Saturday 9 April 2011

Photo Opportunity - Politicians with school Children

For decades politicians have deliberately sought photo opportunities with school children believing it will send the electorate a message about them. I wonder what this bunch of posers are trying to tell us!

Current Prime Minister Conservative party leader David Cameron

Cameron with Deputy Prime Minister Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg

The Last Prime Minister ex-Labour Party Leader Gordon Brown

Brown with Labour Education Minister Ed Balls

The Current Conservative Education Minister Michael Gove

Spot the odd one out

Ed Balls when he was Education minister

The current Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (brrr scary!!)


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Anonymous said...

Wow, as a white South African who has never been to Europe, I’m absolutely gobsmacked and shocked of what is left of good ol' Mother England. Hardly any native faces in those pics… The question is: will your forebears ever forgive you???

Anonymous said...

In time it will be colored politicians running the governments of the west. A generation or two.

I seriously doubt they will be pandering to the White minorities.

This needs to be stopped, White men need to stand thier gound.

The Wrath of the Awakend Saxon:

It was not part of their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the SAXONS began to hate,

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved
Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight,
There was neither sign nor show,
When the SAXONS began to hate.
It was not preached to the crowd
It was not taught by the State,
No man spoke it aloud,
When the SAXONS began to hate.
It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate
Through the chilled years ahead
When Time shall count from the date
That the SAXONS began to hate.

– by Rudyard Kipling

PamelaG said...

To be fair there are still schools with far more white faces, and a few with all white faces (although they are getting rarer)

However, politicians don't choose to go to those schools and have their photographs taken.

Be under no illusion, their aids will have set up those photos, and there will have been a deliberate political decision as to which children the politician was photographed next to.

Franz said...

"I wonder what this bunch of posers are trying to tell us?"

Let me enlighten you (although I strongly suppose it is a rethoric question). It means that white people - you, me, most everyone reading these lines - are the new Indians (in the American sense of the word.)

It means that the fifth collumnists posing as our national leaders have already expropiated our ancestral lands. The only question left to answer is whether or not indigenous Europeans will be granted some sort of reservation or not.

Somehow though, I sense that our masters have failed to include the "Atlas shrugs" factor into their schemes. Somewhere in the coming economic troubles the world will reach a point where whites en masse turn their backs on the state and its black and tan dependants.

When that juncture is reached, the unholy alliance of governmental power and the dark races' savagery will try to extract coin and nourishment at gunpoint. How we - collectively - react to that challenge will determine if there is a future for white people on this planet. Of course our reaction will also determine if we DESERVE a future at all.

Anonymous said...

Obvious this one Sarah... Equality belongs to everyone, except whites.

Anonymous said...

Let Me See

Pushing aside the British Indigenous People

Welcoming their minority status

Buying Votes From the never ending deliberate importation of the Third world Poor for the Cameron Clegg Miliband Socilaist progressive big society Utopia which doesnt really doesn't include the white people

Anonymous said...

Spot the white kid for £10,000 cash prize and answer this simple question:-
Where were these photos taken?
1. Botswana
2. Pakistan
3. Iraq
Answers on a postcard please to No. 10 Downing St. London.

Unknown said...

Go on, Sarah, stop mincing your words and tell us what those pictures tell us. I don't mind racists, as long as they're not such cowards that they won't admit it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You don't seem to have any difficulty in forming opinions James, so why should I do all the work?

Anonymous said...

Flip and I thought we were over run with them here in South Africa, you are fast catching up sad to say.

sk said...

James only calls Sarah a "racist" because she is white. Anti-racist is code for Anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Go on, Sarah, stop mincing your words and tell us what those pictures tell us. I don't mind racists, as long as they're not such cowards that they won't admit it.

Well Jim my old mate I can't speak for Sarah but for starters I reject the concept of 'racism' as it stands.

What those pictures tell us is a bunch of posturing empty politicians pandering to alien minorities, pandering to comfortable, insulated white liberals (soon to be a minority themselves). They also illustrate the ongoing demographic disaster experienced in most white countries.

They also push the idea that these are 'our' children, 'our' fiture.

They're not.

They arent our children, they arent our future precisely because they arent our children. Even on a more prosaic, utilitarian level they arent our future because, when one looks at the places they originate, they are incapable of sustaining anything that looks like our society.

Anonymous said...

Clegg and Cameron ignore the only white kid at their table - just as they ignore the concerns of the white voter.

The girl to the right of Gove markedly resembles him, and it does look like a predominantly white school despite the dominant position of the black girl on Gove's right.

Cameron looks as if he may have had a nose job.

How many of those Ministers including the PM trace their British ancestry back more than two generations?

Well presented, o brilliant one.

Unknown said...

Sarah, if I thought you were simply offering information so that people could make their own opinions, that would be one thing. However, your blog is full of material that alternates between horribly biased and outright lies, so it;s pretty clear that there are some opinions you are trying to encourage, yet are too scared to outright state yourself.

All I am saying is, if you believe something, have the courage of your convictions, and just say it.

Unknown said...

SK, I am calling people racists if they are displaying racist views. I have quite happilly criticised racist ethnic minority groups on here, as they're no better or worse than Sarah and her BNP lot.

Besides, half my family is white, and they have managed to judge people on their actions and character, rather than their skins. That is what anti-racist means.

Franz said...

@ James

The irksome thing about the dark races is that they haven't got the necessary level of empathy to grasp when they are not wanted. You Sir seem to be no exception.

Let me (unpleasantly) surprise you: Trolling around in white forums spouting the oh-so-witty "you be raciss"-spiel does not engender good will towards you and yours. I know that this revelation must come as an utter shock to you, but I am confident that it will not permanently damage your trolling soul.

P.S. I'm torn between being irked and amused by the dark races constant aping of human customs, such as calling their whelps "James". Perhaps you may enlighten me: Were your parents trying to mock white people and their christian names or had they genuine hopes for you to grow up to be something else than an object of study for Ms Goodall?

That paragraph was racist, by the way.

Unknown said...

Hey Franz.

First of all, which are 'the dark races'? There are certainly caucasians with skin tones as dark as mine. I'm also mixed race, so am I twice as empathic as my black father?

Also, I've got to say, it seems to be a human thing, not knowing when you've outstayed your welcome. Both dark and light "races" have a pretty poor record of leaving when people want them to. It's a pretty core part of human nature - we don't leave, we stay, we become part of the community, and we change, and the community changes. That's been going on for thousands of years, so why should it stop in the UK, US, France, etc?

I don't think it's trolling to ask someone to explain what they mean, and I don't think it's trolling to present an alternative point of view, which I don't think you will have considered. In fact, I think it's the basis of any kind of intellectual development, and I have noticed that it is not something looked upon kindly here. However, that is a fault with those who are opposed to free speech and exchange of ideas, not with those speaking freely and sharing ideas.

Most of our English names are descended from Arabic and Latin names. Are they mocking arabs and Romans? My black father is actually more Christian than my white mother, so maybe she was mocking him. Or maybe it's just a name. Names like James predate Christianity, so I don't really see what your argument is.

Thanks for pointing out where you were racist, your honesty was appreciated. I am a degree-educated professional, and I work with children with Special Educational Needs (Black, White and others), and only ever see gorillas in the zoo. I don't think my life would have gone any differently if my name had been 'Kwame', or for that matter 'Franz', 'Pierre', Lukshman' or 'Akira'.

That last paragraph was not racist, though it's possible it was a little condescending.

Zarky said...

I don’t pity you as Britons what you will and currently are experiencing, it will get worse believe me!

Now what gives me the right to say this?

I am a white South African with 44 years of experience and no, I am not a racist, just a realist with 44 years of experience.

I have seen the worst these people can come up with but you have made your bed and you will just have to sleep in it.

What your government is trying to achieve by supporting the immigrants and not the homefolk is beyond my comprehension, good luck you will be needing it, tonns of it!

Anonymous said...

17:35 says: "They arent our children, they arent our future precisely because they arent our children."

Well said, Anon, and to further support your assertion, this post spells it out clearly.

If "James" was honest with himself, he'd ask this question.

....just why do ordinary White people always take flight AWAY from the darker races in former White neighbourhoods when the latter's numbers become too overbearing?

"However, your blog is full of material that alternates between horribly biased and outright lies, so it;s pretty clear that there are some opinions you are trying to encourage, yet are too scared to outright state yourself.

LOL - Just insert "newspapers" or "Mainstream Media" in place of "blog", and you'll get the bigger picture.

"I am a degree-educated professional..."

So what??

Unknown said...


I'll try to honestly answer your question: Not all ordinary White people take flight from those areas. Only those who have the money can do so, so we are talking about at least Middle-Class people. Working Class White people stay where they are, just like Working Class minority people.

It's not just White People that move out of those areas either, Middle-Class minority people do that as well.

Are there even any "former white neighbourhoods"? Maybe majority-White, but there aren't any neighbourhoods with no White people at all.

There is an interesting question about gentrification to be addressed there, but you won't find any answers looking for racial reasons for socio-economic and class-based problems.

I appreciate that you find this blog an alternative to the mainstream media, but this blog definitely has a much narrower focus than the media, and hasa real problem with factual errors, so I don't think it gives anyone a 'big picture'.

I mentioned my degree specifically because Franz asked whether my name was supposed to be less 'gorilla-like'. While I don't think having a degree makes someone a better person, or their opinions automatically more valid, I don't know many gorillas with degrees.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You think that because you see reality differently James. You may think differently when you have experienced more.

Unknown said...

Slightly condescending there, Sarah, but I know I do that every now and again, so fair enough.

"Seeing reality differently" is really just a way of saying "have different opinions to me". Do you really think it's inevitable that I will end up agreeing with you once I've lived as long as you?

Maybe once you've spent as much time actually conversing with people from different ethnic, social and political backgrounds as I have, you'll change some of your opinions. The way you see ethnic minorities, muslims and liberals all seems to be pretty cartoonish, as if you've only viewed them from a distance, or in the pages of the Express and BNP pamphlets.

Maybe if you get to know some of them as individuals, you'll stop seeing Britain as being in the middle of this 'culture war'.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this Sarah, I salute you, but why aint this been shouted from the roof tops and the hills? I accidentilly stumbled upon this blog - LOVE IT!!!