Thursday, 11 February 2010

A glimmer of hope?

The Following article actually appeared on the editorial page of today's Daily Express. Sadly, the Express only has a daily circulation of around 700,000, but it is a national Newspaper and does count as the mainstream media hence it is still quite significant.


By Leo McKinstry

OF All Labour’s many crimes against the British public, the worst has been the destruction of our national identity. Since coming to power in 1997 the Government has engaged in a gigantic conspiracy to refashion society, using mass immigration and state ideology to transform us into a multicultural country.

Labour has always denied the charges of social engineering. When former Downing Street aide Andrew Neather revealed last autumn that the Government had deliberately promoted immigration as a means of diversifying Britain, ministers carried on their deceit.

But now the truth has been revealed in official documentation. Thanks to diligent campaigning by the independent pressure group Migration Watch, Whitehall has been forced to release papers clearly showing that labour did indeed have a secret plan to relax border controls in order to promote its goal of changing Britain. One of the reports, a memo written for Tony Blair in 2000, shows that the Government’s strategy was to “open up migration” so that labour could achieve its “social objectives”. Tellingly, Ministers instructed that statements like this be hidden from the public.

EVEN now, in the face of this incontrovertible evidence, Government policy remains cloaked in dishonesty. The Immigration Minister Phil Woolas had the nerve to claim that the Government had actually “tightened immigration rules” a decade ago. It was a patently absurd boast given that 2000 was pre-cisely when the Home Office began to dish out passports, work permits and student visas like confetti, while making little effort to tackle illegal immigration.

In the same vein, the Home Secretary Alan Johnson yesterday performed another of his fraudulent populist routines, trumpeting Labour’s supposed toughness on border controls, this from a man who said only last year he was “not losing sleep” over rising migrant numbers and was “happy to live in a multicultural society”.

But all the Labour lies can-not hide the revolution brought about by the open-door policy. In recent years, gross immigration has been running at 500,000 people a year and the Home Office admits it “doesn’t have a clue” how many illegal migrants are here. Many parts of our towns and cities no longer resemble Britain. All sense of social cohesion has been lost. We no longer have a common culture, shared heritage or even universal language.

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Anonymous said...

Bolsheviks no less.

The anger of the betrayal of the British people by all perverted parties in government may make them retaliate with the BNP vote as the Germans did with the National Socialists in 1933.

Anonymous said...

England, my England. I lament your loss.

Anonymous said...

The Britons better wake up to the fact that their leaders have Marxist ideologies. These leaders claim to be conservative to get into office, but once they are in office, they blatantly pursue their Marxist ideologies.

The problem with the political system as it stands now, is that there is no accountability. Politicians can make ANY promise to the electorate to get into office and they won't be held accountable if they diverge from these promises once they have attained office. This is because there is no procedure in place to police them.

What is required is a contract between every political party and the public.
A type of business plan that highlights the specific goal/mission-statement/ideology/vision/objectives of every political party on paper, a contract if you will, so that there may be accountability.

If the politician strays from his contract he must be impeached. In today's era of deceit a more concrete approach is required than that taking the word of the politician or political party.

We do not trust another's word in business, why should we have to do it in politics? A country after all, is like a large business. We have to stop thinking of the chosen electorate as leaders and start to think of them as public servants.

We take business plans for granted in business. Why then do we take a politicians word at face value?

A POLITICIAN????????????????

To say that we Westerners are naive, is putting it mildly.

Look at the French president, Zarkovski, he got into power by pretending to be conservative. Now he is openly advocating miscegenation and immigration.

Take Obama and his deceitful campaign of "change"

The fact that we still take the word of a person that wields such power is ridiculous. They have to be held accountable for their actions and you cannot control something that you cannot even measure.

Every single political party must submit a business plan to the electorate to scrutinize. This way the electorates will know exactly what they are voting for and any deviation between what the political party promised and reality may be detected.


Anonymous said...

does this news paper now support ''conservative Marxists''

Gringo_Malo said...

This American reader is truly perplexed. While I applaud Mr. McKistry's courageous editorial, I'm amazed that the British government hasn't locked him up for inciting racial hatred, or some such nonsense. Hasn't Britain abolished the freedoms of speech and of the press?

On the other hand, among us Americans with our vaunted First Amendment, you'll find no public figure who'll make such a bold statement. You'd never see such an editorial in our leftist press. Perhaps Britons have a better chance of taking back their country than we have.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Here is another article this time in the Daily Mail making very similar points.

This writer is a little more PC "Some immigrants have brought great benefits ...etc" but he still makes some good points.

(Sorry you will have to paste the link into your browser, blogger seems to be having difficulty with hyperlinks tonight)

NR said...

'Multiculturalism' is becoming a dirty word.

The only solution, as you all well know, is a war of liberation for Britain.

It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

NR said...

'Multiculturalism' is becoming a dirty word.The only solution, as you all well know, is a war of liberation for Britain.It's inevitable.

NR is probably correct. But make the weapon of war economics and financial sanctions, please.

Anonymous said...

anon ,

the weapon of war will be the AK-47 in the streets.Whites have been hiding from conflict for too long.When the day comes,the anger of decades will be unleashed.Whites will remember all the robbed and humiliated sons ,and all the gang raped daughters.and especially they will remember the traitors from the goverment.I think after this period of supression of white racial feelings,there will be an extreme rise of white nationalism.and what worries me the most is ,that northern europeans won't even make the effort to tell an arab from an italian.when the raging mob sees black hair ,they will go for it.

i think all the non-whites who taunt and insult whites, don't realize how dangerous whites are when they are raging.and god help them when that day comes.

Lantern said...

Is this the same Leo McKinstry who said?:
"Nick Griffin is not fit to lick Churchill's boots"

And the same Stephen Glover who urged Daily Mail readers?:
"Do not vote for this odious party"

These people are conservative establishment propagandists who know full well that the only answer to these concerns is the BNP. Their trick is to empathise with populist sentiments, while at the same time implying that people should vote Tory, and not for "extremists".

When the chips are down these scribblers would rather side with the UAF rabble than support the BNP. Treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Lantern said...

Anonymous says:

"the weapon of war will be the AK-47 in the streets.Whites have been hiding from conflict for too long.When the day comes,the anger of decades will be unleashed"

No, that is not the way. The way is through mass civil disobedience, boycotts and protest in the manner of Democratic Forum in former East Germany and Civic Forum in Czechoslovakia. These methods were both sucessful and bloodless. The first target must be the mass media.

A small band of armed militants would be crushed within five minutes by the overwhelming power of the state.

JPT said...

And do you know the BBC never reported this story, at all...

Anonymous said...

Lantern said: "The way is through mass civil disobedience, boycotts and protest."

Why not start by ensuring you deal with a Christian, native Briton at the post office, the fast food , the taxi, and the convenience store?

It might be inconvenient, but you and your friends can start reacting today. People who do not earn a living, leave.

This is your silent, anonymous vote, which can be applied in every village in a chain reaction, spread by e-mail to rapidly encompass the entire “Fair Iles”.

Assure you friends that this is love mail, sent in concern for their well-being, the social health of the entire nation and its children as the only way of preventing bloodied confrontations.

It is safer, more consistent, longer lasting and far more democratic, powerful and predictable than intermittent “mass demonstrations”.

Brutality has never been as successful, and usually illustrates vindictiveness rather than conviction.

Copy and paste now

15 February 2010 07:48

Anonymous said...

England the Rose, once the holder of the truth and Light!

Your leaders are liars,

Your media are perverters of the truth,

Multiracial England is a despicable lie,

England; your entire edifice is in need of ripping up and starting more homosexuals tolerated, the rule of law imposed with Capital Punishment, unadulterated Christianity, rip up the mosques, England for the English and the race...England turn to your God, we are being judged.

Anonymous said...

I am a white south african and i really feel sorry for all the people of England .At least we know what it is like living in africa. I do know that the English people have no idea of what is coming .It is time to see the powers behind government that abused the British empire for its own agenda and then got rid of her after she achieved their aim and now uses the USA. If people do not see the truth of the matter or investigate it properly the true enemy of us all will keep using us like livestock to further their own agenda.
I really fear it is too late for England and SA (but still hope i am wrong ) but other countries can still wake up in time.
Thank you for a great Blog Sarah and i hope your countrymen appreciate your efforts.

adrian said...

All of what is happening must be put on DVD's and handed out, posted through letterboxes.
We must wake up 40 Million Indigenous Brits, it can be done but we must start now, chatting on here is preaching to the converted.
We know what is going on, we are wasting time.