Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wall Street Observer - Obama White House Is Lying to You

Author, investor and longtime Wall Street observer James Dale Davidson says the US government is lying about the state of the country: There is no genuine economic recovery happening.

“I think what we have seen ... is a simulated recovery which has been generated by the government faking it in a lot of different ways," putting out what he calls statistical falsehoods on economic numbers "to make it seem that the economy is stronger than it is,” Davidson told Newsmax.

For example, calculations for the recently released unemployment figures released failed to include the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had undercounted the number of unemployed people in 2009 by 824,000 persons.

Video — Davidson: Obama White House Is Lying to You

“They’re supposed to be doing a benchmark adjustment ... and if they do, the unemployment rate will shoot up even higher,” Davidson says.

"A lot of the supposed improvements have been faked by the government," Davidson says.

Davidson believes the government secretly used quantitative easing as an excuse to funnel money into U.S. capital markets.

“It’s not a coincidence that the market started to rally in March at the same time they announced they were going to do the quantitative easing,” he observes.

“In my view, it’s all created by the government as a hoax.”

The whole administration is based on one lie after another, he says.



Dr.D said...

" started to rally in March ..." Is this man living ahead of the rest of us?

He is entirely correct about the rest; there is no truth in the White House today. They LIE, LIE, LIE!! If they told the truth, it would be purely by accident, and they would quickly do a cover-up.

We have to keep in mind that these are ideologues, people for whom there is no objective Truth, but there is a definite goal that justifies any means whatsoever. Any story that suits the purpose of the moment is the story they tell. that is how it works with them. Tomorrow they will tell another lie to cover the lie they told today.

Anonymous said...

Most of us here in the States are well aware that Obongo is a liar. We are used to being lied to by our pusilanimous government. It is well known by most people here that the government is controlling the price of gold and silver (which is selling fast and furiously) and also that our criminal Federal Reserve Bank (of which it is none of these; it is a privately held institution that prints money for the governemnt, it has no reserves and it is not a bank) is buying treasury bonds secretly, thus trying to stabilize the falling dollar. Americans certainly are aware that they cannot get jobs because our government allows low paid Indians to come in and take them and that the cost of everything, especially food is going up weekly.
There is also a movement in Vermont, South Carolina and Texas to secede from the United States: the main stream news will not show it, but it is happening. There has been an unprecedented rush on ammunition for the past year; millions upon millions of rounds having been sold, and sellers cannot keep enough in stock. I for one, cannot imagine the chaos that will ensue here when the economy finally collapses, thanks to the criminals on Wall Street and that ape in the White House with his useless sneering, snarling mate who have the audacity to have parties every other night while the country is on the brink of financial collapse.
Obama is competent only to give meaningless empty speaches- and that only if the teleprompter is functioning properly. He is not sufficiently intelligent to lead a nation, and some who are close to him in goverment suspect that he is unhappy that he does not have enough "power". No doubt he envisioned himself as our new black dictator when he first took office, and was thereby disappointed. His one saving grace is that he can, at least, formulate a grammatically correct sentence which his war mongering predecessor was unable to do.