Monday, 8 February 2010

Dear Miss Norway

Dear Miss Norway,

I am sorry to hear that you were inconvenienced recently by a strike of Muslim taxi drivers.

This clearly could not be considered a strike, nor a trade union related activity, since it had no benefit to the employment security of these drivers.

Instead it was an attempt to create a manipulative cartel, designed to coerce the greater Norwegian population.

The taxi services are important component of the functioning of Norwegian cities and have a significant role in emergencies. Therefore there is a need to prevent this from happening again.

In order to develop a population of taxi drivers who are will not force these tactics in the future, can I suggest that forthwith you habitually choose non-Muslims drivers when you hail a taxi?

Yours sincerely,

August Pointneuf


Dr.D said...

What is it that prompts this "letter"?

What can "Miss Norway" or anyone else do to "habitually choose non-muslim drivers" since one rarely knows in advance the religion of the driver before entering a cab?

The only really effective way to implement this idea is one that I have been pushing for quite a while: remove all muzlims from Western society. Then we will face no more muzlim as taxi drivers, or anywhere else. Life will be better then.

Viking said...

taxis are so frikkin expensive in Norway, and theyre unnecessary.

great post, 'strike' is a misnomer..