Sunday, 14 February 2010

The tip of a blood stained iceberg

Something which people may not realise with regard to the record I keep in relation to the killings of white farmers in South Africa, is that these killings account for only a fraction of the many thousands of white people who have been murdered in South Africa in a 16 year massacre which has been hidden from the western world by its media.

The farm murders stand out because they are a particular type of killing, typified by truly horrific degrees of torture and cruelty, they involve a vulnerable and isolated group of people who are deliberately targeted because of who they are. The farm murders are without question hate crimes, more often than not no property is taken because theft is not the motive, these murders are orgies of killing for the sake of killing, and the torture for its own sake. The farm murders are racial by nature and genocide by any definition.

They are, however, only a tip of a blood spattered iceberg. Each year hundreds of urban whites are also murdered and many more are the victims of, sometimes horrific, violence.

Given the level of violent crime in South Africa as a whole it less easy to categorise these crimes as genocide in the way that the farm killings so clearly are. These killings and injuries result during the course of carjackings, mugging, home invasions, and of course rape. Some may even involve the harvesting of body parts for use in traditional medicine, due to the widely held belief that medicine will be more potent if the body part is taken from a conscious victim at the point of a traumatic and painful death.

However, the outcome remains the same, an innocent white minority victim of black majority violence. There are very many such victims, and, although it is less easy to prove as it is with the farm murders, it is my belief that the majority of these crimes are at the very least motivated by racial hatred if not deliberate genocide.

This month alone six pensioners have been murdered in Pretoria, the latest being Theuns Venter - who celebrated his 85th birthday last week - and his wife Suzie, 83, both of whom were discovered by their grandson when he returned from his night shift job last Thursday morning. Investigations are being carried out to determine where Suzie Venter had been raped before she was killed.

Such horrors are now so commonplace in the nation which the Western media is celebrating this week, on the 20th anniversary of an aged terrorist's release from prison, that I am unable to even estimate the numbers involved, it is, at the very least, double that of the Farm killings, some claim that the real figure is considerably higher.

I often hear people say why do whites stay in a country where they are at such high risk of being the victims of violence. The answer of course is that a significant number of them have no option. Many are the direct descendants of the early Dutch settlers, who arrived there in the sixteen hundreds, and have no remaining connection with any other land. How many Americans would be able find sanctuary in the Europe their ancestors came from when the day comes that they face a similar threat in their homeland? A day which may not be as far away as some may believe.

Also, do not forget that South Africa's own version of affirmative action, known as black economic empowerment, has cast at least half a million whites into abject, tin shack level, poverty, such people do not have the financial means to escape their fate, let alone the fact that a brain washed, self loathing world, which has been taught to believe that all white South Africans, even the children born after the end of Apartheid deserve every ill which befalls them will not take them in.

In any event, for how long will Europe remain safe given the invasion it now meekly tolerates.

Remember that when, as I do almost weekly, I publish the name of the latest victim of the farm genocide, I am merely scratching the surface of South Africa's blood stained reality. The frightening truth is that the farm killings are only a part of what is actually going on.

More terrifying still is the fact that today's reality may no more than hint at the nightmare which is to come.


Dr.D said...

Sarah, in answer to the question, "why do they stay?" you say, "they have no place to go." On the one hand, I certainly understand and appreciate that statement. In order to leave, one has to have a place to go.

On the other hand, these are White people we are talking about, people with the ability to think, to reason, with mental resources far above those of the blacks that are engulfing them. It has always been brain power, and White culture that have enabled White people to come out on top in the past; it has not been a matter of superior numbers but superior people. When will they start acting White?

In what we read on your blog and elsewhere, these White people seem to be weighed down with a guilt driven, self-defeating tendency to be totally disarmed in the face of mortal enemies. This does not sound like thinking White people to me. Have they all been lobotomized? Something is wrong here.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in South Africa and can testify to the fact that it is verging on all out genocide of white people.

The West will stand back as they have done with Zimbabwe.

The United Kingdom remains a majority white population for now...but, time is running out.

Please watch the Youtube video: "Demographic Problem."

England is at peril, more so than ever before in it's history.

We need to regroup and start becoming racially aware, hitherto numbed by unfounded "Guilt Trips," played by the Marxist controlled media.

Multiculturalism = White racial obliteration.

Anonymous said...

@Dr.D: There still are white South African's with the capacity and money to leave SA at a whim but they are living a luxurious life and are still naively hoping and believing that things will turn around in SA. The rest, i.e. poor and middle class (approximately 3 million) are surrounded by 46+ million blacks and is struggling just to make a living, in fact most can't even afford an airplane or boat ticket to Europe or other countries. Immigration laws and international perception makes it very difficult for these people to immigrate to non African countries and they are literally stuck where they are. Very unlikely, once the world wakes up to the genocide in SA maybe then it will be easier for these people to seek asylum in other countries, but until then they are like cows to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Dr.D doesn’t get it. Desperate as they are these whites are refused entry into almost every civilised country, and many uncivilised. But not just from Africa. Qualified and experienced white Australasians are refused re-entry visas into Britain, despite the schools' clamouring.
The cost of renewing a passport is impossible for some. Men who have been deprived of every last cent in Zimbabwe have shot their wives as a kindness, and then shot themselves. Often.

Anonymous said...

The major money powers in the world are to blame for all the murder in SA ,they caused what is happening here and in Europe may they get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I am a white Boer currently living in SA. I was born here, as was my parents, grandparents etc. The biggest problem, as I see it , is our religion. We were always told by the church/preachers to "love your neighbor, pray for your enemy, forgive, turn the other cheek, only trust God, don't hate etc etc etc". We were/are still being brainwashed by the liberals to believe that Jesus's teachings about all the abovementioned, are applicable to whites' behaviour towards blacks. That is lies straight from the pit of hell!!! And so many "christian" white people in SA believe these lies! THAT'S WHAT IS WRONG HERE !!!

Max said...

@ Dr.D why don't you come over here and give us the answer, you've always got a big mouth but not many solutions, very quick to run people down and insult them, lets see what you can do against 40 million savages. It's easy to sit in your crystal palace chirp like a cannery, if anybody is missing the pre-frontal lobe of the brain it's you.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I suspect that some commentators have misinterpreted Dr. D's comments, I do not think that his intention was to put anyone down. Rather, I think the point he was seeking to make was that, as white people they will be able to find a solution when the chips are down. Which I am sure they will.

It is a very difficult situation though

Max said...

Sorry Sarah, just frustrating when people outside South Africa criticize without knowing all the facts and having little understanding of the situation. Valid criticism is acceptable, but those who do so, must also have equally acceptable answer to the problem.

Dr.D said...

As I said in my first comment, "...these are White people we are talking about, people with the ability to think, to reason, with mental resources far above those of the blacks that are engulfing them. It has always been brain power, and White culture that have enabled White people to come out on top in the past; it has not been a matter of superior numbers but superior people."

White brain power has always won in the past. What is different this time? What makes White people unable to outsmart the savages now? As has been noted, I am not there. That is why I phrased it as a question, because I do not know the answer.

Have the savages gotten smarter? That seems unlikely. Have the White people gotten dumber? That too seems unlikely. I am more inclined to believe that it is the the same cultural shift that has happened throughout the world, this cultural marxism that is eroding White societies and telling them that they have no place in the world. This is clearly wrong; we have every right to exist. We have contributed more to the world than all of the other races combined.

I find it baffling and very disturbing when White people, who are backed up against the wall, literally, do not organize and fight. One commenter suggested that I should come to SA and show the way. That would be wrong; that is not my battle. But I can assure you, that if that were happening in my backyard, there would be blood all over the place, and it would not all be mine.

Anonymous said...

The American media has been all for this rape and pillage of SA for a couple of decades now. I remember the high "hate SA" fever in the papers and in Hollywood in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and I remember the Nelson Mandela love fest whenever he was released and came to the States to visit -- Marxists around the country wet their pants they were so happy.

-- Rusty

Gringo_Malo said...

America is full of illegal aliens, not all of whom are Latin American mestizos. For example, an estimated 50,000 Irish have entered the U.S. on student or tourist visas and forgotten to go home. The government seems to have a very difficult time removing anyone who manages to get here. White South Africans who can obtain a visa and a plane ticket shouldn't be deterred by our immigration laws, which are a joke.

Max said...

Dr.D I apologise for my rebuttal, I realise that your comments where more from a herd task master's point of view rather than an enemy. You are correct in stating that ingenuity surpasses brawn and I think most of our people have not woken up to that fact. We have move through stages of hope and trust with the false promises of Mandela, to disillusionment and fear under the macabre government of Zuma, to say that we are stuck between a rock and a hard place is an understatement; stuck between 40 million savages and the deep blue sea is more like it.
Thanks for your contribution, all input appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The 2010 World Cup could be interesting: are there enough competent whites involved to prevent a total disaster?

Anonymous said...

The LORD be with you, mighty Boerevolk! May He protect you and guide you, as at the Battle of Blood River!

A Sympathetic American

Ronbo said...

As a politically active right wing American, I supported the Republic of South Africa in its struggle against the Communist ANC.

My Republican Party chapter in Melbourne, Florida raised money to aid in the struggle and invited speakers from SA to tell the truth about the ANC and its war against SA whites in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Unfortunately, myself and other stalwart American Republicans were voices crying in the wilderness and told that we were speading racist propaganda when we said that SA whites faced genocide at the hands of the blacks if an ANC Communist dominated government came to power.


We have been proven right!

The genocide of whites is a fact; the uncomfortable truth of black racism and cold blooded murder ignored by a Politically Correct Media dominated by Leftists in America, as it is in most of the world.

In the USA today there is a growing revolutionary movement called the "Tea Party." If it is successful it promises to "reset" everything in our culture. I can only hope that even our country returns to its senses it will take action to overthrow the corrupt, degenerate, murdering, totalitarian, and filthy RACIST government of South Africa.



Ronbo, The Freedom Fighter

Max said...

Thanks Ronbo all support and encouragement is treasure to us, keep on with the revolution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. D - The whites in Africa have been defeated by WHITES. It was WHITES (including "liberal" Americans) who interfered in Rhodesia and South Africa, WHITES who strangled the white-lead civilisations with sanction, WHITES who have been the most sanctimonious persuaders of the "Apartheid evils", and WHITES who have blown up the pompous self assurances of the black homicidals into believing that Black-is-right, and their right to kill the disposable white. It is the WHITE self-contents that still refuse permission for the white diaspora to return to the lands of their forefathers, choosing to abandon them to death rather than allow them re-entry into their natural cultural refuge.

These desperate, prejudiced and defeated whites have every reason to object to your superficial, uninformed and naive comments. They, both the living and the dead, deserve your apology.

Max said...

@ Anonymous, no truer word spoken my friend, thanks for the support.

Dr.D said...

@ Anonymous 09:30

It seem that I have irritated you. Perhaps that is what is needed. Who is it that is going to do something about the plight of "these desperate, prejudiced and defeated whites" that you speak of, if they do not do it themselves?

Is the government of SA suddenly going to recognize that it has been mistreating them, and begin to do right? That seems unlikely. Is the international community going to suddenly step in and forcibly correct the situation? That is even more unlikely.

The White people of SA must take the bull by the horns and deal with this problem themselves. There is no one else. They are badly outnumbered, they lack resources, they are in a very bad situation. What are their alternatives? They can continue to ignore the problem and die a slow death, one by one, or they can choose to resist, with violence if necessary.

You say that I owe various people an apology, but I think not. I am entirely sympathetic to the cause of White people in SA, but I want very much to encourage them to take action while they still have some resources. The longer they wait, the less they have to work with.

My own ancestors settled Texas. They fought against huge odds against both the Indians and the mexicans. Many of them died. They faced death willingly rather than give in and live as slaves. They knew what they were fighting for, and they were White men, with all the advantages that confers. Eventually they won, but not without a lot of dead along the way. But they fought; they did not capitulate.

Surely the White people of SA can do the same thing. I do not apologize for encouraging them to do so.

Dr.D said...

I would like to add one other comment regarding the charges made by Anonymous 09:30. He says, "It was WHITES (including "liberal" Americans) who interfered in Rhodesia and South Africa, WHITES who strangled the white-lead civilisations with sanction, WHITES who have been the most sanctimonious persuaders of the "Apartheid evils", and WHITES who have blown up the pompous self assurances of the black homicidals into believing that Black-is-right, and their right to kill the disposable white."

There is considerable truth in what he says, but there is also a solution to this problem. These actions all came about through persuasion, through verbal means and threats of economic reprisals. There was no actual force at all applied in any of these White-led actions. That points the way to how they can be resisted.

They can be resisted, provided that a nation is prepared on two fronts:
(1) it is economically stable, such that it can resist the threats of economic reprisals, and
(2) it must have a strong sense of its own righteousness and a willingness to go it alone, not allowing itself to be bullied by those who would attempt to shame it using some bogus "morality" argument.

Both of these are demanding requirements. The first requires a government that operates well within its means, that has established reserves in every area, and has a wide trading network, as opposed to being dependent on just a few trading partners. This means being a truly independent nation.

The second requires a sense of unity to the national ideals, the national philosophy, that can stand up to what others may throw at it. A truly Christian ethic, that honors nation as a part of God's plan for the organization of humanity, would seem to be a key part of this.

If these things had been in place, neither Rhodesia nor South Africa would have fallen. It would quite likely have been difficult to put them in place, but I think that they are the keys for national survival.

Since they are characteristics of the mind, they can be used in resisting right now. Be prepared to ignore criticism that says that you are "racist" or similar charges. Be sure that you have sufficient financial resources to sustain yourself for the duration, rather than living day to day, week to week.

They are absent in the USA right now, and we are vulnerable at this time as a result.

Anonymous said...

You say "these White people seem to be weighed down with a guilt driven, self-defeating tendency to be totally disarmed in the face of mortal enemies. This does not sound like thinking White people to me. Have they all been lobotomized?"
Clearly you have no idea of the war of Rhodesia, when every adult man fought, for years on end, outnumbered by 20 to 1, whilst the WHITE world subverted their effort.
I suggest you inform yourself about the wars of Africa, fought so bravely and so recently. These heros were defeated not by their enemies, but by their WHITE "friends" (Ian Smith)
Pontificating from the thin ice of ignorance, now expected from America, is what will kill the white civilisation, not the black invasion.

Dr.D said...

@ Anonymous 23:35

So what would you like? Perhaps sympathy cards from Hallmark? Shall we all wring our hands with you? Would that help? Would a loud wailing help? What would you like?

You have not addressed my point that it is the White people of SA that will have to be their own defenders simply because no one else is going to do it. Good luck with that.