Thursday, 4 February 2010

How Do You Say “Kangaroo Court” in Dutch?

By Diana West at the Brussels Journal

Behold (courtesy Tundra Tabloids) the very image of Dutch "justice." After yesterday's "judicial" proceedings in Amsterdam, Holland itself is forever besmirched, its "judges" having made it clear that no semblance of fairness will enter into their proceeeding against Geert Wilders. As noted below, the "judges" slashed the roster of witnesses the Wilders defense team planned to call to the stand from eighteen to three.

John L. Work writes at Newsreal:

Even if you have never been involved in a criminal prosecution wherein your very freedom is at risk, I want you to now imagine that you and your attorney have prepared a defense that includes a list of witnesses that will provide a mountain of exculpatory evidence. Then, imagine that the Court summarily and arbitrarily decides that it will not listen to nearly ninety percent of your case.

“This court is apparently not interested in the truth." Wilders told De Telegraaf (translations from Gates of Vienna). "I cannot conclude anything but that the court does not award me a fair trial.”


Dr.D said...

Is everyone in Europe in a coma? Have they no tongues? Or have they all signed a suicide pact?

Do you realize that it is not just Geert Wilders on trial, but rather all of Europe? If he is convicted, you all perish in short order. It is just that simple. You should be in the streets, at the barricades right now.

Holland that always prided itself on how liberal it was, how willing to accommodate all points of view, will go down in flames in nothing flat! What has happened to the Dutch Reformed Church? Has it vanished from the face of the earth? Or did it forget everything?

If Wilders is convicted, you have two options: study arabic, or suicide. Start thinking about your choice.

Anonymous said...

Churches in Holland, thank God, have very little to say!
And Geert Wilders is an Ass.
There is no proof that injustice has been done to him.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anonymous 23:47

I regret that you are either a deluded little twit who is literally incapable of seeing what is happening or one of the establishment stooges who actively supports the islamification of the West because your overlords told you that you should.

I promise you that in a few years, people who think like you will be a tiny and discredited minority.