Monday, 15 February 2010

Experimentation on humans

By August Pointneuf

In the hope of attaining therapeutic advantages, experimentation on humans occurs. But the outcome of all experiments is unknown. Consequently, in the 21st century, it is expected that experimentation on humans be approached with extreme caution under carefully defined, and strict, conditions. Such experiments are invariably preceded by theoretical modelling and animal studies. Tentative experiments on the smallest possible groups precede any thought of extension to larger groups. Independent and objective appraisers rule on the morality and ethics. The cost-benefits of the outcome are predetermined and potential benefits are carefully weighed against risk. Potential risks are assessed in terms of both long and short term hazard, with scrupulous consideration of unexpected and unintended outcomes. Experiments are controlled to ensure the validity of hypothesised conclusions and are reviewed frequently to ensure that adverse complications are discovered early. If so the experiment is stopped.

However, in the early 21st century so unfettered was the power of British politicians (or the power allowed to those politicians) that they were able to undertake unprecedented experimentation on a huge human society. The equilibrium of an entire nation was put at risk, by the cavalier experiments based on the whim of a few.

There will be some who argue that "society" is not "human". They are wrong. Societies are the ultimate evolutionary expression of all human endeavours. Societies are the complex capacitor within which all human activity exists, in an intricate behavioural construct. Without a context-structured society individual humans cannot survive. Therefore damaging a society inflicts direct damage upon the individual people who comprise that society.

By encouraging the immigration of alien races the Labour government began a massive, irreversible, uncontrolled, experiment on a homogenous people. There was no modelling; there was no tentative trial on small groups and no monitoring for adversity. These are not scientists and these were not people who had any experience of experimentation. These people had no training in psychology, sociology or any of the other biological sciences. They were rank amateurs who had been given too much power. Their experiment was forcefully imposed, without specific mandate, on an entire nation.

Nazi experimentation on humans was confined to a small proportion of a large population. The Labour government, in crass abuse of their authority, experimented upon a complete population.

The execution of alien ingress forced differing races and varied behaviours into Britain. Inevitably those races would interbreed. The unsupported assumption was made that race and behaviour have no relationship to one another, and that people were uncomplainingly malleable. This was a blind guess by the arrogant and assumptive, whose judgements were intoxicated by power. It therefore became an experiment in the genetics of miscegenation, and experimental manipulation of human behavioural patterns.

If Tony Blair and his cronies are held to task for contriving the invasion of Iraq, so much more so should they be held to task for allowing the experimental invasion of Britain.

August Pointneuf

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Elwood McAfee said...

If there is any justice in this world, the perpetrators of this crime will be dragged into the streets and torn asunder by the awakened masses.