Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Unity or death

I notice there were some very strong responses to August Pointneuf’s recent article addressing the French government’s introduction of legislation banning the wearing of the Islamic burka. In particular at the British Resistance site a number of readers took strong exception to August's suggestion that a potential solution to the massive problem which France faces might be the division of their country into Muslim and non-Muslim areas.

In my view many of the responses were unfair. In the spirit of conciliation, it behoves us not to attack fellow nationalists when they seek to identify a solution to the gargantuan and seemingly intractable problems which the treacherous governments of Europe have imposed upon us.

Given how deeply ingrained the situation has become, the only solution facing some European counties, short of a civil war and the associated prospect of patriotic forces being carpet bombed by NATO or the UN, might well be partition. It has, after all, already happened to Serbia

Some of what we had has been lost for ever, and sadly some will have to be abandoned. The tragedy of what has happened is matched only by the treachery of those who caused it. No one’s heart dropped lower than mine when a guest in the Paltalk room at the British Resistance recently said we could never go back to 1948, for my very soul craves that type of England. Yet we know it cannot be, at least not without the rivers of blood which a great man once foresaw.

They did not come to assimilate, or to leave

Consider for a moment the logistics of taking back London, Birmingham or even Burnley of Leicester, we could have done so even thirty years ago, but can we now?. How does Europe remove 52 million Muslims, let alone other immigrant groups? Especially as those who have come no more plan to leave than they plan to assimilate.

It is madness to assume that even the facade of this of a multicultural society will survive in Europe for much more than another decade, and when it falls around our ears what will we do? The violence could be terrible. Will we sacrifice another generation of our young men to a pan-European war of civilisations? and make no mistake such a war would be bloodier than anything we have ever seen before, or will cling on to that which we can hold and defend whilst leaving our mortal enemies to what they have already stolen from us.

I certainly do not support the prospect of dividing the country. Partition is what none of us want, it is what we must fight to avoid, but we have surrendered so much already there may be little else left to us. In parts of our country, and even more so in parts of Europe areas are already divided on ethnic lines.

At some point soon the unthinkable may become a legitimate option, and I challenge anyone to call me a coward or a traitor for saying so.

How have we reached such a point? how has our nation’s and our continent’s great history allowed ourselves to be brought so low that is no longer unthinkable that we may be forced to abandon and surrender our greatest cities, or even regions, to the followers of another god, just so our people can survive.

One reason in Great Britain is that in the 43 years since Enoch Powell made his great speech British Nationalism has not come close to getting its act together, and has not stopped squabbling long enough to save our country.

We can not, with honour, deny our own failure to prevent what has happened.

Are we any better today, when we have the British National Party, The British Freedom Party, the British This party the British That Party, the National Front, the English Democrats, the EDL,UKIP, the Joe Bloggs party, The I won’t work with Joe Bloggs party etc, etc all of us spitting over the garden fence and calling each other names, ignoring our mortal enemies who are standing back and enjoying the spectacle.

If this carries on we will be no more than an army of forgotten old men and women nursing our precious egos in our graves, and trying not to hear the screams of our grandchildren fighting for their very existence above us.

If we do not pull ourselves together and stop behaving like so many spoilt school kids we will be finished, done with, and on the road to extinction.

It is time to declare myself, I am not pro-Griffin, I am not anti-Griffin, I am not pro-Butler or anti-Butler, I don't hate Lee Barnes or blame Mark Collett because a lying gutter level journalist tricked him into saying some silly things when he was a twenty one year old kid, they are all nationalists and in my book that means they are the good guys. We are all in this together and must never forget we are all on the same side.

I will vote for whatever Nationalist has the best chance of getting elected, petrifying the political elite and clambering beyond that barrier where the media can still censor us, because until we get beyond that barrier we will carry on seeking to stem a haemorrhage with a band aid. Only unity will get us there.

Griffin is not our enemy, Butler is not our enemy, he who “fails to name the Jew” is not our enemy. The politicians are the enemy, the judges are the enemy, the media is the enemy, Trevor Philips is the enemy, that loathsome man in Downing street currently calling for affirmative action access to Oxford and blaming all the ills of the world on the British Empire is our enemy.

Lets us focus on the real enemy, not on other nationalists who suggest a different emphasis, let us not throw away what could be our last chance in the way that Nationalists have thrown away every chance they had in the last forty years. Because if we don't stop fucking about we will not just risk surrendering parts of our country we will loose it all together.


Anonymous said...

Bob Says:

I would be satisfied with just getting rid of the muslims.

How about offering the new Egyptian
Government 10 Pakistani Muslims for 1 Coptic Christian until all the muslims are gone.

Goodbye guys and gals. We gave it a try. Immigration worked with everyone else. Just not muslims. No hard feelings. Have a nice life, just have it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

How about proposing legislation that would require all politicians and public servants (Judges) who are Freemasons to publicly declare their membership in this or other secret societies (OTO, Eastern Star (women Freemasons), Temple of Set, B'nai B'rith etc.?
It is pretty clear that the clash of civilizations and WWIII was called for by Albert Pike, a US Master Mason, over 150 years ago. Pike and his mentor Mazzini have written of degrading society until it calls for the new Judeo-Masonic social order. This cult must be exposed and stopped.
If we don't want to be bothered to cut off the head of the snake, then we get the government we deserve.

malvoisin said...

Rivers of blood it will have to be.

Border_Reiver said...

I'm afraid it is far too late. The UK and Europe have been given away either by neglect or design. I tend to think the latter, with conivance from our politicians, the MSM and so called elites. It is no coincidence that this is happening throughout the EU. The immigrants did not come to integrate, they came to take over and replace the indigenous population of each EU country.
Enjoy your freedom whilst you still can.

Border_Reiver said...

Old Europe is dying, and the populist and nationalist parties, in the poet’s phrase, are simply raging “against the dying of the light.”

I'm afraid the above sums it up. The UK and Europe have been lost, through neglect or design I'm not sure. i tend to think the latter.

Enjoy your freedom whilst you are still can.

alanorei said...

Dear Sarah,

It is easy to see that you are totally hacked off with British nationalist disarray.

You don't normally use strong language, at least not without asterisks in the right places.

I can at this point offer a crumb of comfort, though sadly it is only a crumb. However, for what it's worth:

After one of my anti-lib/lab/con rants in the change room at the gym the other day, a local town councillor and ex-copper said "I take it you are right wing in politics?"

I said that I was in the same ball park as Nick Griffin.

An older chap who was there said "Griffin says what the whole country* thinks but we're too scared to say so**."

*i.e. the actual English part, about 85% of the population.

**or even vote so, sadly.

Folk need a focus to stop being scared.

They are scared because not only is British nationalism in disarray but so is the British nation.

And the British nation is in disarray because British churches are in disarray. Many, if not most, folk have abandoned them because they are perceived as irrelevant and even downright subversive e.g. Bishop Goddard of Burnley.

Those perceptions are entirely understandable.

This source* summarises how the current lamentable church situation came about.

*Note that Dr Rivera’s information on Jesuit assassinations and infiltration came from Cardinal Bea. Some assassinations may have occurred. No evidence exists to show that infiltration occurred. The TBS, Trinitarian Bible Society, states that several AV1611 Editions omitted the Apocrypha between 1611-1660.

The item also provides a possible way forward towards a re-establishment of the spiritual, ideological and national unity that this nation was noted, indeed famous for in the past.

As a reminder of how the Old Book can re-energize the nation, I draw attention to the following extract from The Men Behind the KJV, by Gustavus Paine, p 10 that seems to me a good illustration for the KJV versus everything else.

The dogs might today be named Mozzie, Marxi and Multi-culti, or maybe Lib/Lab/Con.

“When [James 1] had to return to town for the first Parliament of the new reign, he occupied the new royal apartments in the Tower of London and there, in the Lion’s Tower, the king watched three dogs set upon a lion, which tore two of them apart.”

I guess the third didn't wait around to share the same fate.

yorkshirebob said...

F---ing A, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

You have defined the problem perfectly Sarah.

UK nationalist politics is a house divided and I cannot ever see it being otherwise until either the clock winds down [which is probable] or a "Great Man" arises [which is improbable].

Britons have allowed its politicians to give away their country from under their noses on account of their superficial engagement with anything associated with national pride, preoccupation with trivial entertainments and a core belief that they have a lien on someone else's money to keep them housed, fed, bevvied up and entertained.

Anonymous said...

Border Reiver,

You make the mistake of thinking things will continue unchecked and continue linearly. They will not.

History is littered with examples of step changes.

The chances of a peaceful takeover by muslims are virtually nil. Their m.o. has historically been one one of violent insurrection.

Most people in this country are unaware that we are in a struggle for our lives, but once they become aware (and more are) things should perk up.

I feel you are a bit defeatists and actually appear to have assumed defeat at the hands of people who can barely support their own civilisations yet alone take ours over.

Anonymous said...

Border Reiver,

I do not mean to be rude but if you are genuine (meaning you want the best for Western man) and actually believe there is no chance of survival, it would be best to remain silent and not have a defeatist effect on anyone else.

Arguing that we are raging “against the dying of the light.” is - I am afraid - a version of 'resistance is futile'.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog Sarah.

I left a message yesterday about the gunmen in the Rio and Dutch incidents.

I heard the Dutch guy was white but that he had recently converted.

Any word?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 13:54

No, I am afraid I do not have any information on the Dutch shooter except that he had had some problems with the police in the past.

Does anyone else have any additional information?

Celtic Warrior said...

Poor, Poor England.

Another shameful act by the Royal Navy, and another blow to English pride.

Nelson must be spinning in his grave.

Although from Ireland, I was once a proud British serviceman, and I now find it so very very sad to see the once great navy of a once great nation descend to the levels of mediocrity into which England is now descending.

Pray tell me, what is happening to the England that once produced so many great men and created an empire the likes of which the world had never seen. But more importantly, what is the current generation going to do about it?

I further ask what you think your grandfathers did when England was under threat. Do the grandsons of the Old Contemptibles, the Desert Rats and the Few, not have the guts their grandfathers had, or have they had too easy a life of it under the welfare state?

Maybe it’s time to learn a lesson from the Irish, who fought some 15 rebellions and lost them all except the last one. In other words never gave up. If freedom is has any value, then it must be worth fighting and if necessary dying for.

Border_Reiver said...

Anonymous 14 April 2011 13:49

I'm not a "defeatist" by any means, but if nothing else I'm a realist. The scenario I predict is the most likely outcome if nothing changes from the UK/EU immigration poliicies of the last fifty years. I would more than welcome a more optimistic and viable scenario, but just asking me to be quiet because it makes you feel uncomfortable is a case of hope over reality.
All scenarios and possible solutions have to be open for debate because we do need to find a way out of this mess that has been inflicted upon us all.