Sunday, 21 February 2010

And so it begins?

EDL Leaders arrested. Homes searched by gun waving police

UPDATE 22/02/2010: So far the state controlled media has remained silent about this, and the only evidence that this has actually happened is the statement on the EDL Website.

Whatever the truth nationalists and BNP supporters should not get involved. It remains unclear exactly who the EDL are, and what their real motives are. There is a suspicion they are a honey trap designed to lure Nationalists into street protest which the Government sponsored UAF thugs will immediately stir into violence enabling the police to clamp down on Nationalist groups.

Whatever the truth, the only way to effect change is through the voting booth and not on the streets. We may deplore what is happening but we must not get dragged into what could be a trap.


Abu Abdullah said...

Do you not see that it has already begun? The fuse has already been lit.

misterfox said...

You have to read it in foreign media as because UK media are not reporting it -

Anonymous said...

media is not state controlled. it is controlled 100 percent by one people, the Jew.

CNN ABC NBC FOX CBS, ETC. are all run by the Jew in America and elsewhere.

The governments are assisting in this effort

it only takes about one hour to find this out on the internet

Anonymous said...

I did have a look and this is what I found.

misterfox said...

There is plenty of vitality here in contrast to our decadent and worthless elites!
St.George's Day is fast approaching so we can all do some singing of patriotic songs.

misterfox said...

sorry -