Thursday, 25 February 2010

Strapping Structures

I see that Tower Hamlets are still determined to go ahead with the plan to erect the controversial planned gates at either end of London's heavily colonised Brick Lane. This is despite the fact that they have received 158 objections from the public and no votes in favour.

The proposed gates are viewed as a tribute to the large local Muslim community, and will form part of a £2 million “Heritage Trail”, which seems an odd choice given that the only impact which Islam has had on British or English Heritage is being one of the forces most likely to end it.

Bizarre looking white structures, the arches have have been widely named “The Hijab Gates” on account of their alleged resemblance to the headscarf worn by Muslim women, however I am not so sure.

Please don't ask me how I know this, however, whenever I look at the proposed design for the Brick Lane gates I am irresistibly reminded of a male athletic support. It really looks to me as if one of London's most politically correct councils are planning to erect structures at either end of Brick Lane resembling something a cricket player might put in his "box" or which an American football player might push down the front of his Spandex in order to protect the family trinkets.

One has to wonder exactly what message Tower Hamlets council are seeking to send out.

In the event that these ludicrous structures are ever erected, I hope you will join me in christening them Jock-Strap Arches.

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Dr.D said...

Has Charles weighed in on this, with his architectural wisdom?