Sunday, 24 April 2011

Flesh of my flesh, Blood of my blood

Donna and Rachel Cave

I see that the two daughters of Britain's first elected BNP Mayor have denounced their father, changed their names by deed poll and sold their story to the Daily Mail.

These women are followers in a well trod tradition, in Germany in the 1930's, many children who had been politically brainwashed would betray parents who did not conform to the ideology of the times.  The same happened in the Soviet Union under Lenin, and in particular under Stalin.

I am sure that the two women pictured above are deeply proud of the historical precedent they have followed.
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Anonymous said...

before you've said if people even mention they hold these views they wont work again etc, so now your attacking these girls for not wanting to be tared with the brush of there father?

so what if they disagree, are we allowed to mock and attack people who we disagree with? is it there duty as daughters to accept whatever nonsense there dad believes?

this is a story about people who think for themselves, and the world we be a better place if everyone did that


BritishActivism said...

"Donna and Rachel Cave do not want to be associated with the man they say abandoned them when they were teenagers".

Not the sharpest tools in the draw then - seeing as they have changed their names by deed poll and then once again linked themselves to their father in one of the biggest national newspapers, complete with pictures.

Trying to pin Sharon's joining of the BNP to 'lost trade' is also pretty pathetic. As though to say that BNP supporters need some kind of issue like that to "turn" them into "radicals".

The only axes being ground are theirs, against their father - and the BNP is used as the sharpening tool by which to attack.

They are so transparent. As for the stupidity of going to the papers, well, you really could not make that one up could you?!

wolfblood said...

They have taken the msm thirty pieces of silver and stabbed their father in the back.

They are forever damned.

Quartermain said...

I'm so sick of the lemmings that feel the need to out their relatives as "racists".

It's one thing to disagree but to bring potential danger on family is beyond contempt.

Donna and Rachel Cave were probably raised on feminist dogma.

Anonymous said...

As soon as their father was in the public eye the mainstream media would inevitably put the word out to find any skeletons or dirt to pin on him. It seems these dumb pieces of detritus fit the bill perfectly, and they've made a few quid for themselves. They must be feeling very proud now.

Anonymous said...

Another couple of useful idiots.

Anonymous said...


You are right. They are traitors and have betrayed their father and much, much more.

brian boru said...

I somehow find it difficult to believe, ben, that you would feel the same if the daughters of a Labour MP or a radical jewish leader or a vicious black racist were to take similar action. Also, the media would be a lot slower paying them for their story. The idea that those two cyphers think for themselves is really laughable. You also show your bias by referring to what their father believes as 'nonsense'. So, what the BNP believes is nonsense is it? How do you know that ben?
By the way, you could do with brushing up on your grammar and spelling.

misterfox said...

A similar thing happened to Arthur Kemp when his son denounced him.

The multiracialist totalitarians love it if children denounce their parents. They forget it is a Soviet trick and that it does not undercut the parent.

extant said...

Its never how much you say, its what you say.

Anonymous said...

This article does a good job of pointing out how effective the mass media subversive tactics of self destructive behavior has destroyed the White family unit.
This is rampant here in the states.

Google" protocols of Zion" for the blueprint.

Destruction of the family unit is key to the destruction of a strong people.

Norris said...

I don't know, I wouldn't hold much allegiance to a father who ditched the family when my mom was sick. Perhaps, had he not cut and run, he have better indoctrinated his daughters.

While going to the media does seem counter-intuitive to wanting to downplay the familial connection, it does give the one-two punch of informing his constituency of the type of man he is (the type who leaves his wife while she is undergoing cancer treatment) and make very public their disagreement with his politics. Since the whole desire of wanting to downplay their connection comes from the risk of being associated with his beliefs, publicly denouncing them works in their favor.

TL;DR - He has done nothing to deserve their loyalty and denouncing his politics in the newspaper is a wonderful way to distance the association between your name and the beliefs you're against.

PamelaG said...

All very convenient though isn't it Norris, we are told this man not only left his wife and children but he did so when she had cancer no less, it reads like a script (I wonder who wrote it).

Naturally when anyone tells their story it is edited and embellished to suit their narrative, and one column in a newspaper is hardly going to be enough to explain the hows and whys of the collapse of a relationship.

You also have to look to the credibility of an author who says "I try not to tell people my name in case they make the connection" and then tells the world for 30 pieces of silver in the Daily chip wrapper.

Anonymous said...

There's probably more to this story than what is revealed here.

Donna and Rachel could be harbouring personal resentments stemming from issues other than what their father's current political involvement may be.

Perhaps his BNP political affiliation served as an entry point for retaliation. Who really knows except the main players?

And, I wouldn't pay too much attention to "ben" the troll, who is really no match to commentators holding opposite views to his own on this blog.

He does a disservice to his side of the debate, and offers no originality in his leftist debating points, as if they were words of wisdom, not!

Anonymous said...

He's better off without them!

Norris said...

PamelaG: There's a difference between people figuring out "you're the daughter of that BNP guy!" and coming out in the newspaper to say "I'm that BNP guy's daughter and I disagree with his politics wholeheartedly!" The former leaves it up to the person making the connection to either ask about the daughter's beliefs or just to assume she agrees with her father (which she wouldn't want).

And it reads like a script...or like the end of American politician Newt Gingrich's first marriage. Except he comes off as less of a jerk because he didn't have kids. Has Cave disputed the story?

galafron said...

Seriously, the daughters seem not aware their good aspect and manners are her father's best agent.