Saturday, 23 April 2011

Those Moments of Fear, Loneliness and Despair

But another voice inside me called out: Someone has to stand up (Harry Wu, Bitter Winds)

What sort of an education can you get from a professor who is scared stiff of losing his job? (Alexander Solzhenitsyn, First Circle)

© Frank Ellis 2011

Totalitarian regimes strive to impose an ideological world view that can explain all the mysteries of being, the meaning of History (always upper case) and the path that must be taken in order that this meaning be realised. They also offer some vision, however vague and flawed, of the New World to sustain believers. Derived from various strands of old and new Marxism, multiculturalism manifests all the totalitarian impulses of Marxism-Leninism; free speech must be controlled; obvious lies are propagated (race and race differences are social and political constructs); private property is theft; and the white race is uniquely evil and depraved. The multicultural view of the world is so brazenly absurd in its assumptions, so irrational and so flagrantly at odds with the way people have lived over millennia, and the observed results of evolution and history, that multiculturalism is instinctively and rationally rejected by a majority. Multiculturalism is a minority cult and it is inherently oppressive. Like their Marxist-Leninist predecessors, those who actually believe in multiculturalism accept that harsh measures are justified because, as far as they are concerned, they are building a New World. Today’s victims – whites – are to be sacrificed so that some multiracial paradise can be built.

The oppression inflicted on whites in the name of multiculturalism takes many forms. For example, whites in the public sector, especially in primary, secondary and tertiary education, are expected to accept the multicultural agenda without any reservations. You can hold any views on multiculturalism provided they are within the politically correct boundaries set by the BBC and the Guardian. So you are duty bound to accept that black academic failure has nothing to do with blacks having a lower mean IQ than whites and everything to do with all forms of open and covert racism. Whites are to blame. If you publicly dissent, your employer will disown you and seek to punish you for your dissent. Those parts of University charters which stipulate the requirement to protect free speech and academic freedom are now worthless, certainly at Leeds University where this author used to teach, since university Vice Chancellors lack the stomach to take on the nation haters. It is so much easier and more satisfying to crucify a lone dissenter. Likewise, you must accept that mass non-white immigration is a good thing, something that brings all kinds of benefits to impoverished whites. Again, if you dissent and you work in the police, a school, university you can expect to be persecuted for your dissent.

The pressure on whites to conform publicly to something they instinctively reject and resent exerts a devastating effect on their psychological well being and their general levels of happiness. Nobody wants to talk about the source of this unhappiness; nobody wants to admit that multiculturalism makes them personally very unhappy; that it destroys something inside of them; that it isolates them and alienates them from their fellow citizens. Here are two brief accounts of how real-existing multiculturalism has affected the lives of some of my former students.

Elizabeth, you are a teacher. You became a teacher for practical, noble and honourable reasons: practical because you have to earn a living; but noble and honourable since you want to see young minds growing, young minds enraptured by the world about them, eager to learn. So what has happened?  I warned you to stay away from the state sector but you told me that I was a snob and that you felt obliged to go where you were most needed.  How long have you been a teacher? Ten years or so and in those ten years everything has changed. Now you hate it. You have never read Macpherson yet you are bombarded with endless directives and memos about the need to promote diversity. On your way to work you see all too clearly the benefits of diversity. In the classroom you have to deal with it. In the staff room you lie about how well things are going. I know this because you told me. Your headmistress is a spineless time server and in any dispute between you and a ‘young person’, as they are now known, you will be sacrificed. If the ‘young person’ is black you are defenceless and doomed. In those conservations which we all have with our self and soul you know full well that diversity is obscene. Teaching or rather being a zoo keeper is slowly destroying you. And do you think your husband likes seeing what is happening to his wife, watching as she is slowly broken? Day after day in your place of work you have to remain silent in the face of multicultural provocation and propaganda. You crave the truth, just one word that would break the dreadful tyranny of the Lie; one word that would liberate your soul. I admire you Elizabeth. You still have these leftist tendencies - you were like that at Leeds - but there is a raw, unsullied decency about you which others have exploited. God bless and good luck Elizabeth.

William, you are a police officer. You work in London. I remember your enthusiasm when you graduated from Leeds with a good degree. Do you remember that time when I physically tore your essay to shreds and threw it in the bin because it was total rubbish? I made you work son. I did not spare the rod.  When you graduated you shook my hand, thanked me for being a task master and we sank a few gallons of ale. Your story is not a happy one either. Like Elizabeth you have been ground down by the joys of diversity which, of course, you confront on a daily basis. William, now you hate your job. It is destroying you as well, filling your heart with bitterness and anger. How many times have you seen black thugs escape with a caution when harsher penalties were justified?  If I remember correctly the worst thing about your job is your having to work with blacks who are members of the Metropolitan Black Police Officers’ Association. You resent seeing inadequately qualified blacks promoted and having to take orders from incompetents. I told you so. Now you grasp, through experience, the disgusting double standard that is at work. God bless and good luck William.

Fear of being sacked, fear of being ostracised, fear of legal sanctions and fear of being isolated are primary weapons that all totalitarian regimes deploy against enemies and dissenters. Exactly the same methods are used against those who oppose multiculturalism. The point that needs to be made here is that I, we as dissenters, people who have had enough, are not alone. Multicultural zealots might give the impression that they are all powerful but they are not. They fear the lone individual who challenges their creed. What they really fear is not so much the truth - multiculturalism is based on lies and all good liars know the truth – but the public example of one man or one woman who stands up to be counted. The lone man or woman who stands up to be counted breaks the spell of the Lie and reminds the rest that the Lie is not all powerful; that they will not live by the Lie; that you cannot live by the Lie. Their example is an act of leadership, an act of spiritual and intellectual defiance, an act that will be witnessed and that will inspire others to act. Never forget people that our cause is just and honourable. Our enemies know that as well: that is why they hate us and why they devote so much time to denying and perverting our history to serve their foul purposes.

Today, on England’s day, which is Easter Saturday, we remember one very special example of moral, spiritual and physical courage but there are inspirational mortals as well: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the students of the White Rose, Harry Wu, Enoch Powell, Irina Ratushinskaia, Terry Waite and Ray Honeyford. Let us strive to be worthy of their example when fear, despair and the sense that we are abandoned to loneliness threaten to overwhelm us.

Are you of the English blood? Were you ever meant to be a slave? Resist these liars and nation haters; resist them with all your heart, mind and soul.


Anonymous said...

Love your post . Really

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful , i appreciate your blog site and bookmarked it . I concur with a lot of the things you said and im waiting for the new posts . Youre 1 of the very best write-up writers that ive observed recently . I also like the way your blog site seems , are you currently making use of wordpress?

Anonymous said...

Frank Ellis for England's first prime minister.

I salute you sir!

galafron said...

The part about the black police officers association is disgusting to say the least, as a white version would have been hardly welcome by the current stream of political correctness.

But now that it seems allright to herald the race as a segregating criteria at the heart of a major institution, what if William and friend counter the move with fairness by building their own white replica?

first, that would scare the former to death thus providing a good laught to the latter, then point out whose community fired the first shot of blatant racism at a working place. All under the same benevolent shelter from criticism that both have to enjoy.