Sunday, 21 February 2010

Who's listening now?

Duke University - Durham North Carolina

I am not sure if many of you managed to read my posting about the Duke Lacrosse case, it was particularly long, but I had a lot to say about the subject. In this respect, I make no apology for repeating below some points which I have made a number of times before, these are important facts which need to be repeated and remembered,

I take the view that the Duke Lacrosse case, or the Duke Lacrosse Hoax as it came to be known, gives us a very important warning of what is actually happening in Western society, where our media and the academics who teach our children are conspiring to create a completely false world view where the politically correct lies they tell in the pages of their news papers and in our nations class rooms become accepted as reality.

They seek to create an illusion, a parallel world, populated by evil, racist, white criminals and innocent, honourable, black victims in order to promote their own political agenda. In fairness, they have been very successful and there are many people who genuinely believe the lies they are told despite the evidence of their own eyes. They have achieved this by seizing upon “examples” which support their argument then they inflate them out of all proportion and repeat them over and over again, year after year after year in order to obscure all the other examples which do not support their agenda.

In Britain, we have their cherished example of the unsolved murder, seventeen years ago this April, of Stephen Lawrence, killed by a single stab wound at a South London bus stop, allegedly by a gang of white youths. As with all murders Stephen Lawrence's killing was a tragedy, and if his killers are the white youths accused of murder by a national newspaper, but never convicted by a court, they deserve to be punished.

However, the Lawrence killing, which is in fact the exception from the norm, has been exploited relentlessly over the last seventeen years in an attempt to prove that an aberration is representative of a wider truth. Stephen Lawrence who's behaviour in life does not bear comfortable close scrutiny, has been transformed Mandela like, into a sainted martyr with repeated memorials to him, great glass fronted tax-payer funded shrines have been erected in his name and now I find there is even a Stephen Lawrence prize for Architecture

Let us not forget the Stalinist MacPhearson report resulting from Lawrence's death which Frank Ellis analysed on this blog earlier this month

Meanwhile far more numerous and vicious murders, such as that of Charlene Downes, who's body was almost certainly fed to the people of Preston as kebab meat, and the indescribably horrible killing of 14 year old Kriss Donald, terrorised, stabbed, blinded, castrated and finally set on fire whilst still alive, after having been snatched at random from the street by an Asian gang in search of a white boy to torture and kill, are deliberately erased from the public memory.

This does not just happen in Britain, across the world single white crimes are used to hide the truth of mass black or brown crime. An example being South Africa, where the world knows that a group of white boys filmed themselves pretending to urinate into a stew later fed to elderly black women, but almost nobody knows of the elderly white women, Alice and Helen Lotter, who died after slow and terrible torture, during which shards of broken glass were forced into their vaginas and their breasts were cut off and used to write anti white slogans on the walls in blood.

In America, where horrific hate crimes against whites are, as with South Africa, routine events, there are far more such events which need to be erased from the public memory, and they too have their tiny collection of much cherished specimen cases, which they use, together with text books full of legends, to deliberately obscure the appalling truth of white victimisation by non-whites which is the reality of modern urban America.

The most treasured of these is the truly horrific killing of James Byrd Jnr., when three white men, one of whom had been repeatedly raped by black men in prison, tied him to the back of their car and dragged him to his death. It is a truly horrible case.

However it was no more horrible than the crimes committed by the Carr Brothers in Wichita the killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom or the Pearcy Massacre .... you hadn't heard of that one? Its the latest black on white atrocity which the media are trying to hide from the world. In any event a single act of white violence can not indefinitely cover up the fact that more white Americans have died at the hands of blacks since the end of the civil rights movement than were victims of the Korean war, hence the endless hunt for the great white race crime continues.

Even more than murder the left need to counterbalance the fact that around 100 white women are raped by black men for every one black women raped by whites. That's in a good year, in 2005 Department of Justice report on Criminal Victimization in the United States showed that 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, that year while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

That was why when in March 2006 a black stripper accused three members of the very white North Carolina Duke University Lacrosse team of raping here at a party attended by most of the 99% white players the Liberal left wing went into a frenzy of delight.

I will not revisit the details of the Duke Lacrosse Hoax here, readers with an hour or so to kill can read the facts in my overly long posting from last year.

Instead I will focus on the behaviour of one group. Amongst the shrill guilt presuming mob of bigots baying for the blood of three innocent white boys were 88 members of the Duke University faculty who must have thought all their Christmases had come at once. This group, primarily made up from the Departments such as African American studies or Women's studies, who have a vested interest in portraying white males as oppressors, got together and issued what they called “The Listening Statement” which was published on the Duke University African American Studies Website. Although the statement was later taken down when the player's innocence became more obvious, a copy was taken and can be viewed on the Johnsville News website, by clicking here

The statement was a clear statement of the players presumed guilt and of alleged white power and racism. It thanked those (presumably the mobs of radical feminists and white hating black racists who laid siege to the Lacrosse team campus house) who did not wait for evidence before assuming guilt, for “not waiting” and included various anonymous and unattributed statements allegedly made by unnamed non-white students bewailing the white racism they faced every day.

These students are shouting and whispering about what happened to this young woman and to themselves.

. . .We want the absence of terror. But we don’t really know what that means . . . We can’t think. That’s why we’re so silent; we can’t think about what’s on the other side of this. Terror robs you of language and you need language for the healing to begin.

This is not a different experience for us here at DukeUniversity. We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists....It’s part of the experience.
(you get the picture?)

The listening statement was nothing less than a head on attack by a group of hate fuelled and agenda driven professors against their own students. Clearly the Stripper's allegations had pressed every button and blown every whistle in left wing academia's toy box.

True to the complete lack of courage or integrity which personifies such people, with a few honourable exceptions, virtually none of the faculty lynch mob have ever apologised for the Listening Statement even when it became clear that no rape had ever taken place, and the players were publicly declared innocent.

The latest developments in the case took place last week when the stripper who made the allegations was arrested following a domestic incident resulting in her facing charges of child abuse, arson and attempted murder. Details of the arrest can be read here and here although seemingly not on CNN despite the ferocity with which they, and in particular their resident inquisitor, the rottweiler like Nancy Grace pursued the case when there was still hope that an innocent player might be convicted,

I will not presume to judge the guilt or innocence of the one time Duke lacrosse accuser, however. Let us hope that this dangerous and deeply damaged woman now receives the medical help she so clearly needs, and that she is not allowed back into the community until she can no longer do such great harm to so many people.

Following the stripper's arrest, Joan Foster, one of the writers from LieStoppers a website which faithfully followed the case has issued her own version of the Listening Statement in response to the Duke University faculty 88 which I have taken the liberty of reproducing below:

The LieStoppers Listening Statement
By Joan Foster

To the Gang of 88....

It is WE who are listening now.

We are listening to the fear in the voice of a nine year old child. We are listening to the rage of a 32 year old woman...who has in the past attempted to run down a police officer with a stolen vehicle, jail three innocent young men for 30-40 years with her lies, and has now set an apartment on fire and threatened a lover in the presence of her children. She has never been held accountable. We are listening to the ranting of an untreated custodial parent of three minor children. We are listening to the Durham community, to Duke, and to all who may be unfortunate enough to someday be the target of her rage and/or reckless accusations. Her volatility and the deliberate avoidance by those in power to impose ANY treatment and or accountability is a social disaster.

But we know it isn't just Ms. Magnum who created this situation.. It isn't just the disbarred "rogue prosecutor" Nifong. It is ALL of you enablers that allow her to endanger her children, our children and even yourselves.

YOU are the authors, implementers and high priests of this outrage. You created a pious cloud of historical racial "payment-due"... to enshroud from Magnum from her present day crimes and consequences. You shifted the responsibility for her lies to her victims because of their color and their class. You intentionally imbued Mangum with some mythical righteousness. You left the truth and true justice behind in your quest to further your own funding, importance and world view.

That is a true SOCIAL DISASTER.

You are too morally ignorant to acknowledge it...But it is a disaster nonetheless.

Many, many people all over the world are reading the news this week and once again, shouting and whispering about what happened to Collin , Reade, and Dave almost four years ago...and to Crystal's young children and the man she attacked IN THEIR PRESENCE this week. We hear her child on the 9-11 call begging for police intervention. We hear unmitigated insanity in the background. We read of fires set while her minor children are watching and at risk. We wonder what kind of daily Hell the political entities in Durham and North Carolina... under the influence of your over-reaching PC mindset.... have imposed upon these young children?

That fear in that little girl's voice is not from any unpleasant encounter on a college campus or at a fraternity party....the only incidents your listening ears or "sensitive" minds seem capable of absorbing. That fear is from being the forgotten victims in the most horrific example of your warped Universe of political correctness and unending racial hyperbole: the Duke Lacrosse Frame. You put yourselves out there, immediately...before you had any information or knowledge other than an accusation and the color of the accuser's skin. Immediately, you risked the reputations and even the very real legal jeopardy of your own students, to pimp a racial fairy tale. We listened to you, in many venues...over and over and over for months. You hectored our children in class. You harangued about white privilege in every medium. Yet Mangum stands as an undeniable example of political Black privilege. Her False accusations, her crimes have had no accountability. The false persona you created for her of the brilliant Magna Cum Laude student , shy, resilient, "new to dancing"...allows her to write books and perpetuate falsehoods...but also prevents her from getting the real mental and medical help ahe needs.

Her children bear the real burden of this.

The centerpiece of the fairy tale was that Crystal Mangum was not only the Lacrosse team's victim, but a victim of all the ills of society as well. Therefore, Mangum's lifestyle, her choices, her criminal record, her substance abuse, her mental illness...were not relevant or to be factored into the adjudication of the Hoax. Immediately and in your writings and statements afterward, you demanded legal and political entities likewise shroud Sister Survivor in your sympathetic bias. You silenced reality and therefore you attempted to hijack justice. You failed in regard to the Lacrosse team. But you tragically regard to Mangum's minor children. They stay in what passes for her "care." They live in a state of daily perpetual risk because the self-enriching PC metanarrative of people like the 88 of YOU.. demands society create some special racial nobility for their Mother that negates her having any accountability or even self-respect.

What do we want? . . .We want the absence of terror for Crystal's children. AND we DO really know what that means . . . We can remember the terror of the Lacrosse families. That’s why we’re CANNOT be silent and allow your guilt to fade; we cannot ever allow to be forgotten the absurd metanarrative you Listeners spun about the Lacrosse case in your public statements, your op-eds, your letters to the Editor. YOUR mythology about Crystal Mangum is the lie that enables Crystal , the magna cum laude graduate of NCCU, to present to her children , day after day, her personal example of how to "get by" and know that "scholars" like you deem that past societal ills make Mangum forever entitled to be society's burden. For her children, left in her care, your mythology may well rob them of REALITY of her illness and understanding of her crimes and mistakes...and they need that understanding to protect themselves, respect themselves and for "the healing to begin. "1

You never "listened.

You SAW.

You saw her color.

You wrote: "We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists....It’s part of the experience."

You might well have included ""We teach with fellow racists"...because by pre-judging (as in "prejudice"), by "not waiting", by insisting a troubled woman be made into a obscene Myth of Black personified racism in a way that will reverberate wherever the story of the Duke Lacrosse Frame is told.

You wrote in despair of your students, not "finding a voice" One of your lot called these innocent young men "farm animals" in an email to one of their Mothers. His shame is shared equally by every one of you...who could not "find a voice" to condemn him or even mildly critique him. Your own fear of showing too much integrity in the presence of your peers rendered you mute before an amazed and disgusted world.

You wrote this:

"If it turns out that these students are guilty, I want them expelled. But their expulsion will only bring resolution to this case and not the bigger problem. This is much bigger than them and throwing them out will not solve the problem. I want the administration to acknowledge what is going on and how bad it is. "

"These students" were NOT guilty but none of you ever had the grace or moral fortitude to apologize. But now it's past time for all of you to admit "how bad it is." at Duke. Your stampede to judgment, your closed-mind-angry-studies, crying-in-your-imported-beer perpetuate-the-problem-for-job-security mindset....keeps all of us from the post-racial era we deserve. It almost cost three innocent kids their lifetime in jail. It is surely costing Mangum's innocent offspring any chance at normal, safe, un-chaotic childhoods. It's past time for the 88 of you to man up and demand that Durham revoke Mangum's racial free pass...her unending "get-out-of-jail-free card. It's time you demanded that Duke and Durham and all the rest of those young minds ... that YOU indoctrinated... understand it's time to move past the bitter cornerstone of your "profession."

Get over the past. Get over yourselves.

We left our white guilt at the courtroom door "LISTENING" to the Black Panthers screaming "Die Racist!" at Reade Seligman. It is our mindset, not yours, that is most aligned with President Obama's post-racial goals. Teach the accomplishments, the glory, every piece of history that gratifies your race...but stop perpetuating bitterness. Stop dividing us. Your Listening Ad was the penultimate example of your selective sensitivity, your bias, your concrete hard "identity-blinders" that see ONLY skin hue first.

YOU are the today's archetypical pot-bellied Sheriff of the Old South: Crystal's color was the only "evidence" you needed to give absolute credence to her lies.

That is the instantaneous racial bigotry that caused you to rush to print and thank others "for not waiting."

Now, it's time YOU "listened" to that 911 call and DEMANDED a safe living environment, not for your coddled tenured carcasses, but for the most vulnerable of all...Mangum's children.

You wrote, and published and advocated for "Sister Survivor." We saw and heard from you constantly, on NPR, Nancy Grace...any venue you could find, as you sought to hold the "Farm Animals" accountable.

It's time to hold Crystal Gayle Mangum accountable. If any one of you have a conscience, speak out, buy another ad with Duke funds. Send your lackey Brodhead out to apologize for your past mistakes and his own.

Ask yourselves...will Mangum's children survive in the political legal SOCIAL DISASTER you helped create.... and perpetuate in your classrooms every day?

We're listening.

Are you?


Dr.D said...

They were doing fairly well until they got to, "It is our mindset, not yours, that is most aligned with President Obama's post-racial goals."

That indicates complete self-delusion. Obama does not have any "post-racial" goals. Everything he says, does, or thinks is all about race. Just look at him. He talks about it constantly, he makes an issue of it non-stop. Post-racial, my foot!

These folks are only about half bright, not altogether straight.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

LieStoppers are not a Nationalist blog, they were set up to defend the Duke lacrosse accused back in the days when the liberal media were screaming for their blood.

It now exists more as a middle American discussion forum. I would place their politics as being more in the Tea Party group rather than American Renaissance.

Joan Foster is certainly not an Obama supporter, I think that comment was more an attack on the anti-white racism of the left than a declaration of support for the current US regime

Dr.D said...

Sarah, you will not find anything at all in the Tea Party movement that is "aligned with (any part of) President Obama's goals." The Tea Parties are utterly anti-Obama, anti-big government, anti-Democrat, anti-Republican in their orientation. I have been to several, and I have studied many more.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr D

Yes I do know about the Tea Party movement and how anti-Obama they are. I think that this was the point that Joan was making that, despite her conservative politics, and those of most of the contributors to the LieStopper's forum, their views are closer to what Obama calls his post racial goals than the radical left wing faculty at Duke University are.

I can't speak for Joan but I suspect that she believes, as I do, that people like the Professors in the African American Studies departments at US Universities include some of the most racially biased of people who have a vested interest in promoting racism.

If you visit LieStoppers and read Joan Foster's writing you will see she is no fan of Obama.

alanorei said...

Thank you for this analysis, Sarah

This is off-topic but you will have seen that Cheryl Cole has finally ditched her serial adulterer non-white other half, Ashley.

If she has enough sense not to cross the colour line in her next 'relationship,' that may do some good, given her high media profile.

In spite of the media's constant efforts at race-mixing, thereby exacerbating the likelihood of the horrific crimes you have summarised in the article, few high-profile mixed race 'relationships' exist even in the media.

The now-defunct C+A was pretty much the current main showpiece.

Hopefully (one should never abandon hope) that might make at least some impressionable i.e. gullible young white females in this country take notice.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Alan

I hadn't read that, but it has been looking as if divorce was becoming more and more likely given what he has been up to.

Maybe Ms. Cole's experience will be a lesson to some impressionable young women, unless she moves on to another black man as womemn like that often do.

However, I fear it will be necessary for some celebrity bimbo like her to be treated by a black man in the way that so many ordinary young girls are for the truth to finally sink in.

alanorei said...

I fear that you are right, Sarah

alanorei said...

O.J. and Tiger Woods are of course other examples of not-so-good non-white 'partners.'

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

LOL! yes they certainly are and more representative of the truth than the media will ever admit!

Anonymous said...

Well said, to those who have recognised the link between adultery and interracial marriages.

More to this point; an American friend (fairly Liberal) once informed me that it was common knowledge that the large majority of interracial marriages/co-habitations were of the black male with white female variety, in the USA.

His point highlighted a striking fact for me, which was the high percentage of abuse/horrendous domestic violence oftentimes culminating in murder which characterised these relationships - violence meted out by the black male partner.

Let us be clear, England is fast becoming a mulatto nation of half-breeds which will dilute the creativity of this once great nation.

Multicultural Society = White Racial Obliteration.

alanorei said...

By way of encouragement to those who believe the KJB.

Daniel 7 is believed by some commentators to set out End Times history in advance i.e. as prophecy, with respect to world empires in the last times before the 2nd Advent.

4 great beasts are mentioned in Daniel 7:1-7. The first is a lion with wings. It loses its wings but stands up as a man. See Daniel 7:4.

A lion with wings is a good picture of the British Empire on which the sun never set. The empire is now gone and the lion is pretty well trodden into the ground, as the verse shows. That's a good picture of Britain now. But it gets to stand up as a man. This suggests to me that Britain will stand on her own feet again, as a nation and throw off any foes, even though she does not recover her empire.

That said, the Old Dominions are called "the young lions" in scripture, I believe, Ezekiel 38:13. That suggests they retain their identification with and their loyalty to the old country.

The context of Ezekiel 38 suggests they don't have any power but, like the parent lion, Daniel 7:4, they retain their identity . Note that the de-winged lion is still a lion. It doesn't get transmuted into something else.

This picture suggests to me that Britain and the Old Dominions will retain their essential racial character, in spite of enforced multi-culturalism at present and a certain amount of mule-ism, at present.

God will see to it.

I can't put hand on heart and say absolutely this is the correct interpretation of those passages. But I think it is.

For a KJB believer that is cause for encouragement.

misterfox said...

These acts of uncivilised, savagry are so frequent as to demonstrate a genetic propensity in the perpetrators.

DecayingAngel said...

How very true this blog entry is. Daily the most horrendous crimes are committed by "minorities", yet the public (other than maybe a few local sources) will never hear of them.

One has only to read comments on YouTube on videos showing the actual truth about who is killing whom to realize how deeply ingrained this PC way of hiding reality has permeated our youth. Sometimes I don't bother to comment with the truth as it seems hopeless, but occasionally I cannot hold back. I'm happy to say that sometimes my arrows have struck home, but basically the "White Devil" mentality that has our youth brainwashed will not allow the real reality to sink in.

BTW, mentioning the Duke/LaCrosse Hoax (good description)--in the US the famous nightly ex-prosecutor and highly watched Nancy Grace spent, as you know, week upon week sticking up for the alleged victim. She viciously ripped the innocent young men and the "privileged white male system" that was going to no doubt left them off the hook.

At least her broadcasts ended on a comical note. When it was finally proven that the woman in question had lied, the next night an announcement was made: "Nancy Grace will not be appearing tonight. Instead -------- will fill in for her". In other words, she didn't even have the courage to come on and state that she was mistaken, and apologize to the young men she had wronged. I could at least have a modicum of respect for someone who admits to their mistake. But to put it in the common vernacular: She chickened out. ;)

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes it's hard to contain oneself in this matter.