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Police Betrayal in Blackpool

Paige Chivers, victim of Muslim rape gang in Blackpool and missing,
suspected murdered like Charlene Downes

By Mister Fox

The Telegraph recently revealed that a report into to the gang rapes of young White girls by Muslims in the Blackpool area was covered up for 8 years by the local police(1). There is a pattern to the grooming and abuse of these 60 girls. The Telegraph:
"An unpublished police report identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as "honeypots" where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.

The report said: "Young people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers.”

Earlier this year a Home Office inquiry was launched amid reports of a similar trend of crime across the north of England and the Midlands involving gangs of mainly Muslim men and young girls."
Yet all this was hidden

How many children suffered because the authorities and the police and the authorities hid what was going on? In a just society those responsible would pay with their jobs, their pensions and their reputations for what they have done, but we are not in a just society and that will not happen.

The police and the courts act under Home Office orders so to be fair the order to cover up for mass child- rapists will have come from the top. This is government, possibly EU, policy. However, whoever gave the orders, it was senior police officers who put it into practice, thus actively aiding and abetting the execution of crimes they were hiding.

The police now cover up more crime than they prosecute. In Blackpool they not only hid the truth but even sabotaged one particularly horrific case, the trial of the two Muslims suspected of murdering a local girl, Charlene Downs, butchering her corpse, and then literally feeding her body to the local community as kebab meat.

Charlene was one of many young girls being groomed, sexually abused, and often raped by members of Blackpools Muslim community. Yet, even now these senior police officers refuse to warn parents about what is happening or who are doing this to local girls – in effect, they are still covering up serious crime.(2) How could this happen? How can Lancashire, Chief Constable Steve Finnigan justify what was effectively criminal behaviour by himself and his force?

Don't forget that while this and the cover ups were going on governments were massively increasing the immigration of Muslims. No wonder Finnigan was awarded a CBE.

He and his force have allowed, and to all extent and purposes abetted, the systematic rape of young ethnic English girls in towns such as Blackpool, Blackburn and Burnley. It has also been going on in Derby, Rotherham and Keighley and Telford by people from similar ethnic backgrounds. In fact this is now so widespread and directed so exclusively at our children that this amounts to an act of war as sure as if they had planted a bomb.

Our cowardly and treacherous elites refuse to acknowledge what is happening so we must rise to the challenge and the likes of the heroic EDL are already leading the way

The EDL have arranged another demo for Charlene in Blackpool on May 28th, supported by her family. Where we can again expect to see plenty of film of the police attacking the demonstrators while allowing the protected groups of Muslims to do what they like, as they usually do.(3) They and the compliant media will then blame any violence on the EDL, as they always do.

I suggested in “Surviving Enoch's Prophecy” that we should form Community Defence Groups. If the authorities side with aliens who rape young girls then the authorities are also the enemy of our people and we have to defend our people. (4) This is not a call for violence but for unity, others have taken sides against us and we must stand together against them. It is clear whose side the authorities are on. The Muslim who burnt poppies on Armistice Day was given a derisory £50 fine by a traitorous magistrate while the soldier who burnt a copy of the Koran in Carlisle was told by a political judge he could expect a custodial sentence. (5)

What is being done to these young girls is of course child molesting not “paedophilia” which is an ideological term designed to make it sound less evil than it is. The violated White girls were all aged between 13 and 15, the same age group as Charlene, whom, as I stated earlier is alleged to have been raped, murdered, minced up into kebabs and sold to customers on the Blackpool seafront.

Those accused of this crime have not only had the case against them sabotaged, but the anti-White establishment have now given them £250,000 as “compensation” while at the same time innocent parents suffer misery and have had their lives ruined.

Compensation payouts while a case is still open are unheard of what if there is a retrial and they are convicted? will the taxpayers get to ask for the money back? Our political class have made it clear that they do not care and are prepared to allow the routine raping of young White girls to continue. As a further insult Cameron has just given Pakistan £650 million of British taxpayers money in order to buy Muslim votes here.

As I wrote earlier these are acts of war on our people by a rival and homogeneous community which has been imported into our nation by those who wish to harm us.

If parents, knew the truth they would not let children anywhere near Muslim run takeaways, restaurants or taxis. They should teach them to avoid Muslims, but warn them not to tell this to their teachers who now behave like Stasi agents and would report them to the thought police for corrective training. They are already quizzing young White children for signs of “racism”. It is this imposed ideology that makes young girls believe it is okay to go with Muslims.

The truth is deliberately censored.

The Daily Mail reported: ‘A former senior officer with Lancashire police told The Times that the report was hushed up because of fears about 'upsetting community cohesion'. (6) ‘Community cohesion”? What ‘community cohesion’? Can the authorities and the media not see that, by suppressing the truth without solving the problem, they are merely putting off the day when like a pressure cooker this will all explode in their faces.

The priority must be for us to work to reverse the mass importation of muslims into Britain and to form links with other defenders of the continent across Europe, together with the many victims of Multiculturalism. Don't forget Islam is also persecuting Jewish communities in Europe.

We must also confront, face on, the traitors amongst our ruling classes who can not contain their hatred for White British people. Even the worthless nobody Sally Bercow (emphasis not on the “ber”) who is married to the equally worthless speaker of the House of Commons, showed her true face on Anna Botting's programme discussing the Charlene Downes case. When asked by Botting: “What’s the lesson from this?” Bercow smirked: “I guess the lesson is, don’t go for a takeaway in Blackpool.”

The likes of BerCOW hate the British and cannot resist slandering our people, and treating them with contempt. Can you imagine this disgusting woman mocking the disappearance and presumed brutal murder of a young Muslim? Of course you can’t! She never would. She like the rest of the elites shows us contempt in our own country. You can always tell a White-hater: they always try to silence our attempts to survive as a people by labelling us “Nazis”, “racists” etc. (6) We must make it clear that we will no longer stand for this hatred of us from such people in our country.

A particularly vile example of elite propaganda comes from Libby Brooks of the Guardian when she wrote that we, the British, “have a history of racialising crime”(7) . This simple view is based on the false idea of the equality of crime and the natural evil of Whites in criminalising the innocent 'other'. The repulsive apologist for child rapists was wrong and should publicly apologise to the innocent white girls she wronged. What a fool she now looks! Yet the bigoted old trout would rather die before she did so. No doubt Brooks views herself as a “feminist”, yet ignores the fact that in particular, the groups she chamions treat women like dirt. You only have to consider (dis) honour killings and genital mutilation of young girls and forced marriages.

Of course, these attacks on young white girls are a racial as well as a religious - the religion is adapted to the racial characteristics. Aside from a disproportionately small minority of white offenders, the disproportionate majority of the criminals are Muslims.

Our enemies must not think we are as weak and wet as the elites who side with them are. Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent with Lancashire Police, told newspaper reporters: that our girls were“passed around like toys for sexual gratification” but officers could not do anything to stop it as investigations were blocked over political concerns.”

The shop where Charlene Downes was "allegedly" raped, murdered, butchered and sold to the public is still open and being patronised by thick British People who, if they are aware of what happened, show contempt for their children and people. It was at that time known as Funny Boyz, a pun on the bar Funny Girlz whose staff were all transsexuals. This is a key to how our degenerate society signals our worthlessness and what we consider White women are only good for. Although that does not excuse what was done.

The Kriss Donald, Mary Ann Leneghan cases are more evidence of the war against us in our own country.

The police have a duty of care to protect the public but as the Blackpool case shows they are in dereliction of their duty. The parents should sue the police for this.

The Times of 6th April reported more insights into this war on us from within:

"Charlene Downes and her friends called it “Paki Alley”. When they were hungry, wanted cigarettes or alcohol, or needed top-up credit for their mobile phones, they knew where to go because you could find almost anything down the alleyway. For a price.

What Lancashire Constabulary uncovered when Charlene went missing from home in 2003, however, was almost a factory production line of child abuse involving the systematic grooming and sexual exploitation of dozens of young girls by a closely linked group of men

The force’s initial “problem scan” identified more than 60 local girls, the youngest aged 11 but most aged from 13 to 15, as being “exposed and vulnerable” to men operating from a cluster of “honey-pot” locations in the town centre, all takeaway food premises.

The ironically named Awaken:

“Children, many from troubled homes or in the care system, had been befriended by older men who flattered their desire to be treated as adults, showering them with gifts and affection before using them for sex both inside and outside the takeaway outlets.

The scale of the criminality was so disturbing that one of Britain’s first multi-agency child sexual exploitation projects, Awaken, was swiftly established in Blackpool to target offenders and offer support to vulnerable girls.

A decision seems to have been taken at an early stage that one aspect of the abuse made the police findings too sensitive to be revealed publicly. In 2007, an unpublished report by police and local authority representatives from Awaken stated: “Analysis showed that in relation to the takeaways, non-white adult males working alone or within friendship groups were principally perpetrating the exploitation.”

Some think we need to portion the country and give these aliens some of our territory. This is weak and lacks courage. To partition the country is firstly, cowardly, secondly, it creates a hostile border between two states in one historical country.

There are a many example, none successful, Cyprus, Ireland. The biggest mistake you can make is to surrender territory in advance because wars are fought for territory and that encourages the enemy to fight harder. The ideas is to become strong and remove the enemy not give in.

Remember the old values of nobility, honour and courage? That is what is needed not surrender in advance.

The eleven takeaway shops that are known to the police should be closed down until a full investigation into them and those that work within them as taken place and tell the people of Blackpool police must tell parents which shops are used to mass rape young White girls so parents may ensure their children are kept away from them. Then if evidence is found the authorities must press charges and stop protecting the criminals. It is surely unacceptable for the police to continue to protect gangs of child rapists. It would be professional of them to tell local people just how many of their young children go missing each year. It also cries out for us to demand who is murdering our children.

We can all start by boycotting these filthy restaurants everywhere were the staff probably routinely spit in our curries. People in the areas where the police protect those who rape their daughters must form defence committees and picket them until they are closed - the police are complicit in the rapes as they refuse to warn parents what is happening and therefore encourage it to continue. The police are acting directly against the interests of the community who they swore to protect! They betray local parents when withholding information needed to protect their children. Do these police officers have daughters? If so I bet they keep them away from such places.

In previous cases of the police protecting child-rapists in Blackburm parents thought of suing the police. Parents in Blackpool: you must sue the police and you must protect your children from this horror being done to them.
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I recommend the very powerful writings and advice on Lee Barne's blog 21st Century British Nationalism.

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misterfox said...

This is from Kevin Carroll on facebook about the forthcoming Blackpool demo.

Kevin Carroll
This will be huge. We must show we won't tolerate this -

EDL | English Defence League Forum

McGonagall said...

The indigenous peoples of the UK are beyond redemption. Our kinsmen are in denial and would rather see their children raped and killed than admit that they are strangers in their own land. I live in Canada now where the media celebrate the fact that white folks are becoming a minority. How racist is that? Even so they wouldn't for a second tolerate the rape and murder of their kids let alone cover it up. Some major ass whupin would ensue.

But in the UK - shhh - don't say a word - if it gets out minimize it, laugh about it, it's only a few isolated incidents after all and the perpetrators were English - okay - Asians by decent - but born here - so it's us really - our own fault - we did it - can't blame them - who ARE British - with a slightly darker complexion - but just like me and you - and Islam is the religion of peace - really.

I am at a point where I have nothing but contempt for my own people. I'm getting old - the majority of my life is past. I'm glad I won't be around to witness the final destruction of my people and culture. All that is left is memories of what we were, what we achieved. It's over - the fat lady's singing.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that, ultimately, any action short of violence will change anything, you are sorely deluded. Sad but true. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

McGonagall - why would you give up the fight? Your people will come to the fore again after they have learned their mistakes through suffering. This is just how history unfolds. A people as inventive and intelligent as ours cannot be kept down for long.

yorkshirebob said...

McGonagall, your posting made me feel very sad. But Anonymous said it all. I believe that in your heart of hearts, you have not given up. Maybe just a cry of frustration. My heart goes out to the young lads of the EDL, the Kevin Carroll,s, Andrew Ryan,s and Tommy Lawrence,s who have no special talent for oratory but are at least trying to do something. They have woken up, at last. And thanks so much for your reply on 'The Shropshire Lad '.