Sunday, 14 February 2010

BNP Vote to change constitution

The BNP have voted to change the party's constitution in order to allow non-whites to join the party - further details can be read at the home of the Green Arrow

Although some will see this as a sad day, and it is certainly true that the change is not one I welcome without reservation, this vote was a victory for common sense.

Right now our country is run by a totalitarian group of anti white bigots who's instincts and methods are akin to that which ran Eastern Germany in the cold war years. They have put what remains of the resorces of the state behind the vile and agenda driven Equality and Human Rights Commission (the name shrieks Stasi doesn't it?) who are intent on destroying the party and at this present time the BNP does not have the means of defeating them. It would be madness to bankrupt the party, or risk being declared illegal for the sake of a principle and a battle which can not be won at this time.

The BNP is the last hope this country has, it can save the country, but it must remain in existence to do so.

This is not defeat, it is pragmatism. People forget that Margaret Thatcher conceded to the miner's union in 1980 because she could not defeat them then, she bided her time, she prepared and when she was ready she crushed them in 1984. Some of you will cringe at that analogy, however, successful politics is the art of the possible.

Our time will come, and then things can be put right, until then we must not risk our future when the cards are in our enemy's hands.

Many will feel sad at today's vote but it was the right one.


Foot note:

I note that times reporter and compulsive liar Dominic Kennedy left the meeting in rather a hurry!!


JPT said...

It's a good day I think.

misterfox said...

This is not a victory this is the state beginning to destroy the BNP while naive supporters think this is a victory. "Oh, they can't call us racist now"! They will as long as you have Collett standing. You are out of your depth against this Establishment and need to learn tactics.
I have to admit that Alan England of the English Rights group fights for English peoples' rights through the law while the BNP capitulate and roll over.
I quote Alan England:" The leaders of the BNP don't seem to know how to defend themselves. Given that Section 1 of the Equality Act 2006 gives legal effect to "a body corporate known as the Commission for Equality and Human Rights", what is the source of authority and funding of the 'Equalities & Human Rights Commission' [EHRC]?

Why doesn't the BNP use the FOI to ask awkward questions? If the EHRC does not have corporate status, its Commissioners both individually and severally are liable for any costs it incurs.
Trevor Phillips was very much publicised about his call for special, separate education for Black Boys by reason of their poor performance, but has been silent about the more recent report about disadvantaged White Boys. Why hasn't the BNP gone on the offensive and asked about these discrepancies?"

misterfox said...

All over the media the BNP are portrayed as thugs for violently arttacking a Times journalist! Do you people know where you are? You think that was a good move by "BNP thugs"???

Anonymous said...

The facts are black and white and as clear as day for all who open their eyes!!!

Demographic Problem:

Jade said...

Have you noticed Misterfox, how conveniently the video of the Times journalist being evicted from the BNP meeting has been edited?.In fact it has been cut from 50 seconds to 27 seconds; and Richard Barnbrook's explanation deleted.Yet another subtle method to vilify the BNP.

misterfox said...

Firstly, I apologise for going over the top on that but I had some silly comments made on another forum and these are awfully frustratng times. Its difficult when the media are scrutinising everything you do but make no mistake the state is going all out to destroy us now. They have dropped marginalisation for trying to destroy and soon after this membership challenge there will be something else.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Mister Fox

There is absolutely no need to apologise my friend, I empathise entirely with your feelings.

The establishment and their trained poodles in the media are trying to destroy us.

However, always remember that evil men are at their most dangerous when they are afraid, What they are doing now shows they fear us more than they ever did before.

They seek to destroy us now because they know we could destroy them.

alanorei said...

Nick Griffin has addressed at least some of the concerns raised in the above comments about the Constitutional Change in his email newsletter.

Does everyone here have access to it?

Unless you have to sign up, you should be able to see it here.

tyhz1995 said...

Hello Sarah,I would not hesitate to categorize this as a sad day.I am a yank but we are on the same side I think.Our enemies are clever and numerous and have just counted coup,make no mistake madam.In my country I was hoping to have the pleasure of seeing your Mr.Griffin speak at a conference in Virginia.Sadly "antifascists" successfully terrorized the hotel into not hosting our group.I believe this sort of behavior is encouraged on the part of liberal governments to the detriment of it's citizens.I can state unequivocally it would not have been tolerated from the right.Regards Tyler

DecayingAngel said...

OK, I don't live in the UK so maybe it is not fit for me to post any comment on the BNP. But I have been following them for years and have watched how slowly, albeit painfully, they have been gaining ground.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems England is no longer England, so to speak. The last time I was there was before the massive and IMO deliberate influx of foreigners. How depressing it would be for me now to visit the wonderful places I've been.

I have faith in the British people. There is just so much they can take. Go BNP!