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Spartam Nactus Es Hanc Exorna - You inherit Sparta, rise up to it

By Mister Fox

We lost our power in the world and this realisation led our rulers to fear the future and to try to ingratiate themselves with “the other” ethnic groups. They took comfort in pretending they still had influence and joined America in “putting out brush fires” around the world. They dream that we can all live in harmony. That everyone is kind, good-hearted, tolerant – all we have to do is be nice to those we used to dominate and they will be nice to us. To sustain this fantasy it is necessary to pretend the ethnics come here to be like us, and to look after us when we are old.

But we have daily examples of what the attack on our natural homogeneity has wrought: once we did not need armed police and a surveillance state watching us, fingerprinting school children, we do now. So many new crimes from gang rape and honour killings to the stuffing electoral boxes with the names of dead people are all foreign imports.

From running the biggest Empire ever we were reduced to running a commonwealth in which our once leading role is now rapidly diminishing. America had taken over from us and often actively opposed us, most crucially in relation to our intervention in Suez, a humiliation which crushed much of our remaining influence. This new weakness was compensated for by a dream of Cultural Supremacy: “We’ll be Greece to your Rome Macmillan told Kennedy.”

They show our weakness to immigrants: ”Oh, dear, were you in the army at 14? Oh, you poor thing … I bet you can't sleep at night.” This effeteness goes back a long way. When Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England became Viceroy in India in 1921 he said: “ … all my experience of human beings and human affairs has convinced me that justice and sympathy never fail to evoke responsive chords in the hearts of men, of whatever race, creed or class.”

The League of Nations: Britain was the most powerful country in the world but the rulers put that power in the service of the “League” and thus willingly began to relinquish control. It was when the rulers gave up fighting for our national interest and the appalling situation we have today of bombing sovereign states for an abstraction labeled “humanitarian” began.

This contrasts with the tyrannical way they tell us, their own people, who to associate with.

The same is happening in all western nations, America who inherited our mantle is going the same way. One of the worst examples of this was President Eisenhower having young Whites forcibly integrated by armed state troopers at Little Rock, Arkansas. (1)

They get their opinions from each other and have formed an “Intellectual Caste” - a rigid intellectual orthodoxy and success or failure depends on paying lip service to the approved doctrines, which is why cardboard cut out pop singers and celebs are careful to always say the right things.

They are captive to their own propaganda and very predictable – you know what they will say next. It is a very stale ideology and they are so dated that our new intellectual front line finds no resistance only slander and dirty tricks. By the same token the nationalist leaders were predictable and the TV interviewers knew how they would respond.

But wait! What is happening in the real world that exists outside our leaders dream of utopia?

They talk about “Diversity” and accuse their opponents of causing division but they have wrought division and potentially lethal tensions with their harebrained integration dream when in practice nothing was ever done to integrate immigrants. Newcomers were always allowed to take over and dominate communities that rightfully belong to our working-classes. In fact the elites stir up racial hatred by constantly harping on their false version of the slave trade to turn Blacks against White Britons. To rub it in they open museums of slavery which inculcate racial hatred by using a an untrue version of slavery. This is done to set up ordinary Whites who live in mixed areas to be mugged by angry young Blacks to pay for sins the working-classes never committed: the elites cultural, political and intellectual have deliberately created hatred against Whites and a need for vengeance in young Blacks who then go mugging White pensioners to rob with violence (mugging is a euphemism to obscure what really happens).

I recall an occasion in post-graduate accommodation when an African student and I talked about Africa. I had made the remark that only Whites can be British. I was concerned that I had given offence to the others who were African and Asian because anti-racist propaganda has destroyed inter-racial relations. The African approached me the following day. I was apprehensive. He said: "I agree with everything you said last night. We have Whites and Asians in Africa but you can only be African if you are Black.”! This shows the racial hatred caused by the elites: Blacks born here are aggressive towards Whites whereas overseas students are usually friendly and easy to get on with.

There is still a deep masochistic need in many Whites. I was talking to another African outside the students bar when we were joined by a middle-aged White Christian woman. Straight away she butted in and started apologising to the African saying how much we must atone for what we did to them. Needless to say I responded but she could not understand that I got on with the Africans. But what she did understand was how much trouble this attitude causes. But these people don't care as long as they get their selfish and masochistic feel-good buzz. These are the people who cause racial hatred.

Have you seen that perverted descendant of Sir John Hawkins? (2) What he and his kinky Christian sect like to do is go to Africa and prostrate themselves before tribes and apologise for slavery. More semi- educated fools stirring up hatreds that others have to face. These people benefit emotionally from causing trouble. They live more delightful lives than the White working classes they set the dogs on.

The rulers deny us a voice and justify it by referring to the crimes of The Empire. They are trying to square the circle and themselves brought about the non-cohesion and intra racial fights. There were minor differences in Britain, petty rivalries between towns and shires when people joked with each other at work apart from young lads who would fight the rivals; or when they moved into the other area but their children adopted the identity of their new home. Immigrants can not do that because despite what they say, or good intentions, when they look in the mirror to shave or make up, they see what they are and become aware of a different history and culture. The elites turned this into hatred and mutual incomprehension yet still they blame the lower orders by saying they are spreading division when they started it.

The rulers apologise for a mythical and historically flawed account of slavery yet import wage-slaves from the Third World and deprive poor countries of doctors and nurses to keep salaries down here.

Our menfolk have been stripped of their moral courage and what the elites visited upon Rhodesians and White South African farmers is beginning here.

The middle-classes take refuge in material goods: “ We are off to Turkey for a holiday so please don't talk about racial conflict. We don't want to think about that.” Prosperous people don't want to be disturbed as they have a lot to lose but deprive their children of prospects as Asians begin to dominate law and medical schools.

People were constrained by the culture not to transgress although things like adultery happened, there was not Vaseline all over water cisterns and toilet seats in city centre pubs to stop people doing lines of coke on them.

The Towpath murders (3) were a national scandal but now murder is so common, unless it is committed by a White, it barely gets mentioned. This deterioration in our daily lives has been brought about by the worthless and selfish elites.

Some years ago a journalist was mugged and related in the Telegraph a dinner-party discussion were others had advised him to move into gated accommodation saying that they had because they knew this country was declining into lawlessness and they should leave it to us to suffer. So there you are: the corrupt elites create a violent and miserable situation then move to gated communities. Mrs.Thatcher and John Major lived in gated communities. Meanwhile, they focus on the immigrants. How do they feel? Is anyone not treating them favourably?

Culture is being hollowed-out by interchanging representative figures as Manchester Cathedral are deculturing St Georges Day this year with an African St.George.(4) This removes its meaning and deprives the host population of an important cultural and spiritual fillip, as the false-Christians make themselves feel holy and morally superior when in fact they are mindless clones trapped in the fashionable ideology.

This the way of degradation and deculturalisation, emptying it of significant meaning and value thus denying renewal through traditional culture which they substitute by feeling morally superior.

As things stand British, English, European cultures and that of the whole Anglosphere are being destroyed. Think of the respect the cultural and academic elites show other peoples or how they try to (quite rightly, by the way) preserve remote tribes and their ways. Our inheritance of culture is supposed to inform contemporary art and cultural thus renewing it and creating a better future. It provides a sort of cultural womb that new generations are borne into and need for their emotional health. Instead we have taxpayers money misappropriated and sponsorships from Global corporations to fund the foulest rubbish in contemporary art with the express purpose of destroying our culture. This is how Global capitalists use the ideologies from the New Left to weaken our traditional culture and boost contemporary art as collectors investments. They of course get tax relief.

Meanwhile, the elites keep the masses doped with hedonism - lust and sensations. This is a standard Communist trick to mesmerise the masses while a new society upheld by totalitarianism is introduced. A famous example was Georg Lukas an agent of the Comintern, in Hungary: "A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” When he became deputy commissioner for culture he introduced what became known as cultural terrorism. He introduced a radical sex education programme where children were instructed in free love and told how old-fashioned the traditional family was. This was developed in the sixties by Frankfurt School luminaries like Herbert Marcuse and has been spread by the current political and intellectual and cultural elites who were taught them as students. The story is that marriage is merely a social institution and people can just cohabit. When two are deeply in love they naturally want to join together. This is expressed in several ways they want to become one, merge into each other and look for a way of effecting this and so much the better if society has a ritual to give it objective sanctity.

The family is the basis of the nation where people learn roles and emotional loyalties. That is why the new revolutionaries, the PC lot, want to destroy the family.

The great revolutionary trick used to be a “revolutionary vanguard” but the revolutionary vanguard is in power which is why the “anarchist groups, probably handled by MI5, are allowed to do what they like in protests yet the police attack The Countryside Alliance and the EDL.

Why are they promoting homosexuality? To diminish our demographics and distract people from the developing police state. If people are born that way fair enough, but why propagandise it? What is the elites' motive?

The media trumpeted that Elton John and his partner had a baby! But, of course they could not do it on their own. They have to use a woman for that. It is just a pretence that people are interchangeable when they are not. Human nature is not immovably fixed but it obeys natural laws and can not change into something else no matter how much they wish it. What they actually do is disorientate the majority for the sake of their Utopian ideology. It also keeps our population and thus our demography down.

So where do we stand? We have to firstly, understand human nature. We have to realise that under the skin immigrants have very natural loyalties to their own kind, they want to advance themselves and their own, and it that is at our expense so be it. meanwhile if our rulers keep showing them weakness they will behave as they wish. Taking physical goods and also raping our women.

The elites are so wicked that when Muslims began to practice widespread gang-raping of young White girls the police and social services covered it up. Yorkshire police chief Colin Cramphorn told a public meeting to “get used to it.”

The family is the centre of trust and the child’s selfishness is tempered which is necessary for a co-operative social life as they begin to understand kinship and that they belong somewhere. It begins to learn values and how to treat others in the practice of life. If the parents were wise and equipped the child with an understanding of human nature and who not to associate with they should be all right.

Those without that learn lessons the hard way, and, in the modern world, it can be a very hard lesson.

By understanding human nature one develops wisdom whereas the progressives way which is taught in schools conditions children to submit to an ideology which is learnt by rote and where anyone who says the wrong thing has to be corrected.

The Marxist long marchers who infiltrated Christianity are trying to destroy our culture and way of life. We must stage our own cultural renaissance by booking rooms above pubs where musicians and like-minded people can organically begin producing traditional songs and poems and introduce contemporary issues and how we are being persecuted by the elites. Robin Hood and equivalents from the other parts of the British family of nations are precedents.

We should begin at home by instilling proper values, take responsibility for our own families and for the nation as a whole. We need to re-learn the virtues of duty and responsibility – traditional British values, and do so for our people as a whole not just as individuals.

We are Spartans and the responsibility to save our children and create a better nation for them falls to us

(1) .




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