible and as a result crowds of rampaging Christians in Cumbria had started attacking and killing innocent people in revenge. Just who do you think the media would blame?

The Gates of Vienna have an interesting take on this lunacy, which can be read here, meanwhile, the always excellent Pat Buchanan also makes his view very clear in this posting.


Franz said...

Actually I don't blame the Afghans for acting out the way they did. For hundreds of years they have been known to be the fiercest and most aggressive defenders of Islam in the world. Their hyperprotectiveness of the Islamic scripture is only rivalled by their hyperprotectiveness of their ancestral homelands.

So what were these "UN people" doing there? Could they reasonably expect any other outcome for themselves than earning the Darwin Award to end all Darwin Awards?

The West would do well by taking a page out of the Afghans' playbook (incidentally our forefather's playbook as well) by throwing out all those who don't belong in our ancestral homelands. By encouraging emigration if possible, by violent means if necessary.

The Afghans are standing up for themselves and so should we.

I see no contradiction in being a white man - and proud of the fact - while feeling respect for those Islamic people who remain where they belong: To the south and to the east of the Mediterranean sea. They have their proper place in the world as we have ours. Peace is a function of respecting that arrangement.

The current state of affairs wherebey the West simultaneously invades and invites the Islamic world is sheer lunacy and will end in tears.

Anonymous said...

Bob said

We should have backed the Russians instead of arming their enemies. Afghanistan only has two industries.

1. The Drug Trade
2. Renting out space to terrorists for which are paid for this in Petro Dollars.

Nothing but trouble comes from Afghanistan

We are sending OUR soldiers to build THEIR country. How crazy is that.

The myth about them being unconquerable is just a myth. WW2 Germany would have been uncoquerable if we went at it as half-arsed as we are pussyfooting around Islamic countries.

OUR Soldiers are there to FIGHT and DESTROY the Afghan's capacity for doing us harm.

They can build their own country up when they stop trying to do harm to others

misterfox said...

I agree qith Franz we should fight for the sanctity of our homelands as they do. They are role models for us. I deplore these wild invasions of sovereign states and they clearly have motives we are not told about. Protecting civilians in Libya - Bollox!! You don't protect civilians by carpet bombing civilians.

Anonymous said...

yeah this is terrible, and there really is no excuse for what the people in afghanistan have done

the pastor is not really to blame, but he was incredabily stupid, its not fair no, but anyone with half a brain will know burning the koran will have this kind of outcome, so i wouldnt lock him up, but he is an idiot of the highest order, burning one koran wont even have an effect at all, and he's a hypocrite for saying the koran is wrong when his own bible is guilty of all the same things he condems


Anonymous said...
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yorkshirebob said...

Campaign to stop muslim immigration to UK

Anonymous said...

if you have a large, lumbering and primitive beast, caged, and someone who knows this about the beast, lets it out its cage, and then said beast kills a bunch of people, then yeah, the man who let it out is to blame

Anonymous said...

I dont think an imam woukd burn the bible. You clutching at straws here. the west has time and again prodded the hornets nest, now its time to get stung. there is a lilttle joke doing the rounds, youo may be english so maybe you can see the truth in this. the english invented the game of cricket, but the indians bashed them at a game they 'ínvented' haha. no engish team in the final. as i say you invade, then wait for the repercussions. its just not cricket mate!