Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fairy Tales in February

As many of you will be aware, February in America is “Black History month”. (in Britain we have something similar in October, although it has not (yet) reached the prominence it is given in the states) The intention of Black history month was to give the black minority in the USA a month to celebrate their culture, their history and the achievements black people have made over the centuries. Well, at least, that is the official story.

If that were true, who could complain?, all people, black, white and brown should celebrate their culture and be proud of their history. However, that is not what black history month is all about, it is certainly not about the truth. In reality, February in America has become a time when false history is taught in schools, even more than it already is, and the media bristles with historical lies, distortions and pure unadulterated fantasy, even more than usual.

History is re-written to either give it a black focus, which did not exist in reality, to celebrate black achievements which never happened or more insidiously, and maybe more importantly, to undermine and devalue the real achievements of white people.

Of course, that does not just happen in February, all through the year, there is an entire industry hard at work revising history in order to portray whites in as un-heroic manner as possible, downplay their achievements and falsely enhance the heroism and achievements, and, of course victim status of other races. This industry is primarily aimed at the gullible, at the stupid, and at the young. There are thousands upon thousands of writers and academics in universities and colleges across America and Europe who's sole function is to lie to their students so as to create a false (politically correct) history, and they do that all year round.

However, it is in February when the festival of that false history occurs in America.

Amongst the most outrageous traditions of black history month is the annual chanting of the black inventions myths where an orgy of intellectual theft takes place, real white inventors are erased from history books and their inventions and creations attributed to people from ethnic minorities, some of whom may have tinkered with, or revised the original invention, but most of whom played no part whatsoever in the actual invention.

To mark black history month 2010, the Council of Conservative Citizens in the USA are running a series of articles exposing the myths which trundle out on their gaudy floats around this time each year

The black history myths they have addressed so far are as follows:

The C of CC say they will continue the series of black invention myth exposures throughout February.

Some may say, why bother? Isn't it a bit mean to burst these bubbles which merely make black people feel good about themselves even if they are no more than fakes, fantasies and fairy tales, what harm does it do to let them believe these myths? Should we not, like the indulgent mother who allows her six year old to claim she cooked dinner, even though she did little more than some supervised mixing, allow them a few white lies to boost their egos?

In fact, there are many reasons why these lies need to be exposed, debunked and shown up for what they are.

For a start, the inventions myths are, as I indicated earlier, no more than intellectual theft. These myths steal the achievements of the real inventors, they seek to deny them credit for their own, often significant, contribution to society and then attribute the results of what may have been years of effort to someone entirely undeserving, just because they have a more fashionable pigmentation.

Yet the motive goes beyond that, these achievements are stolen from white men in order to falsely claim that other white men stole them from blacks.

It is the same when history is revised and lies become the legends which become accepted truths through constant repetition. It is done for one purpose, and that is to vilify the white race. It's aim is to perpetuate even greater myths such as the exclusivity of white cruelty and black victimhood, and that of noble black heroes (or noble blue heroes in the case of James Cameron's race hate flick Avatar) and evil white villains.

The single aim of these myths, fables and downright falsehoods is to created a revised history and a new truth which otherwise would exist only in left wing political orthodoxy of the foetid and malign imaginings of radical academia, and then pass the lies on to the next generation as an accepted and unquestioned creed.

There is nothing harmless about the myths of black history month, there is no gentle or paternalistic indulgence behind this deliberate redistribution of historical achievements, their design is malevolent and their agenda is deadly. It is being done in order to harm one race no less than it is done to benefit another, in fact, probably more so. In this, as in so many ways, our history is being rewritten and it is being rewritten for a reason.

There is only one reason to rewrite a people's history and that is to justify a future which is planned for them.

If you steal a people's history, deny their achievements, their pride and their worth, if you call them evil call them worthless, and often worse, and them make them believe your lies, it is then they become easier to defeat, and also, it is then they become easier to destroy.


Anonymous said...

A week ago, I got a bulk email listing all the "accomplishments" of Black inventors. Quite impressive, and what a feat that all this "history" was hidden from us. While I acknowledge the fact that ... sometimes many previous minds contribute to the final invention being invented and all credit is thus given to the last person to make it happen, leaving many unsung heroes, (and also the fact that history is written by the victors) I researched the claims of this email and it was so easily debunked in my eyes as to be embarrassing. Spanning the gamut and stretching the limits from out and out lies, to half-truths, to "tweaked the invention," to "the man was 1/16th Black and looked White but he was really African-American due to the One Drop Rule" this email was a feeble attempt at revisionist history. Sad, really, when you can't honestly admit who you are and be content without robbing other people of who they are. You lie to your own children to prop up your own frail ego. Pathetic and dangerous.

alanorei said...

Interesting article, Sarah, thanks (the Fort Pillow link appears to be broken, btw).

One thing for sure, the blacks never invented anything in Africa. White folks even had to discover their own country for them. Black African countries remain the most backward on earth, Liberia being the most backward of all, having no white colonial roots. So much for black 'genius.'

I think all these so-called 'black inventions' came about in developed Western nations, which speaks volumes in itself.

(I recall as an academic teaching Chemical Engineering for 26 years in HE, we had numerous black students, from here and o'seas. With exceptions that I could count on the fingers of one hand, they were always in the bottom third of the class at exam time, consistently outclassed academically by their white and Asian counterparts.)

It may be worth repeating a comment I sent in July last year:

There's a joke in the southern US about a northerner who goes there to research and write a book on black history and meets up with a white southern ole boy, who says he's writing a book on black history as well.

The northerner asks, "What are you putting in it?"

The southerner says, "Well, I thought I'd have a chapter on entertainment, so I'll put Denzel Washington in there. Then I'll have a chapter on sports, so I'll put Tiger Woods in there. I'll have a chapter on politics, so I'll put Jesse Jackson in there and so on."

The northerner asks, "Have you got a title for your book?"

The southerner says "Yes, I have. I thought I'd call it 'Some [Afro-Americans]* I have known."

*The original is a little stronger.

A lot of truth in that, I suggest.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Alan

I have fixed the Fort Pillow link

Anonymous said...

And these lies are being enforced by the controlled main stream media in the US. One has got to ask the question of "who controls the main stream media in the US?"

It is pretty obvious that they are the enemy of the white man.

misterfox said...

I always liked(and still do) Black music like Chicago or Delta Blues, Soul and much of Tamla Motown,but they could only give this form by using technology invented by us suchas guitars, wind or stringed instruments. Blues grew from a distinct people in a particular situation in southern states and is a real culture. Its an example to us who need to develop cultural expressions of our sufferings under the elites. This for example is bloody marvellous!

But nature is cruel and I think we have to accept that instead of trying to live in a fantasy of equality etc we have to accept reality.
They can not restrain themselves and this builds up great problems for the next generation. Anyone who has lived and worked in inner cities knows many Black men in their 50s who are lonely and stop peoplein the street for conversation. Its because they walked out on their families when younger.

Anonymous said...


I've just seen Avatar - and unlike you , I really loved it. I can see why you think its a race hate film with white people villified but they were trying to take something that wasn't theirs from a people more "primitive" just for financial gain. It looked like the blue people didn't want any of the technology or education the white people offered - they just wanted to stay as they are on their land. In this regard it does resemble colonialism. Not all of the white people in the movie were bad - as long as they understood that you don't take something that belongs to someone else - what am I missing?