Sunday, 10 April 2011

Prosecuting thought

Breaking: I see that a BNP candidate in the upcoming Welsh Assembly elections has been charged with burning a koran.

Although I don't actually approve of burning books, as a general rule, we can only deplore the actions of the totalitarian regime which rules this country, when it resorts to prosecuting free expression and seeks to punish thought crimes.

If this stands we are all at risk
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BNP Response


Macaw said...

To see G-D's work in the toilet is disgusting (in the picture). The koran deserves to be there, not the HOLY Bible.

I saw a video on youtube about a woman burning the koran in the USA(cannot recall her name). Let us see what happens to her.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It was Anne Barnhardt here is the video

She will probably get away with it, as Pastor Terry Jones did because America still allows free speech. We don't.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I meant to add that I agree about the Bible but I felt the cartoon made a very good point.

misterfox said...

Don't want be pedantic but "we" do allow freedom of speech and association but it has to be of the right sort. For example, the Muslim who burned the poppy got a mere £50 which he laughed at yet the army man in Carlisle who burnt a Koran is awaiting a custodial sentence! The authorities in the country are discriminatory, evil and biased against their own people but in league with Muslims.
That is another aspect of Eurabia.

misterfox said...

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Anonymous said...

it wasn't thought crime, it was the burning of a book, it was no more or less a thought crime than the idiots who burned the poppies

the only diffrence is, if you burn koran and we let which ever idiot who did it suffer no punishment, they will likely be punished by a few fundies who take issue with the act

in general, i dont think we shoud be deliberatly antagonsing anyone, anyone who burns something purely to annoy or get a reaction out of another group shoud be rightly punished for being a peculent little child


Dr.D said...

I am very glad that we still have the right to burn the crummy Koran here in the USA, and I hope to see many more going up in smoke in the near future. The very aggressive presentation by Miss Ann Barnhardt in which she skewered the dhimmi Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina and then proceeded to burn a Koran, reading selected pages that she had bookmarked with strips of bacon, that was impressive. She has gotten a very favorable response, with almost no negative responses.

Keith said...

If someone, say a white person, was to publically burn a copy of the Bible nobody would say a word, or do anything about it. They would probably just think he was a nutcase.

Now if it was a muslim burning the bible. . . .the same thing applies!